I'm tired of just water to drink

(Rossi Luo) #21

Well, I have a suggestion on that, there is something called milk-tea popular in china, it’s delicious actually because with lots of sugar, but I think you can change it to “coconut milk-tea” with stevia or some other sweeteners, as coconut milk contains only fats, what coconut milk I bought is made in Thailand free of any chemicals.
You should use red tea instead of green tea, search on google, I think you can find lots of recipes, just replace the milk with coconut milk and the sugar with sweeteners.

(Susan) #22

I was having trouble drinking enough water until my sister-in-law gifted us her old Berkey filter system (her new house has a whole-house filter, looking into those) and it’s been a total game changer! The water coming from it is so delicious…had thought my Pur sink attachment filter was great— and it is — but the Berkey is a whole level above. I’m not sure how much they cost, know that they’re expensive though.

Still drinking too much diet soda (it’s the Sam’s Choice brand, at least it’s sodium-free) but definitely have been drinking a lot less. Now if I can make myself get back to keto, have relayed my struggles elsewhere on the forum; doing a home A1C test today, maybe that will be the reality check that’s needed.

(Brian) #23

Probably an old thread but figured I’d toss this out there… FWIW…

When I first went keto, I had a very hard time trying to find something I wanted to drink. Just water wasn’t cutting it. And I was not gonna go back to sweet tea which was probably half pure sugar, which at one time, I could drink by the gallons. I was also big into Mountain Dew, also horrible. What to do?

The thing that helped me was making my own tea by the gallon. I used to blend mint tea with green tea for a while sweetened with just a hint of stevia. That worked for me, it satisfied me. Over time, I dropped the green tea part of it and still did some mint tea (I grow some apple mint right here at home) still sweetened with a bit of stevia, not much actually, but just a little.

In recent years, I don’t make much tea anymore (still like it) but have gone to cutting up a lemon and putting that into the bottom of a 1/2 gallon glass jar and filling with water. The first of it is fairly strong but after the 3rd or 4th filling, it’s not quite so strong but still gives some lemon flavor. That’s pretty much our go-to to drink at meal time. But… the lemon may not suit you. (?)

Good luck!

(Brian) #24

We have county water here. The wells in the area are very hit and miss, some good, many really bad water. So $10k crap shoots don’t happen nearly as often and county water has been pretty cheap though getting more expensive these days.

I despise the taste of our water here. We have a ZeroWater on the counter all the time which is what we use for most of our water. The fridge has a very expensive filter on it that works but not for as long as I wish it did. $70 a pop and it’s usually tasting bad again in about 3 weeks. :frowning:

I’m thinking the ZeroWater is at least somewhat comparable to the Berkey filters. They make a huge difference.

I’ve also been thinking I need to at least put in something like an under sink kind of setup that has a reverse osmosis setup as a part of it.

60 years ago, they used to laugh at people who said one day they’d be charging people for water. Not funny anymore. And even rain water is way more polluted than it used to be. Clean water is definitely a big deal these days. I wonder how many people even know what clean, clear water tastes like?


I feel lucky our water is nice enough - but it was one of the things we checked out when trying to find a house… It was more important than having a garage (or just space for it, we don’t have it here) and that was pretty important too but alas, we can’t have everything… Or walnut trees, everyone had 1-2 and we didn’t. Now we have 2, tiny ones but we are patient :wink:

And when it’s summer or I exercise or just wait for some hours, our water feels so very great… It’s not bad being the thirsty kind, I get so much joy through water consumption…

(I still drink too much tea and coffee but I would be doomed if I wouldn’t enjoy my water.)

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #26

We filter our water, the limescale here is extreme. But also the Sodastream (carbonator) is much valued.

(KM) #27

I’ve been struggling with this lately. I had a long period of only drinking 1 big cup of coffee with cream at breakfast, and then water maybe with a squirt of lemon or ACV the rest of the time. But …

There’s plenty of low/no carb alcohol in the house - dry wine, spirits and something called Dad Water, which might be also referred to as a wildly overpriced can of water with a shot of cheap tequila and some non-sweetened extract flavoring in it. (Pineapple Jalapeno. Hmm. Won’t be buying that again.) Health-wise I’d rather not be a regular drinker, but I’m bored with water and so the booze is where my eye wanders at the end of the day.

I’m trying to compensate with some flavored caffeinated and non-caffeinated sun-tea. We’ll see. Every day I start out saying, “I’m trying to live longer, and stay in ketosis, alcohol certainly won’t help”, and every evening I wind up saying, “Oh what the heck.” :woozy_face: (Although if it’s a choice between nothing and “Dad Water” … )

(Bacon enough and time) #28

I got around the boring taste of plain water by drinking Seltzer water or club soda for years, but now I’m in a phase of enjoying plain spring or tap water.

The various commercially-bottled mineral waters don’t interest me, because I tend not to enjoy the mineral content all that much. (Not to mention that they are far too expensive to be used to quench thirst on a daily basis.) But depending on the spring, spring water can actually be quite tasty.

(KM) #29

I have a feeling I’m not actually very thirsty, my mouth is bored and I get a little off track / low mood by the end of the day. There’s nothing more delightful than a glass of fresh cool water if you really crave it!

(jr bob dobbs) #30

I have a metal gallon water jug.

Every morning I pour in one can of La Croix or Waterloo or equiv. Yes, “natural and artificial flavors.” No sugar. I then top off the gallon jug with filtered water and pour in a scoop of Fasting Salts to make sure I am getting electrolytes.

I’m not perfect.

Its better than boring water.

(Mike W.) #31

Just curious what kinds of issues? I know most people say they have no issues with it, but it will keep me up at night and has even put me in a full on panic attack. I don’t mess with that stuff anymore!

(Mike W.) #32

Drink bourbon.

(Allie) #33

It seriously irritates my bladder causing symptoms of a UTI, but I’ve heard of many other nasty effects too.


I am very lucky, my well taps into an underground spring and the water has most useful minerals, none of the bad ones, and it’s delicious. I so buy some sparkling water or Seltzer, but that’s because I like something bubbly with dinner.

(Geoffrey) #35

I’m also on a well but ours has way too much minerals in it. Ours was so bad that we were going through a coffee make every 30 days and everything had to be cleaned with CLR.
So now we have a soft water and filtration system.
I love ice water. I practically crave ice cold water. I carry a tumbler everywhere I go.

(Allie) #36

Oh wow, I would love this! You are very lucky indeed :smiley: