Industrial sous vide live at an Adelaide bar'n'grill

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My wife is interstate for end of year meetings at head office, and they’re out for dinner.

Industrial sous vide, indeed. Set at 52C, apparently.

Milk sous vide? I told her to ask about it :slight_smile:

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guessing they might be missing “fed” ? just a thought.


Seems reasonable - can’t really imagine what else they might mean. Either way I want it!


So what did she order? :grin:

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The waiter said it’s marinated in milk and turmeric, then sous vide, then on the grill


Don’t know. She’s still there, so I’ll hassle her tomorrow I guess to find out :slight_smile:

Squid left. Charcuterie etc right

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She did have the lamb.


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I have actually heard of milk steak before. I’ve never tried it. I wonder how it would work with say calf’s liver? I know you can soak it in milk to pull out the iron flavor.


I’ll say! Milk and turmeric :thinking:

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Darn, I’m OMAD fasting now. Have to close this browser tab quick. Honestly this looks great and does not affect my OMAD day.

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Allie should be along any moment now, I’d say :slight_smile:


First thing that crossed my mind :rofl:


This looks amazing, would order and eat all the things. :cowboy_hat_face:

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It’s great having photos like that whatsapped to you when you’re 24 hours into a fast…


If I did my research correctly I think it’s this place?

I need to contact them and ask them to open up in Seattle. :wink:

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Yep, that looks spot on. Probably a good thing we don’t live in Adelaide :slight_smile:

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Milk will make meat more tender, and it doesn’t have as much acidic nature as many marinades - salt brine, vinegar, soy sauce, wine, etc., which - even though they are liquids - can dry out some meats. I’d think our old friends salt + pepper + garlic in milk would be a good one to try.

Turmeric - now this isn’t usually seen. Lamb in a curry; different story, but as far as just spicing something, I’d think of fish for turmeric, not lamb. But what the hey…

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Yeah, I think it’d be pretty interesting. Cursory googling didn’t turn much up. Might have to dig a bit deeper,. most interested in this now. (Although lamb down here is stupidly expensive given how many of the things we farm…)

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SHEEP POWER! :slightly_smiling_face:

But yeah - close to the source and all…

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Much like our lobsters, I think we export most of it.

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Mic, I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada from 1990 - 1994, and one could get lobster for $3.50 per lb. - and those were relatively cheap Canadian Dollars - right from the holding tanks where the boats came in and unloaded their catch. Some years were a little more expensive, but only 50 or 75 cents. The local old-timers recalled the days when lobster was considered not fit to eat - they threw them on their gardens to nourish the soil.

5 kg bag of fresh scallops, $50 Yeah Baby.