If you don't have anything nice to say

(Empress of the Unexpected) #81

And he has added in beer? Do you need more proof of his awesomeness?

(TJ Borden) #82

I was thinking about trying an n=1 and instead of a water fast, do a beer fast. My wife is pretty sure it won’t work, and will probably make me an alcoholic


Only one way to find out.


:rofl:I’d be down for this kind of fast!!!

(Omar) #85

If we are serious all the time, life become boring
if you agree with everything I say you become boring.

those who are very sensitive and lack forgivness and tolerance, need to get to a mechanic shop and fix the vagus nerve

(Terence Dean) #86

Seriously, if you feel like someone is bullying you in their response to your question just ignore it and move on. When I first came here someone criticized me for mentioning fruit FFS and then had the gall to tell me not to give women advice because I’m not female!! Now, I know his comments were total garbage but at the time I was a noob so I apologized to everyone on the forum who could not eat fruit. WTF??! That is what a bully can do BUT I discovered a great thread brilliantly written by an admin @Brenda, so if you’re up against the wall, and there’s nowhere to run, get yer N=1 gun out and blast the sucker with this one. N=1 :keto: :gun:

Its a classic and permanently in my bookmarks. :rofl: She calls them Pearl Clutchers!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(TJ Borden) #87

Okay I have to ask, what’s fruit ffs?

(Terence Dean) #88

For Fucks Sake

(TJ Borden) #89


I had some apple tbe other day…talk about nature’s candy. Sooooo good. Plus, issued to be allergic, but my food allergies seem to have disappeared too.

(TJ Borden) #90

Wait… was I THAT bully too? :thinking:

(Terence Dean) #91

Nope, relax buddy. :beer:

(Running from stupidity) #92

Now you’ve pissed him off, he was adding another victim stick figure to the side of his monitor.

(Terence Dean) #93

His only concern is that I’m gonna get more likes than he will!!! :rofl:

(TJ Borden) #94

Right now I’m gussing MOST people have more likes than me :rofl:

(Kirk) #95

Boys, if we’re going to have a contest to see who is the biggest prick I’ll have to lower my shields and it’s game on. I worked in management for a large tire manufacturer who shall remain unnamed. My kung fu is strong.

(Doug) #96

I didn’t even get a computer until I was 37 years old. Man, if I’d had the internet when I was a teenager, I would have lived for trolldom.

(TJ Borden) #97

Bring it @Farback. I fear no Canadian… except Ryan Reynolds. If he ever knocks on my door I know I’ll never see my wife again.

(Terence Dean) #98

That’s easily fixed, if I’m allowed to give you advice, stop leading with your chin. :rofl: :boxing_glove:

(Running from stupidity) #99

Given the size of his head, is this not somewhat impractical advice?

(TJ Borden) #100