Ilana's beef binge buster thread

(Diana) #241

Sad report but one of my own doing. I’m up 1 lb. as noted I ate before going out however it wasn’t a huge meal. The restaurant got delayed so we had to wait at bar and ordered appetizers. I ordered some shrimp which I didn’t realize had cream sauce until I was eating it. So that was insulin spike 2. Then our table was finally really at 9:15…I ordered pork shoulder appetizer and had about half of my husbands pork chop. I did have 1 vodka soda. Unfortunately, I wasn’t full and I was upset so when I got home at about 11 I had half a bag of pork rinds. Those officially are getting put away today and out of sight. I feel so defeated…today I’m making a huge prime rib that will be my food for the week. But still feel defeated.

(Diana) #242

I wish I had never gone out…I was doing so well.

(Edith) #243

You can’t beat yourself up. It sounds like you stayed keto or pretty close to it. Also, that’s the beauty of keto: if you take a day off or a meal off, you can go right back to bacon and eggs the next day or easily do an intermittent fast.

One pound is nothing. It’s a little extra salt the day before or maybe you didn’t have the morning constitutional. Stressing over every half pound or pound is not going to help.

(mole person) #244

@Finishingtouches What’s your total loss since we started talking and how long has it been?

(Diana) #245

It’s been 2 weeks. Total loss 2 lbs. I know this is still good. It just was better until I messed up. And today the prime rib turned out like a salt lick but I had to eat it…

(Diana) #246

Thank you, I am hopeful it was just salt or the fact I ate so late which is very unusual. I was just doing so well was hoping to keep the momentum.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #247

That’s a shame. Did you use kosher salt or fine ground? For roasting a big piece of meat Kosher is better, it’s easy to overdo it with fine salt.

(mole person) #248

You’re doing great. Two pounds in two weeks is remarkable when you only have a few pounds left to lose. Remember, I said your expectations should be around .3 to .5 lbs per week with fluctuations. If you want to keep being able to enjoy your weekend evenings you have to not take the nearly inevitable rise on the following day so hard. The only thing that perhaps you could have done differently is tried to arrange not to eat so many times. You ate before going which was good, but if you could just have eaten one more larger meal after it might have been better than appetizers, dinner, and at home snack. And I agree, I stay away from pork rinds myself.

Keep calm girl. You’re doing fine. This is a life thing and not a sprint to some finish line so you need to figure a path that is sustainable for you. If a weekend drink with friends is an important part of your life it can be incorporated. But you have to not suffer recriminations when you see a scale blip as long as you are keeping the trend correct. So we’ll see by next Friday where you stand. If you’re down from where you were yesterday then your trend is still just fine. Sound reasonable?

(Diana) #249

We made it at home, my dad was following a recipe that said half tablespoon of salt per pound and by the time I got there it was too late as the meat had sat overnight with all the salt…I tried to cut as much of the exterior as I could but even the middle was salty and I’m very sensitive to salt/water weight.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #250

That’s a crap ton of salt! Especially if it was fine salt. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Diana) #251

You are right…I’m meeting the expectations and am on track with what we set out. With vacation coming up I just wanted to front load being good (if there is such a thing) so I could “afford” to cut loose a little bit during vacation. (And by cutting loose I mean still being keto but being able to enjoy a fine Glass of wine with dinner. Fully intend on keeping a strict keto diet otherwise, but TMAD since I won’t be able to control portion.

I’m going to have to work on my mentality for the inevitable blip as you noted. It’s hard but you’re right it’s something I have to accept as I’m knowingly doing it and thus setting myself back (even a little). I’ve narrowed down to having only 1 drink a week and that’s primarily bc of being in social situations.

I do have one positive, since we’ve been chatting I haven’t had any “keto” cheats and I think only one square piece of chocolate at some point since we started. I guess if I’m being honest the pork rinds were somehow the cheats.

Here is to start to a better week and keeping myself accountable.

(Diana) #252

I KNOW!!! So sad…the middle is salvageable as it’s not as salty. But the exterior which is the tastiest was really really bad. I’m sure my body will show it tomorrow.

(Diana) #253

I drank a ton of water yesterday even before the prime rib and continued after due to the salt content. Woke up today and am down 1.5 pounds. I don’t want to get too excited as I know most of this was water and I anticipate tomorrow will be the actual weight…

Ketones were 3.2; glucose 63.

Just broke the fast with some short ribs and a level cup of spinach. I made the short ribs low and slow as you noted but I do like my meat more well done so I cooked at 250 and broiled at end. Question for you, is the short rib fatty enough or do I need to worry about eating any of the liquids (since a lot of the fat I assume melted)…

(mole person) #254

I was just thinking about you and gonna ask for an update! I’m glad you are seeing continued losses and your numbers suggest that you’re doing great.

Part of the reason that I cook my meat low and slow is that it keeps the fat in the meat. So if you are cooking at a higher temperature and some of the fat is rendering out you do want to have that fat along with your meat.


I read and saw that you are so amazingly helpful here so I ask something relevant now, right?

I am a very beginner at making meat dishes. How do you cook your meat low and slow? My problem is that now I know I prefer the fat in the meat, not rendered. I am simple, I usually just fry everything, well, that’s not that good with my wonderful fatty meat. Yeah, much fat stays in but much get out too.

My other problem right now is with salt. Up to 7% salt is allowed for the smoked meat I buy (I really hope the the farm I trust will sell fresh pork one day, they have pigs and they said it was’t popular). Well, that’s much for me even after some training (it’s so tasty, I keep eating a significant amount of it, saltiness be damned and my salt intake easily tripled, I guess, I don’t know the actual percentage but it’s VERY salty and I am not sure this much salt feels good to me. it’s at least the keto recommended amount and I always was way, way below that and I liked that). If I boil the meat, I get a nice liquid but the meat obviously loses much flavor (salt too).

How can one prepare a fatty and potentially salty meat? Not losing the flavor and fat would be nice, salt is just my secondary problem. I’ve read that smoked hocks (my new favorite) can be soaked in water, I don’t know how much it could help…
I usually just eat it raw, I need to cut it into tiny peaces - and sometimes fried, with eggs. I endure the saltiness, it can’t keep me from enjoying the meat but I really feel my body dislike this huge raise. Maybe it’s just in my head? I don’t think so and eating way too salty food as a staple sits unwell with me.
Maybe I will try to eat it with beef or something. Somehow. We really need more methods to prepare beef too, we have basically one good method, we make stew (both my SO and me are beginners at cooking ruminants but stew always works wonderfully).

I am really serious about carnivore now, there was the novelty phase, the “omg I run out of meat. and dislike eggs right now” phase then chaos ensued… And now I want to make it WORK, finally. I stop sabotaging myself.

(mole person) #256

@Shinita I just cook my meat in the oven at about 175 F. It depends on the cut how long I’ll cook it but generally 4-6 hours. The fat won’t render out and the meat stays rare. Then, if you like to give it a sear at the end for extra flavour you just pop it in a hot pan but only for a few seconds per side. Or you can put it under a broiler for 7 minutes or so for a bigger roast. If you like really rare meat even 150F is great. That’s the temperature that I cook my fat trim at.

As for salted meats I’m afraid I can’t help you. I only ever eat fresh meat. I tried salted fish once and ended up throwing it out. I couldn’t make it edible to my palate.

(Edith) #257

I bought my husband a smoker for Christmas. The first thing we smoked were ribs. They are smoked at a fairly low temperature and the ribs are tender with none of the fat rendering out. Oh, my goodness! With none of the fat rendered out, they are so filling I can only eat about two ribs and I am over full. (It kind of takes the fun out of eating ribs.) It’s amazing how well low heat preserves the fat, and therefore, how much more filling the meat is.


I’ve read about a similar method and planned to try but that was way quicker :smiley:
4-6 hours, oh my good. But it’s not like I need to be there… I will try it, thanks! Except I can’t go that low, the lowest (without tricks with slightly open oven door, I never did such things) is about 212F as I calculated it just now (100C)… Well, I try that then.

I put up with the salted meat (I got a few ideas in the last hours about what to eat it with) as it’s PORK! I couldn’t get fresh pork yet, I am pretty choosy with my meat and the nearby farms I trust don’t sell fresh pork. Just very, very delicious smoked salted items… Taste, texture, everything is so great.

(mole person) #259

I’m amazed at how little food I seem to want when I eat unrendered fat. Sometimes I eat too much and end up feeling kinda crappy just because I want to eat more than I really have appetite for.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #260

I would like it if you took a photo of a typical meal. I don’t think I get anywhere close to that high fat. :cowboy_hat_face: