Instant Pot ideas needed - what's everything you can do with one?

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Thanks Laura, I did make it with thighs and it was wonderful. Thanks for the reply! I also added a horseradish cheddar cheese for a little kick.

OMG ~ I ❤️my Instant Pot
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Thought I would update this thread and revive it. I would bet more folks have added this to their kitchen since everyone had them on sale for the holidays.

I did do a cheesecake in the instant pot OMG, it has to be the best keto cheesecake ever and did not get the little crack in the middle of the cake that all my former ones did. I love the boiled eggs, they always peel so easily now. Bone broth in a fraction of the time. I can even eat the bones they are so broken down. Pulled pork is awesome. Steamed to perfection greens. Asparagus as al dente or as soft are you choose for the dish you are having. Cauliflower and leek soup that is so smooth and in half the time as on the stove top. I saute things in it. I do slow cooker recipes too, but usually opt for the quicker pressure cooking mode.

The site Candy Lind TX posted above even has cooking lessons for free if you are unsure how to use it and how to adapt recipes.

Mine doesn’t do sous vide nor have the yogurt setting and that is fine by me. I am too busy using it for everything else.

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Can you tell me more about this please?

I don’t have an actual instapot, but it’s a really nice one (power cooker plus).
I regularly use it for bone broth, roasts, ribs, chicken, etc.
just made ribs today and will be making pulled pork for the second time on Monday. It was perfect the last time I made it (valentines day). I use liquid smoke in most of my recipes, so that smell has pretty well permeated the insert. I don’t use it for cheesecake because liquid smoke flavored cheesecake doesn’t much appeal to me haha. I also don’t use it for hard boiled eggs because I have awesome egg cookers for that. My mom just got me a double decker one for Christmas so I can cook 14 in that one and 7 in my other to perfection every time. All I need!

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I cook the bone broth for 120 mins. then let it naturally release till all the steam is out, no manual release, everything continues to cook during the natural release time.

Most of the electric pressure cookers do an excellent job on broths, ribs, etc.

I have a variety of colored silicone rings for the top. I use two colors for savory items (a generic one and one for things like curry) and another for other things like cheesecakes. I also find running the smelly rings through the top shelf of the dishwasher gets any smells out of the savory ones.

I do like how I could actually cook great meals without ever touching my stove now. It also saves space in the cabinet, I got rid of a steamer, rice cooker, and a slow cooker.

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Lol sorry, just got the notification that you replied :joy:

What I was actually wondering about was you saying you eat the bones :smile:

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When I cook the bones that way, I can just nibble on them when I take them out of the pot. They are super soft and easy to chew up at that phase. All the left over marrow inside is available to you.

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This is pretty much what I do after the bone broth is done. This is Amber O’Hearn
eating chicken bones.


Someone gave me a new one a few months ago, since they got it as a gift and didn’t want to mess around with it, and it’s still in the box-for some reason it really intimidates me? I think I’ll get it out and try eggs, that seems pretty low key to do, lol.


Dont, what a waste of time :slight_smile: it takes 10 minutes to boil eggs in a pot of water :wink:

You will soon learn that instant pot isnt so instant :wink:

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But the results are sooooo much better in the instant pot, all the eggs peel great. You can also set it and forget it, you can not do that with the stove top. You can even use a timer to turn it on while you are away from the house so the eggs are ready when you get home.

You can do bone broth, instead of days, it is hours.

Of course it isn’t instant that is just a branding thing.


I use my IP for bone broth, the main reason I bought it :slight_smile: here, it does save time :slight_smile:

I also use it for chicken thigh recipes and larger pieces of meat that I want nice, juicy and soft in under 1 hour :slight_smile:

But for eggs…too much of a hassle, too much work for them :wink:

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I use my IP Max for sous vide. I don’t use the sous vide setting though, because it doesn’t work as well for me as the custom keep warm setting… I use the saute setting to get up to temp, then the custom keep warm setting.

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NIce tip, mine doesn’t have a sous vide setting, but it does have the saute and keep warm. Will have to try this out and see if mine will work ok this way.

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Hey, @DiMo if you have the cabbage noodle recipe saved off, could you please share it? Wild Roots Kitchen’s website is no more. :cry:

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Forgot to ask do you just use a instant thermometer to determine with to turn on the keep warm and to monitor it to make sure it stays at the right temperature?

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When using the sauté setting, I use a meat thermometer to check to see if it’s at the temperature I want to use for sous vide.

Once it’s at temp, I set the keep warm to the precise temperature I need. I have the IP Max. I don’t know if other models allow you to choose a custom temperature for keep warm.

Also, when using either setting, I cover the pot with a glass lid. My IP won’t let you use the saute setting with the regular lid on.

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I do have one of those, supposed to use it for slow cooking. But it should work for this. Mine is Lux6. Honestly I have not used the keep warm so I will have to try it and see if I can customize it to a certain temp.

Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it.

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Bone broth.

Deviled eggs. 666 method LOL. 6 minutes pressure cook, 6 minutes releasing pressure, 6 minutes in ice bath. Peel perfectly and the yolks do not turn gray.

Pork ribs fall off the bone in half an hour.

Chuck roast fork tender in an hour.

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Has anyone tried one of these? I was thinking about an air fryer and came up with a blog that directed me to it. It sounds great, less $$ than most air fryers, and will take up less storage and counter top room as well.

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A few people have posted about it in the instant pot forum on and seem to like it.

Personally, I had an air fryer that consisted of a glass bowl with a top like the Mealthy. It did sort of fry things but it also steamed them because there wasn’t sufficient venting. I have a stand alone air fryer now that has vents on it so the excess moisture gets vented instead of trapped.

I was initially interested, but after reading the online instruction manual, it looked like it was too much trouble. For example, just to crisp the skin on chicken that had been pressure cooked, you had to take everything out of the pot, dry everything off, put the chicken back in, then use the heating element in the mealthy to crisp the chicken. Much simpler to just stick it under the broiler.