Ilana's beef binge buster thread

(mole person) #281

That sauce is almost certainly loaded with sugar so I’d avoid it. Personally, I’d go with the salad + chicken or salmon.

On the subject of water, you only need to drink when thirsty. The closer I am are to zero carb the less added hydration I seem to need and this is a much noted fact among zero carbers. I used to drink 4-5 big glasses a day plus tons of coffee. Now it’s maybe 2.

I’m done with my peanut butter blitz. After four nights of pleasure it caught up to me and my stomach was hurting all night and is still terrible. This seems to be the way it is with every plant food I try. A few days where all seems fine and then boom, a hardcore return of agony.

(Edith) #282

Well… how much are we talking about here? A teaspoon of reintroduced plant food or instantly going back to full-size servings?

(mole person) #283

Nah, it happens even with small amounts. When I tried broccoli I was having only a 1/4 cup, which was about 3 small florettes. I was fine for three days and then in agony for 8 after. I suppose I should try some different things but nuts and legumes are clearly in the bad category.


Oh, it’s new to me! Well, I drink A LOT on any diet, I am that type, it seems. I have this even if I consume little salt, I am not active and it’s not hot at all. I will try to measure it again (I almost never can, I just drink before I think)… But it seems I do my usual ~3 liters or something. Surely above 2 liter, that’s not much.
When I went keto, I had 4 liters for a while…

Be careful with plants then. You can enjoy food anyway, a little extra isn’t worth agony later :frowning: I do my silly things too but I usually get just a bit discomfort. It got harder after my carnivore trial (my body never wants to go back to more carbs when it tastes less…) and it wasn’t painful but so super annoying (I ate a ton and I felt I was STARVING and my desires were all over the place. the same diet before my few carnivore days was fine, I ate a bit too much but it wasn’t that bad) that I won’t go back again for a while… No, I want to feel just right, chill, maybe losing fat… Peace and quiet.
Well, it’s different for you as it’s not long term for me yet, it’s easier to avoid plants. I surely will add back some now and then (I mean, beyond my tiny amount I have now) but I am not in a hurry. I can’t afford the big possibility of chaos now. And I never have pain unless I insanely overdo carbs while ignoring the more and more insistent warnings of my own body. So I am pretty lucky with it (and it makes me reckless sometimes so it’s not all positive).

I hope you get better soon!

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Yikes, I’m sorry you feel so ill even with tiny amounts. That’s no fun. Question though, have you tried spacing it out, like having the 1/4 cup of a veggie and then waiting a few days before another serving? I’m just thinking if you need to space it out until your body can handle any quantities?

For example I used to have issues with dairy, and I would just do small amounts once a week, then after a few weeks I’d increase and do it every few days, etc.

Another question, was the peanut butter clean or did it have any other ingredients? Just a thought.

As for my water, I’m trying to drink when thirsty, but since I work out I do drink more…I would say on average about 80-90 oz. I don’t drink anything else though, mornings I have maybe like 4 oz of coffee (I do half a cup just to participate with my husband)…I don’t feel over hydrated…

Numbers are looking good today, ketones 3.3 and glucose 60. Today’s lunch will be chicken thighs (skin on) and eggs, and some spinach. Needed to switch things up a bit.

As for tomorrow, the only reason I didn’t think of salad first was b/c I know we were trying to reduce the veggie intake…but if this is okay then i’ll do that.

(Diana) #286

I’m up .3 from yesterday, but we all knew that was a fluke. Overall trend is down, so I’m not going to freak out. I did have a second “meal” consisting of 1 egg made on 1 teaspoon of pork fat and chicken bone broth to which I added some pork collagen (that was left form the ribs) after the gym. So it could be that. Either way I’m keeping on. I’m nervous about tonight but will plan on just eating the salad with protein, I guess overall I have been having 1 serving of veg a day, so this would be no different.

Happy Friday!!!

(mole person) #287

Happy Friday! Have fun tonight!

(Diana) #288

Not a good day…at all. I was at my lowest low this week what on Thursday. Up a full pound since then. I did mess up last night and we went through this last week that I need to own that and learn from it. I don’t know why I think I will have different results. Here is the breakdown of the events.

Was hungry around 2, ate can of sardines with olive oil. This was fine. And I thought I was doing the right thing by eating something.

Went to dinner, had half a vodka soda. Okay that’s something I planned for. Then my husband ordered meatballs for an app. I had one. That was the first mistake as likely had breadcrumbs.

Next in stead of salad I had salmon with sauteeed spinach. Unfortunately it was in a Piccata sauce.

This was not fatty enough and I got home and felt really hungry. So another insulin spike here we come. I had a beef stick and some freeze dried broccoli, and pumpkin seeds (1 tablespoon) which as you know was something I loved to eat on daily basis…

So here is my lesson, if going out I have to be prepared and have fatty food around in case I get home and am hungry so I don’t just snack. You told me this…and I wasn’t prepared. Lesson learned the hard way.

(Diana) #289

Improved the situation on Saturday only ate a rib eye, so Sunday was a great weigh in. Unfortunately Sunday was also the day that my friend was having a party and doing a cheat meal from keto, so there was very little for me to eat…I had a lot of pork but it was quite lean and it was a sit down dinner so I couldn’t sneak off and get oil on my plate, and then I was starving when I got home so ate pork rinds (I had gotten rid of all them like I said, unfortunately, my husband bought several bags a few days ago to have ‘just in case’ and my logic was it’s low carb…). We all know how this was going to end up. I’m not going to freak…my doing, so now it’s time to buckle down this week. Overall i’m only 1 pound up from my low. I assume this was from the extra cabbage I ate at dinner and the salt on the meats.

As we speak I’m getting my brisket in the oven and will cook it low and slow. That’s what I will be eating all week (or as long as it lasts). I should be down to normal in 2 days (is the goal). I’m close enough to goal that I’m not freaking out.

I can do this…

my only concern now is working out this week and whether to go to the gym due to Covid-19…I am younger, but at the same time really want to stay healthy to go on vacation next week…so not sure if it’s worth the risk.

(Diana) #290

I should clarify that there was very little for me to eat since I wasn’t doing a cheat day…so I had to pick around what was available and the only things I could eat was salad (with olive oil), the pork and sautéed cabbage with bacon. The sautéed cabbage with bacon is one of my favorite things (actually I usually make it the traditional way with sauerkraut), so I think I ate a good 2 cups of this and likely the carbs started to add up.

I continue to hold strong as I made a traditional European dessert for everyone at the party, and did not even touch a crumb. According to all 10 people it was the best streduel I had made yet. So at least there is that to be happy about :slight_smile:

LOL, looks like I’ve reached the maximum consecutive posts. So I’m adding my update from today, Tuesday, below.

Back to normal, .7 down from yesterday. 1 week to vacation, I’m so excited for vacation but do not want to ruin all my progress. Any tips/tricks? I’m planning on doing tmad only because I can’t control the portion and feel I’m going to be hungry if I just eat dinner. I plan on staying strict keto with the only cheat being a glass of wine or some sort of beverage in evening which I know is my choice…I accept there will be some regain I just don’t want to get 100% back. Any tips?