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Gotta admit, I feel the opposite. If I have one complaint about this place, is that it’s a bit too coddling and a bit of a “hugbox.” That’s not to say that people should not treat each other with respect, but neither should they be congratulated every time they have a bowel movement.



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I have probably read 90% of new posts as well as many many old posts since I started my keto journey in May. I don’t see bullying. What some see as bullying and unfriendliness may actually be people pointing newbies in the direction of “search threads” instead of answering the same questions again and again. That’s the purpose of 2KD having a searchable database of threads versus Snapchat style where everything disappears! If we are to take control of our lives we need to put in a little work, not be spoon fed meal plans and macro # recommendations.

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I stay off of social media to preserve my mental health and keep my blood pressure low.

I have to say that I have loved this forum. People are thoughtful, kind and apologize (unheard of on the interwebs!) when they think they have been out of line.

Also, people aren’t doggedly clinging to keto. The emphasis on n=1 means people are generally open to discussing how keto needs to be tweaked or how it hasn’t worked.

Sorry you have had a bad experience… :slight_smile:


I only read parts of this forum (the bits that are relevant to me) and i see plenty of debate, challenge, requests for evidence and suchlike. My views aren’t always singing from the standard keto hymnbook, and people disagree with me sometimes. That’s fine. Great in fact. Debate is the lifeblood of forums.

From what i have seen, the mods step in where appropriate, and do so with common sense and professionalism - and you can always flag a post for their attention if you feel it necessary.

I guess I am saying that this forum is the collective result of its members, and if anyone doesn’t like the feel/ethos/atmosphere here, then there is probably another forum out there that feels more comfortable. Just a matter of keeping looking until you feel at home.


@Queenv I personally hate the thought of you having a bad experience with this forum. My experience, interacting day-to-day with others here, has been so encouraging and rewarding, that it pains me to think others are not having the same experience.

We’re all human, and we have our faults (Lord knows I have plenty), but we all have one thing in common; we’re taking control of our health to live a better life than before. For some, who have suffered for years with their personal health issues, this can generate some passionate comments that might well indeed rub someone the wrong way. (poop, anyone? :wink:)

For me, I think of it more as US (the forum) against THEM (the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, ignorant doctors who apparently don’t want to actually cure anyone they just want to prescribe a pill). Please don’t let it be US against US.

My experience has been so positive that it hurts to think this isn’t true for others. I personally want this forum to be one of the premier places to go, for people who are interested in or already living the ketogenic lifestyle.

@Queenv I know it’s not easy to deal with conflict, and I assume the fact that you brought this topic up reveals that you care about this forum too. It’s easy to just give up and leave, but it takes real courage to deal with some of the unpleasantness of human interaction.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, and I hope this thread will help others think twice about some of the things they post.

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I enjoy the friction and harsh critiques between the members.:smiling_imp: in few threads.

It brings the best out of the people.

my weak point is the social English. my English is engineering based.

so I avoid frictions because of my poor social English. :grin:

the button line we should not hate.

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Same here. I’ve been on forums for 15 years. Curly hair forum, fantasy football forum, MFP and hell, mom’s boards (they’re the worst!) can be brutal. This place has been great. Honest…at times blunt…at times argumentative…but mostly friendly and completely valuable and knowledgeable.

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Don’t worry about that. I’m an American, so I don’t speak good English either…or at least so my British friends tell me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Have more info on that? I auto drafted this year and I’m struggling already. :confounded:

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You will be my first target when I master social English

wait for me

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I agree with you wholeheartedly. There are people on these threads that hover apparently all day long. If you say anything that falls outside of their dogma then you are castigated. It is more than sad. It is ugly. Many are snarky and nasty. If you dare to question something they believe then you are a heretic. There are many passive aggressive types, meaning they act as though they are interested in dialoguing when in fact all they want to do is show you what THEY know and what you obviously don’t know. They get it, you don’t. But you know what there are quite a few that are genuinely interested in sharing and learning. That is what makes a forum work. So, don’t go. Just learn to ignore those who want to rain on your parade.

Have a great day!

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This forum is better than many. One must use discretion as to what to take to heart. Many folks on this forum (as in others) are hardcore, and thats fine. Certain beliefs are more popular and some rush to defend, and that’s fine too. We all seek some kind of validation.

I disagree on several important points and learned not to debate it anymore as my experiment of one is very specific to how I’m operating, and shown to be successful. Not much of a sheep here or a fan of group think… For me Keto is a simple and effective way to live, with much anecdotal. I don’t have any interest in analyzing or learning more really, so take it all with a grain of salt!

Everyday I come on here and laugh and laugh and laugh… this post is particularly enjoyable :grinning:

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This was the one I belonged to, but it’s been a while. I mostly autodrafted too :blush:


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We here in Canada have been in discussions with Britian to put a stop to this republic nonsense if you all don’t smarten up.


Don’t let stupid things piss you off. This is absolutely one of the best keto forums going. Hang out in the reddit keto thing for a while and you’ll LOVE this place! There are dicks everywhere, ignore them when you come across them. Also, don’t always assume people are intentionally being a douche, I’ve been accused of that a couple times HERE, and when I really wasn’t being one! Sometimes people just don’t like what others say. That’s how life works. You can learn a lot here and you’re not going to find people that ACTUALLY know this crap like you will here.

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Regina is a good keto buddy of mine on these forums and your comment was totally un-necessary, she has never typed a nasty word to anyone here and is always supportive to new people. She’s correct, some people do like to argue, or debate an issue, that’s fair enough. If that floats yer boat so be it but to say that Regina is not being thoughtful is not only in-accurate its just not nice. If we can all be a bit more respectful in our posts instead of reacting with full guns blazing because the OP’s ideas are not identical to our own, we’ll get along better.

Having said all this some of the best posts I’ve read have been the ones where people do not agree with each other, and it has been very heated at times. My favourite antagonist is @Baytowvin who has a wicked sense of humor and we always end up on opposite sides of the debate but occasionally (when the planets align) we actually agree. That’s how it should be in my opinion of course. Please don’t get upset at my post @crickette I don’t want you to leave, I enjoy your posts too.

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You misspelled favorite :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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See what I mean, this guy should be banned!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: