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Hi there! Been creeping the forum and listening to the podcast for a while now. I stay strict with my macros and test regularly with my keto mojo. Definitely in ketosis. I only have about 5lbs to lose, but it just won’t come off. Anyone have any suggestions? I IF daily 16:8 usually. Sometimes 18:6

(Ken) #2

Only eat if really hungry.

(Diane) #3

I think we’re going to need more details: age, weight, menopausal status, how long have you been eating Keto, maybe the details of a couple of typical days’ food diaries…

(Susan) #4

Welcome to the forum Sadie =). You are probably doing everything right, but because you only have 5 pounds to lose, comes off a bit slower then the people that have like 120 to lose (Moi!).

Since you know you are in Ketosis, you might want to try to get into Autophagy, which would require fasting for a few days. This might be the trigger your body needs to lose that additional 5 pounds.

(Scott) #5

Ah, the last five. They may never come off but if you stay keto you can avoid gaining any back.

(hottie turned hag) #6

EEK thanks, @Rclause :grimacing:
I’m at 114 trying to get to 110 and maybe 105, depending upon how I look at 110 (my frame is veeerrry small).

(Full Metal Keto) #7

Are you already slim then? Is it a very low body fat percentage you are trying to achieve? If you’re only five pounds over the weight you want to be it might be difficult, vanity weight is the toughest if it’s below where your body feels comfortable at. Especially for women. You may need to do longer fasts to drop it, or just not be concerned about the time frame. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks All. I’m 5’2 132 lbs. I’d love to see 125 to 127 again. Still have that “momma pouch”. I appreciate your thoughts and would love to hear any other suggestions too. I’ll look into extended fasting. I love me where I am at. Just trying to optimize…


32 female. Regular periods (no hormonal birth control). 5’2 132# doing keto since april

(Annja) #10

Hi Sadie welcome :slight_smile:
Almost all the same here: size, when started, etc, only older. Relax and just keto on. The body is in the process of fat adaptation. All different organs and cells have their own pace.

(Diane) #11

I think many women have long histories of fairly severe calorie restricted dieting. It can take awhile of nutrient dense, carb restricted eating for our bodies to heal. Your body may be prioritizing metabolic healing before it lets go of any potential extra fat.

Try to make sure you are eating enough to reassure your body that it doesn’t need to down-shift your metabolism and hang onto any extra weight.

(Ilana Rose) #12

For me, 23/1 got me the last five pounds. No snacking, no fatty drinks.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #13

Another thing to bear in mind: metabolic health may involve your body’s putting on a few pounds of muscle and added bone density, even if it metabolises five pounds of fat at the same time. I put it to you that this is what you really want, even if it makes your scale give you a reading you don’t want. Put it this way: would you rather look as though you had lost those five pounds, even if your scale remains unchanged (or even goes up!), or would you rather lose the five pounds and still look the same?


Very well said, sir. I need to remember that. All my clothes are fitting as well or better than I would expect given the number on the scale… I will definitely take muscle mass and bone density.

(Scott Telfer) #15

Remember your body is just an organism that doesn’t care if it’s 110lb or 114 or 105- it’s genes will fight tooth and nail to express itself in the its ideal composition and health. Give it the right tools and maximise your health and ignore the number attached to it. Good luck :slight_smile: