I'm tired of just water to drink

(Denise) #1

…and the lemon water was no good for me, caused tooth sensitivity :frowning:

I don’t like the Pelligrino without some flavor and I was adding lemon and stevia to that. Has anyone found something no-carbs or super low carbs for a Type 2 Diabetic? Something with flavor but something I can just add a bit of stevia too. I don’t like the type you can buy. One is called Zevia I think, something like that, yuckie ;(

Thanks for any suggestions but really, nothing acidic :wink: Denise

(Bacon enough and time) #2

I drink Seltzer water, which is plain water with carbonation added. The local supermarket sells it in various nice flavours.

The other thing I drink is, of course, coffee.

(Denise) #3

But the Seltzer you are talking about doesn’t have any sweetner right Paul? I want to sweeten my own, and would you have a brand I might find here?? Or even online? Is seltzer bad for your digestion, I mean like you shouldn’t drink it with food? And is it hard on teeth enamel?

Thanks much!!

(Jane) #4

If you want just Stevia there is a flavored water additive called Stur that is sweetened with Stevia and has a lot of flavors. You can add it to plain or carbonated water, whichever you prefer.

(Denise) #5

I can’t do carbonated, several sites I just searched said it’s acidic and hard on tooth enamel. I can’t afford to have my teeth go bad. Hadn’t drank bubbly soda since I was in my 20s, so probably saved my teeth to be as good as they are, can’t ruin them now :frowning:

(Bacon enough and time) #6

Seltzer water is unsweetened, so you can sweeten it to suit. I buy the store brand, but there are national brands in the U.S., such as Polar, if you are interested.

I’m not clear why there should be any problem drinking Seltzer that any carbonated water wouldn’t have. So if Seltzer is a problem for you, then Pellegrino would be for the same reason. I have never heard that any carbonated water, whether Vichy, Gerolsteiner, Perrier, Pellegrino, Seltzer water, or even club soda is bad for the digestion. None of them has ever proved to be bad for my digestion, at any rate.

The reason soda pop is bad for the digestion has nothing to do with the carbonation, and everything to do with the sugar content.

(Denise) #7

Right, I cannot have anything acidic, or bubbly, it destroys my tooth enamel. S Pelligrino I’ve been drinking and also lemon in my daily water, so bad news all around. I’m thinking the only safe thing might be flavored teas, just no acidic. NHS site is one that says Seltzer is bad for tooth enamel. My dentist told me yesterday my teeth are sensitive to the lemon I’ve been drinking but I hadn’t mentioned the S Pelligrino.

(Bacon enough and time) #8

Has to be herbal, though, because otherwise the tannic acid in real tea will get you.

P.S.—I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that carbonation destroys tooth enamel. How does that work? Is it only with some people? My enamel seems to be fine, and I’ve been drinking carbonated waters for decades, literally.

(Denise) #9

you can google it Paul as I did, some say seltzer is the least harmful, but seems most say anything bubbly is acidic at some level. Ttyl, gotta fix dinner now :wink:

(Bacon enough and time) #10

Although I can see worrying about the effect of acidic foods (citrus, saurkraut, pickles, etc.) on the teeth, it seems the real worry is not the acid contained in foods, but the effect of the foods on the body.
Healthline sums up the situation thusly:

The pH of a food before you eat it is less important than the amount of acid or alkaline produced with digestion and metabolism of that food.

While rare, it’s possible for the urine’s pH to be too alkaline. However, in the United States, too much acid tends to be a more common problem. This is because the average diet contains more animal protein and grains but not enough fruits and vegetables.

So basically, my impression is that any food we would recommend eating on a ketogenic diet is bad for us, and most foods recommended by the current U.S. dietary guidelines are good for us. Since I have a very hard time believing that a species that evolved primarily eating meat could find meat a problem, I’ve decided that this is a bogus issue, concocted in order to provide support for the dietary guidelines.

Healthline finishes by saying

Because the body closely regulates its pH balance through a series of complicated mechanisms, following an alkaline diet is unlikely to significantly impact blood pH levels for most healthy adults.

Still, a balanced diet that includes more fruits, vegetables, dairy milk and yogurt, more plant protein sources and limits processed foods may be helpful to maintain normal acid/base balance and overall health.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting animal products and high-sodium processed foods may or may not help balance pH levels within your body.

This last statement is one I would seriously challenge:

Moving toward a more plant-based eating plan has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illness.

(Denise) #11

all I know for sure is that 2, maybe 3 of my teeth have become so sensitive it about killed me at the dentist when she tested just one tooth. I bout flew out of the chair. Main reason for that tooth is it’s dropped down and roots are showing. Some dummy yanked a tooth when I was in my 20, instead of saving it. Oh well, my life story comes out more and more.

So now nothing “obviously” acidic for me to test out the theory I have it’s the lemon, sometimes ACV for an upset stomach. Also, using the Sensodyn now with no whitening or other bs that could harm my teeth.

Where I live I was lucky to even get into a dentist and then, only in more emergency situations is all. No new patients except children that are on Medicaid (Medical is CA’s medicaid). I’m moving btw, up into Oregon, my home-State, way closer to better medical and dental than this crazy town. Gotta go way too tired of getting the move ready, and now the tooth issue, pretty discouraged, can’t win for losing.,

(Denise) #12

Oh great, cacao is acidic too, I eat a fat bomb often (just one after dinner) when I have a batch. The more I read it just keeps getting better :rofl:

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #13

I think in time you will be happy with water or seltzer (“soda water” in other countries).

It takes time for your brain to wean itself off the sugar addiction.

My experience with coffee was like your experience with water. I always had sugar or sweetener in my coffee. After a few months low carb, I found the sweetness of milk/cream more than enough for me. I haven’t had sweetener in my coffee in well over 5 years now.

I also had the urge to binge occasionally for a couple of years after I started low carb eating. That urge is almost completely gone now, but it took quite a while for these urges to wash themselves out of my system.

(Laurie) #14

Hi Denise, I didn’t know those flavored waters were bad for our teeth. Now I know! I water mine down a lot (about 4:1), so there’s just a hint of flavor. Sometimes I add stevia.

Yes, most flavors of Zevia aren’t good. I do like Dr. Zevia (contains caffeine) and Ginger Root Beer. I water these down 1:1.

Have you tried those water enhancer things? Some are sweetened with stevia. SweetLeaf Water Drops is one brand.

Good luck. I’d get bored with plain water too, unless the rest of my life were exciting (which it isn’t).

(Allie) #15

Meat is acidic too, and coffee… I prefer to just pay attention to my own body and see what works and what doesn’t, and it seems that plain carbonated water (without the sugar and whatever other added crap) has way more positives than negatives.

The combination of a high sugar content coupled with acidity caused by the carbonisation that makes it fizzy, isn’t good.


When a drink is carbonated, carbonic acid develops in the liquid. This alone is not usually enough to damage the teeth.

(Denise) #16

Only low acidic, basically the lemon juice/ACV type liquids. Although I can use Baking Soda with my ACV to balance it out if I need it for any stomach upset which I rarely have.

Also I find baking soda is highly recommended with of course, a soft toothbrush. I also order Food Grade Clove Oil, and am going to try some coconut oil-pulling. Won’t try all these at once, just start with tooth brushing so I can see what is working. I realize the one tooth I have will need to come out that is an upper way in the back of my mouth. It’s been dropping down for many years so it’s not really an option to do a root canal, then shave it off shorter as it would hit the nerve. This is from the dentist advice. I believe she is right.

The rest of my teeth are good, although I need regular checkups and cleanings. I floss and rinse but there seems to be no way to keep from a dental cleaning and there are so many toothless people running around here that won’t even wear dentures (can’t blame them, my mother suffered a lot with dentures) but I don’t plan to give up the fight to keep my. So far I have one bridge but missing two teeth on lower, and one on top (not including wisdom teeth pulled years ago. I wonder how much wisdom I lost in that :laughing:

Things are brighter this morning, I’m into the “fix” now and I remember what to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:blush:

(Denise) #17

I’m more focused on tooth enamel and the topic title should have been more about that. I think it’s too late to change it. I appreciate your info, it was interesting and put less stevia in my coffee this a.m. I do hope the turmeric I add (1 tsp in my one cup of decaf) is not causing any of this tooth sensitivity. It’s only the back teeth that are sensitive, so far.

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(Allie) #19

I love these but the high sucralose content causes me issues that cannot be ignored :frowning:

(B Creighton) #20

I like my whole lemon lemonade with stevia, but like you seem to have tooth issues, so I just make sure to chase it with water. I want the citric acid to ensure I don’t get a buildup of stones or oxalates. I also want the polyphenols in the peel. Sometimes I have herbal teas. I use several of the Celestial Seasonings flavors. I do not have a concern about carbonation, and have used Zevia and other drinks I sweeten with stevia usually.