If you don't have anything nice to say


Hey all! I am new to keto and trying to work out all the details. I am a member in several forums. I have to say that this one is particularly unpleasant. Many of you genuinely want to help and have assisted me greatly - thank you! However it seems many just want to vent their anger here.

People asking for help do not need to be belittled, insulted or condescended to. It also doesn’t help anyone if you don’t read the original post and just respond to what you think we are asking - with judgement - instead of what we actually asked.

This is a very personal subject, and keto is a very difficult diet to understand and follow - even if you have read voraciously on the subject and posted for assistance. We are asking for help because we need it, we are desperate (usually) and want to succeed.

At this point I don’t want to post here anymore, and that is sad as I think many of you geniuinely want to help. Many of you have and I am grateful, truly! But it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch and there are more than a few bad apples here.

I know the internet gives a sense of anonymity, but think before you speak. There are actual people here seeking assistance. Treat them like you would if you were face to face.

FYI: I’m expecting to get bullied for posting this note, which is just sad.

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And some people consider anything except hearts and roses to be bullying. “Don’t try to help, just pat them on the head and be nice.”


You know, some people are weak - that is their problem. It doesn’t give anyone an exuse to be rude.

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I’ve been helped here since May. Why would you even post something like that? So some people like to argue. So what. The good outweighs the bad on these forums, trust me.


@Regina I seem to remember you writing an “I’m leaving” post for the same types of behaviour. I am little disappointed that you aren’t as thoughtful as people were to you when you found it tough to deal with bullying behaviour

@Queenv I’ve experienced similar attitudes and find it difficult to deal with, everyone thinks they are a comedian… I also get annoyed by those that reply just to reply without even having read the OP–as you said–and usually don’t have much of worth to say. I am also on the verge of deleted my account. I find it more anxiety inducing than informative at this point.


I don’t even know what this means, who would be bullied by hearts and roses? Furthermore the OP isn’t asking for hearts and roses, she is asking for respect.


Thank you.


@Queenv funny, I’ve spent a lot of time reading through almost every thread and I actually got the opposite impression that this is a very supportive and welcoming place HOWEVER I did go back and read through your threads specifically and your right, emotions seem to run rampant and there was more conflict than I’m used to seeing. Not saying discussion is a bad thing - but your threads seem to go off the rails a bit, this one included.

My only thought is that you seem to come in here with such passion in your posts and people seem to feed off of that with heightened emotions of their own.

I’ve posted things here and later wished I just kept my mouth shut, but I just hate conflict in general. My issue, not the forums.

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I would have to say I disagree with you wholeheartedly.

We are not rude, I’ve met some of the kindest people in this forum, who are knowledgeable and full of advice, who take the time out of their day to research our questions and provide their responses, which are usually well thought out.

I think you have had one or two bad experiences and you are tainting us all with that crappy brush. Not fair at all.

To be honest, this is the most negative post I’ve ever read in this forum.
Can you point out a situation where someone was explicably rude? Because I can’t say I’ve seen it - ever. I read EVERY new post this forum generates.

EDIT ; And please don’t think I am bullying you, that’s an easy assumption but a false one. I am generally interested to know why you are so agitated.

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I haven’t noticed any bullying… this is actually one of the friendliest forums I’ve ever been on.

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It’s me… you’re talking about me…

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It’s not always just about you, you know. It could easily be me.

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That’s true. You strike me as kind of a dick :rofl::rofl:

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Only kind of? :rage:

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@juice @Baytowvin

Don’t you two start arguing now :joy:

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Children children ;D

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Nah… @juice is all good. He had my back on another thread with a troll… or an idiot, or both. I really can’t tell

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It’s pretty clear he just likes arguing. Well, and typing the same thing over and over again for unappreciative audiences :slight_smile: But, you know, mostly arguing. He’s the Serena Williams of the forum.

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I’ll see about changing my handle