If you don't have anything nice to say

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Dang, Queen… I have said that this is the nicest forum I’ve ever been on…

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I’m sorry that you feel this way, that folks are being unpleasant to you. If I was, I’m sorry.

On the other hand, rage quit posts, shame quit posts, and the like are pretty much invitations to folks to pile on.

Keto really isn’t that complicated. Keep carbs low. Eat some protein. Make sure you eat enough. That’s it, in a nut shell. People choose to make it much more complicated, with extended fasting, intermitant fasting, fat bombs, bulletproof coffee, apple cider vinegar, fat macros, ersatz sweets and other imitations of carb foods, but at the core, it’s keep your carbs really low, get an adequate level of protein, and don’t worry about eating fat.

(Brian) #43

If anyone thinks it’s rough around here, just try out some Facebook groups for a while. Dang. They take no prisoners there, and they kill their wounded.

I’ve probably put my foot in my mouth a few times. I doubt many of us haven’t. But I have no ill will towards anyone. I doubt I have much to contribute to most threads but I still enjoy some friendly conversation. I don’t always agree with everything being talked about but realize that we’re all coming from a different place and what’s good for me may not be good for someone else, and vice versa.

There really isn’t anyone else in my day to day life, besides my wife, that really shares in my journey. I suppose I could just go it alone. But I really do enjoy interacting with others who are sharing a similar journey.

Maybe all here aren’t in the same place or even on the same journey. I’m fine with that. For some of those, I find it’s best just to pass on entering the conversations. Seriously, I can’t relate to being a female and having issues with eating too much protein. I’m a male and sometimes have to make a conscious effort to make sure I get enough protein. They’re not wrong. And I’m not wrong either. We’re just very different people that see our keto way of eating very differently. (That’s just one example.)

Hang in there. Find your niche. Settle in and enjoy the friendships you can have. Maybe there will be a few you’ll even have to learn to ignore, at least for a while. It’s really not a bad place and there are really quite a few people who sincerely care.

:slight_smile: KCKO

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I love this forum. In so sorry your experience hasn’t been positive. I have never been belittled, made fun of or treated any other way than welcoming. On one post I said something meant to be funny but it was insensitive. A member called me on it. I blurred the comment and apologized. I didn’t get offended I was wrong. So don’t move, improve. Your viewpoint maybe the one thing that helps someone else. That’s what we’re here for.

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Can we vote for this option somewhere? :grin:


This is actually a very nice forum, all things considered. The internet can be a rough place. And this forum is public with all sorts of members. And not everyone is going to be over-flowing with the milk of human kindness… You’ll find the same thing almost everyplace in life, even in your own family. If someone is ticking you off intentionally or not, stop reading their posts. You can’t control everyone. Develop a thicker skin - it is a necessity on the internet, and in general will serve you well in life…


Oh the irony of the title and the post that followed :roll_eyes:

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I think it’s better off being a lurking in most forums (especially any reddit ones). Most of the threads I have read here are pretty good but I have seen some pretty toxic posts especially in this thread:

(Jane) #49

Excellent advice!!!

Keep it simple if it overwhelms you… add the other things if you get bored or need a change of pace or a bite of something (fat bomb) to keep you keto.

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but is it too much to ask for the HWC of human kindness???

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Is that Hillary Clinton?

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An idiot troll.

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Guilty…:pensive:… wait, me or the other guy?

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ANOTHER false dichotomy.

C) Both

(Allie) #56

Lessons learnt in life ~ none of us can control the actions of others, but we are all 100% responsible for how much we let their actions affect us.

(Terence Dean) #57

No-one is getting my milk, I only get one glass :milk_glass: a day!!! :wink:

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I’m really glad I’ve never liked milk :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more. I think sometimes directness can be misinterpreted as rudeness, especially in writing. Sure there are occasional frustrations that come through in someone’s tone, but especially given the large size of this forum it’s almost shockingly civil. I remember another thread where a frequent forum member was called out for aggressive tone, and then issued one of the most heartfelt and genuine apologies ever witnessed on the internet. I don’t feel like people take advantage of internet anonymity to be rude here.

(Kirk) #60

I agree, this is a very civil, friendly and helpful place. I’m on some power lifting forums where you can see some very poor behaviour. This is a love-in.

(Maxwell) #61

What you say is so truth. I get bullied almost every time I post on this forum. I’ve even “taken on” 2 of the bullies but it is daunting. One of the bullies is so good at bullying that when he is called out – and he has been, many times, he then comes back with “I don’t call you names”

I’ve watched him respond to others and me – arrogantly many times. He’s a smart guy, very knowledgeable, not always correct, but smart. Technically, most of his information is very good, but he is discourteous, especially to women.

The problem with confronting a bully is that eventually you risk looking bad, not them. Because he chimes in so much, in so many discussions, that I am reluctant to contribute at all. Just like you.

But as is often true in life – from bad things, often something good is born. One day he bullied me about the subject of Ketones vs glucose – we went back and forth a few times, until he blurted out that he was Carnivore. He may as well have said “the sky is green”

Because I was so upset, and didn’t want to risk saying something that would make ME appear intemperate, I did not want to respond, but on ‘the inside’ I said “ok, let’s see if this guy is right, I’m going 100% Carnivore and I’m measuring glucose and ketones every day”

I didn’t tell HIM that. I didn’t want to talk him anymore. This was going to be MY experiment to see if he was right and to become more knowledgeable on this subject so my contributions to the forum would be worthy.

Next day – June 23 – I went 100% Carnivore. Bought the highest quality meats, not from feed lots, animals taken care of humanly, no hormones or antibiotics – I lost 38 lbs. Yeah. The weight came off that fast. And every pound lost was Fat, no lean body mass loss. I know this be/c I got a Dexa Scan June 1st and the 2nd Dexa Scan last week.

I thank him yet I remain bugged at him for curtailing my contributions to this forum – but no matter how bugged with him I am – something very excellent came from that discussion.

THAT bully was a blessing in disguise.

Why not stay on the Forum, continue to post like the one you just posted – elevate the discussion with politeness and knowledgeable contributions. I admired what you wrote. And your courage to post it. It was so polite, yet very honest.

Sometimes people don’t realize what they have just ‘written’ comes across very different than if they had spoken those words in person. I don’t mean to defend him, I am still bugged at him, but I never would have gone Carnivore but for that difficult and upsetting exchange with him.

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