Instant Pot ideas needed - what's everything you can do with one?


Been looking at them since they were expensive, finally decided they aren’t gonna get much cheaper and I really want to make bone broth quicker, so awaiting its arrival.

Now I need to know if anyone has found good cookbooks or web sites with good recipes.

I also want to know if it is possible to sous vide without a sous vide stick, so just using the pot to maintain the temperature for cooking the meat. I had to decide which one and the pot just sounded like it could replace some other items in the kitchen where as the sous vide sticks have one function only.

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This was posted in another thread on the site recently. Has free instapot recipe books.

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Bookmarked. I bought one of these on sale just recently and have yet to use it. Will be interested to see the ideas.


Thanks will check that site out.


There are many, many keto IP recipes out there. It is like falling down the rabbit hole.

You would need the sous vide stick to sous vide, but you have built in yog maker and slow cook functions as well as the standard pressure cooking, so you won’t get bored.

This is a great place to start

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Yep. Two Sleevers was my first thought as well!

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I found some good ones on pinterest. Such as Crack Chicken, Jerk Pork Shoulder and Butter Beef. I never used a pressure cooker in my life and I love my Instant Pot.

Have fun with it. It is a great product.


Good link for instantpot and keto dieting books.

TIP: If you have Prime, if you just click on the book’s page there is a read for free button, this uses Kindle Unlimited, Amazon has your details and if you use this and don’t cancel the free time trial, you’ll get billed until you remember to cancel KUnlimited.

If you use the Look inside on the left side, the page that comes up has a Kindle cost $0.00, use that to download.

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I batch cook 3 things so I only have to clean it once.

First: hard boiled eggs (actually steam them). Manual time 6 mins. Ice water after a quick release. Peels easily.
Second: while the eggs are cooking. I prep a head of cauliflower to steam 3 min. Quick release. (It will be either mash or Mac and cheese). In the serving or storage container goes cubed half stick butter & quarter stick of cream cheese. Dump the hot cook cauliflower on top and mash away.
Third: something like pulled pork or pot roast or bone broth.

That sets me up for many meals with about 1-2 hours of work in the kitchen.


I thought this thread was about a fast-growing weed and how to abuse it. :crazy_face:


I ordered mine in the UK, so my sister can bring it when she comes home for the holidays…she thought I was asking her to mule weed, as well :joy::joy:. How quickly misinformation spreads… :joy:

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I make these Instant Pot cabbage noodles about once a week. They’re great with meatballs or a pasta sauce.

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I’ll toss in “Nom Nom Paleo” to the list of favorite IP recipe sites. Obviously not everything will be keto, but much of it is. I LURVE the Kalua Pork - best way to cook up 4 pounds of pork in a big hurry! Be careful, you can overcook the cabbage pretty easily. (her Magic Mushroom Powder is DA BOMB)

The other thing I like to do is ribs. I even do racks of ribs in the IP when I’m in a hurry (not the easiest), but country style rib recipes (including keto) abound on the web. I suggest you simply Google “keto instant pot” or “keto pressure cooker” and go to town!

For beginners, is the best place for info WRT how your pressure cooker works, how to use it safely, and where to find cooking times for different foods. BE AWARE that the “max” line in your cooking container is NOT for all foods.


And thanks, @DiMo for the cabbage noodles link. I’m going to try that.


Agree with finding recipes on pinterest.

If I have an upcoming busy week, I’ll cook a batch of ~5lb chicken breasts in one go. I like to undercook them a little so that when they’re reheated or put into dishes, they finish cooking rather than overcook and get dry.


I have used mine to sous vide. I have the ultra model with the turning knob. It worked awesome. Best steak I have ever eaten. It also makes amazing hard boiled eggs. I also do a lot of meat in it when I forget to take dinner out of the freezer. :slight_smile:

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@CandyLindTX, I tend to use a bit less time for the cabbage noodles, 2 minutes total.

Also, when I cook cauliflower and broccoli, I like it with a little “bite” left to it. I’ll set the time to “0” and instant release it right after it comes to pressure. I’ve used this timing to cook cauliflower I want to use in a “no macaroni and cheese” bake.

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Cheesecake is beautiful in the instant pot. I also do eggs 1 min, and I do up some type of meat for the week when I am on the go.

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Thanks Jo_O, those kind of tips are exactly what I need… Going shopping today, tomorrow my IP should arrive.


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Great link, I need that kind of info. I have been slow to jump on the IP bandwagon because as teenager, I had an old school pressure cooked explode on me, had to grow new eyebrows and had some other nasty burns, so pressure cooking was something I have avoided, but nowthat I am addicted to bone broth, I wanted to be able to make it quicker. I also have always eaten soft bones, of any kind, and it sound like this is the way to get them softened.