I'm confused

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Stay away from all sugars, breads, pasta ect… There are so many good foods you can eat. Just stick to keto approved foods (lots of water) and you will drop weight very fast and more importantly be more healthy. Also a little walking (1 mile) per day is great. Good luck.

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Well said. Good for u

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I have been looking for a good tomato sauce. What is Raos

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A brand of marinara, vodka sauce, and other tomato sauces that are low in sugar

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50g seems a little high. I stay under 20. Remember eating a lot of protein will really keep you out of Ketosis. Today I had 68g fat 35 grams protein & 13 g carb. I tested my blood and was at 1.3 ketos on my meter. I normally eat mor but yesterday I had 165 g fat 88 g protein & 18 carbs and was at .02 ketos so I think I ate too much fat and or protein. It takes a while to figure out ones own body. I have lost 7 lbs in the past 10 days.

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No, don’t necessarily remember that, as it’s not true for all.

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Low carb and ketogenic are not the same. You most likely will not achieve ketosis at 50g of carbs. And especially if you eat pastas. Ketosis happens when you are consistently under 20g of carbs. And those are the complex carbs found in green veggies and berries not processed foods. I applaud your commitment to eat a more healthy diet. That is the best thing you can do. If you don’t want to count macros, do these three things. Stop eating processed grains. Stop eating seed oils. Stop eating sugars (sucrose and fructose).

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I think you might be wrong here, <20 grams of carbs pretty much ensures that everyone who adheres to that number will be in ketosis within a couple of days. You will go into ketosis at 30 grams but it will take longer. Some are fine at 30-50 carbs when fat adapted. We all have different bodies and metabolisms. Although I believe your advice is sound.

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Maybe. 20 is the most-often used number is it pretty much works for everyone, whereas amounts above that start to be less likely to work for (almost) all.

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I wonder if I could have got MORE qualifiers in there?

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I got that info from the Keto Reset Diet Book. Your right every person is different

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You may find this video interesting @jtomasini - Dr Ben Bikman on the relevance of dietary protein


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I love Dr. Bickman. He is very down-to-earth.