In Praise of Bacon Bits

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #1

When I started keto I spent three months trying to convince myself I liked pork rinds. Fail. Nothing helped: not cream cheese, sour cream, hot salsa, tamari nothing. I just found the taste disgusting and nothing could hide it from my taste buds. Yes, I tried multiple brands and I gave all of them a good shot. Then like a bolt from the blue it occurred to me…

The Alternative: Bacon Bits!

No...not those fake bacon bits made from textured vegetable protein, aka soy. I mean the real stuff made from real pork only in little pieces that you can use with just about anything to add some fat, protein, bacon flavour and zero carbs. Or for those awkward moments when you just don't have a fried slice at hand and just gotta have some bacon.

What’s the downside? It’s real bacon, cured just like it’s sliced cousin. If you don’t want sugars and or additives read the label carefully. Or make it yourself.

PS: If you like pork rinds just bring enough for yourself when you visit.

(Susan) #2

I found an organic bag of them at Costco with no sugar, and it is great to throw into salads =).


I use them with a lot of stuff including salads. I like them added to green bean almadine, with brussels sprouts, and in cauliflower leek soup. They are yummy added to plain bone broth too.