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Hello all,

Have been researching keto for a while on and off so I am finally giving it a try. I’m 21 years old, female, and maybe around 240 pounds at 5ft 6in tall. I’m not trying to get into super deep keto obsessing over macros, month long meal planning etc, because that just isn’t for me. I just want to have a better lifestyle and eating habits. My goal is to eat less than 50g of total carbs per day (recommended by my doctor and several nurses). The main thing I am confused with is: some dishes that include traditionally ‘bad’ foods for keto have less than 50g of carbs in them. Quite a lot, actually. So, could you potentially still have one of your meals a day be a pasta dish, or eat a small baked potato and still be in ketosis? Any thoughts are appreciated.

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It’s all to do with avoiding the foods that trigger an insulin response, that is the underlying principle of keto. So they may be within your limit but that’s not the only factor to consider. You may also want to aim at 20g to start with.

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It varies. I can maintain ketosis on 50g/day. But I start to get hunger and I start to get cravings. And portion control becomes an issue.

Having a big wad of pasta for dinner after a keto breakfast and lunch is pretty counter productive, even if it fits macros.

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Hello Springfire4,
I am 52 year old female, 6 ft 0 in tall and my starting weight at March 2018 was 241 lbs. I was miserable at my previous weight. I have 6 inches on you in height and cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it might be for you. The reality is you don’t have to track and you can inhale pasta and a baked potato here and there but all those carbs just add to your misery. When you track you get a real world look at how many carbs you are consuming. For this way of eating to work for you, you have to buy into it. It is so much deeper than just weight loss. It is mental clarity, increased energy and an undescribable happiness from within.
Before Keto - I worked out 7 days a week , 4 cardio days and 3 strength training days, with little to no results and definitely nothing to show for it. Every " professional" told me I had to lose weight, without any direction as to how to make it happen. I had tried for more than 10 years to lose weight with the supposed help of Dr.'s nutritionists and dieticians, all I got was a lighter wallet. In 10 months on Keto I strength train 1 maybe 2 days a week - I have clear muscle definition, for the first time in my life i wore a sleeveless dress not from the plus sized store. I also walk briskly 4 days of the week. The exercise is coincidental now - I love how my muscles look so I keep at it. The majority of my success albeit slow, has been keto. Hardcore and by the book. My current weight is 210.00 Much success to you in your quest for better health. :balloon:


I have good craving control. If I were to make a pasta dish and say some meatballs/chicken with it I would mostly eat just the protein and a little bit of pasta. My main thing is that my spouse does not want to go on the keto diet which I absolutely respect because its not for everyone. So I cannot force him to eat steak and fish and eggs constantly for dinner. As long as it is within 50 grams it should still work though right? I have seen my doctor and he is the one who told me 50 grams is the right goal to aim for.


Thank you for your response. I am glad you’ve had such success with the keto lifestyle. I should’ve added this in my initial post but my doctor is the one who told me that my goal should be 50 grams a day since that is what his other patients have done well at in his experience. I was just wondering if one meal a day would be okay like this as long as I kept it under 50 grams.

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Is there a reason that you would even put the pasta on your plate in the first place? You seem to be looking for a green light to sabotage yourself right out of the chute. If you’re serious about this and understand the mechanics of how fat adaptation works you wouldn’t even be asking. But since you are asking for advice, I’d say no. Don’t buy pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, candy and get rid of them from your cupboards. If your hubby doesn’t want to do this, they can make their own side dishes and shop for them as well. It will be much harder having them around. Take it for what it’s worth.

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I am more of a lazy keto guy but after a no carb breakfast, a ten carb lunch and a 14 carb dinner I am only left with a few wine carbs. I aim for <50g carb but will drift in and out of ketosis. If you are eating any veggies or salads I think adding pasta or potatoes will stall the low carb engine.

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I highly recommend Dr. Bikman’s presentation at Low Carb Breckenridge 2018 for an explanation on why this is a bad idea.

I would recommend making the pasta for hubs with the meatballs or chicken that he can add and you can have without the pasta. How you feel about carb loading your spouse when you know that it’s likely hurting him over the long haul is entirely personal and I couldn’t be judgy. My wife doesn’t low carb, so she will add to whatever I cook, or cook for herself.

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zucchini noodled and spaghetti squash is my pasta now and don’t forget the Rao’s sauce on top.


I will definitely be looking to substitute normal pasta with these options as much as possible. Thanks for the reply!

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I guess the bottom line is why are you doing this? If you are doing this for your health then keep that goal in mind and take the plunge. My husband is not on board and no amount of convincing will make him see an alternative. So I cook for us and he eats what I make and adds rice, or potato or bread for his own meals. He supports my quest and applauds my success but wont buy in. At the end of the day its about what you want and how to get there. Mine is to be a healthy woman who still looks my daughters sister. My husbands is to live in the moment and what happens happens. Where is your goal Springfire?

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I just ate cacio e pepe zoodles. More than yum!


My husband is a healthy man and he has been eating carbs his whole life so I feel no guilt lol. Most people eat carbs and are absolutely fine I just wanted to try this lifestyle to see if it works for me. It definitely would not be a hardcore dive for me. I will check out this presentation, thank you for your thoughts!

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Modeling success is what got the rest of the family on board for me. I started out pretty militant like many I’m assuming but that was counterproductive. Doing what I do and letting them do what they do was the long term solution.

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Eating is really only a percent of the equation. It’s like comparing apples to pineapples. They are essentially both fruit, but whats inside makes the outside completely different. It is related to food, but its also genetics, its also lifestyle and its also gender and it is also your individual reaction to carbs.

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Of course I have had to learn that the hard way. I just wanted to share my good fortune. I mean if I won the lottery do you think he would be saying "yeahhh no thanks?? " Keto is MY lottery. :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually eat eggs and thing that are low-no carb. Yesterday was my first day and even after having a dinner that was 36 grams of carbs I maxed at 40 grams for the day with my veggies and everything else.

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Most folks can burn sugar pretty well until they hit 30.


My papa is an Italian born and bred and he is the ripe age of 89. He still makes all his favorite traditional family meals that i’m guessing to most people would be considered carb-loaded nightmares haha.