Excuse my pile of dead fairies

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20 total carbs and under. You can’t help but lose weight at that point (though it may be slow). But you need to track.

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Things I would consider if no weight is being lost in the future. I will point out a few things to consider here:

  1. Source of micronutrients

  2. Types of fat consumed in %

  3. Protein cycling

  4. Nutrigenomics (polymorphism genotype testing)

  5. What foods affect female hormones (caloric partitioning)

EXAMPLE 1: “…Did you know that super low-carb diets aren’t ideal for these conditions and, in some cases, may cause or exacerbate them? Women in particular tend to have more carb requirements than men, particularly when women are in their fertile years. Not all carbs are bad, and we need to remember that in our current epoch of carb phobia. For example, flaxseeds contain 3 grams of carbs per tablespoon (all of which are fiber), and may reduce hot flashes in menopausal women.2 While flaxseed is primarily rich in fatty acids (4 grams per tablespoon), and has a small amount of protein (2 grams per tablespoon), many on low carb diets skip it in favor of fatty acid sources that contain no fiber at all (coconut oil or butter). Fatty acids can be healthful, but the body functions best with some carbs, preferably slow-burning carbs. Even low-carbers need fiber to regulate the function of the intestines and reset estrogen, as I describe in my book, The Hormone Reset Diet . This is where quality and choice come in: vegetable fiber is best. …More

EXAMPLE 2: “…A small percentage of the population will find that either a Paleo or Keto diet will curtail weight loss and negatively affect their body composition due to a unique polymorphism they may possess. Researchers have been scrambling to understand the metabolic workings behind obesity as a problem that extends beyond food and activity, and discovered a strong association between the APOA2 gene locus and energy intake. The APOA2 gene encodes for apolipoprotein A-II (APOA2), the second most abundant protein of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) particles and a regulator of triglyceride and postprandial metabolism. Transgenic animal models have shown APOA2 to be a potential indicator of cardiovascular disease risk, although studies are still inconclusive. APOA2 plays roles in cholesterol efflux, HDL remodeling, and cholesteryl ester uptake. There are also associations between serum APOA2 concentration, alcohol intake and body mass index (BMI). More recently, as the field of nutrigenomics expands, researchers have found a direct link between APOA2 polymorphisms and obesity, but with one unique caveat – the clinical outcome is only expressed in the presence of a high saturated fat diet. Homozygous minor allele (CC) carriers of the APOA2 m265 gene showed higher energy consumption, macronutrient intake and anthropometric traits (namely, a higher BMI) in the presence of high saturated fat intake. Since both the Paleolithic and Ketogenic diets are naturally high in healthy saturated fats such as coconut, palm, and animal fats, the expected outcomes of these diet plans would not be seen in individuals with the APOA2 polymorphism. …” …More

EXAMPLE 3: Background: Weight loss success is determined by genetic factors, which may differ according to treatment strategy. Methods: From a multidisciplinary obesity treatment program involving dietary advice, psychological counseling, and increased physical activity, 587 subjects (68% female; 46.1 ± 12.4 years; BMI 39.9 ± 6.3) were recruited. At baseline, a blood sample was drawn for DNA isolation. Genotypes were determined for 30 polymorphisms in 25 candidate genes. The association between genotypes and weight loss was assessed after 3 months (short-term) and after 12 months of treatment (long-term). Weight loss was categorized as ≥5% or & 5% of initial weight. Results: The G/G genotype of PLIN1 (rs2289487) and PLIN1 (rs2304795), the T/T genotype of PLIN1 (rs1052700), and the C/C genotype of MMP2 predicted ≥5% weight loss in the first 3 months. The C/G-G/G genotype of PPARγ (rs1801282) and the T/C genotype of TIMP4 (rs3755724) predicted ≥5% weight loss after 12 months. Subjects with the combination of PPARγ (rs1801282) C/G-G/G and TIMP4 (rs3755724) T/C lost even more weight. Conclusion: Polymorphisms in genes related to regulation of fat storage and structural adaptation of the adipocytes are predictors for weight loss success with different genes being relevant for short-term and long-term weight loss success. …More

EXAMPLE 4: “… The majority of the pre-packaged foods found in the grocery store have been through this process and fortified with folic acid. This is bad news for people with the MTHFR mutation. People with this mutation are unable to rid their bodies of folic acid. It builds up, blocking folate receptors and wrecking havoc. This build up is known as folic acid toxicity. Most lab tests do not distinguish between folic acid and folate when measuring blood levels. If folic acid intake is high, the results may show an individual has adequate amounts of folate. This is misleading as the individual actually has high levels of unusable folic acid, with little to no folate. This situation can cause the body to believe it is malnourished and result in unnecessary storing of energy (weight gain). …More

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Lots of great advice from above
Good luck

This all Reminded me of this scene🙂

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Keto problems aside, that is some World Class swearing, I thought I was bad…


Love your posts, as always!!!

Can you give us some more info on what you’re eating per day, including macros and your personal stats.
Might help us to help you.


Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

We have another thread where someone complained about us being one of the rudest forums they’ve ever been on, and I’m about to prove them right. :wink:

Okay, I read this last night and decided to wait, quite frankly, because I was out of likes and I needed to wait so I could like everyone’s excellent advice to your hallucinogen rant. Dead fairies, really?

Honestly, I had to read it several times to figure out what you were trying to say, and I think I’ve figured it out. Your scale’s not budging.

I read this last night and woke up at 3:30 this morning, thinking about how to respond to you. WHY DO I EVEN CARE? IT’S 3:30 IN THE MORNING AND I’D RATHER BE ASLEEP, BUT I CAN’T.

Why the inserteverybleepingcursewordyoucanthinkofhereandsmooshthemalltogetherfordramaticeffecttoemphasizeyournextstatement can’t I stop thinking about this post and just go back to sleep?

@JackieBlue, I’ll be honest, usually when other women post a question on this forum I abstain from responding, because I know I’m not an expert on female biology, and I can’t even begin to explain why someone’s not losing weight when it’s just melting off of their significant other. But something about you resonates with me, and I think your smartass rant needs a smartass response.

STOP, STOP, STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Stop comparing yourself to your husband, and his weight loss. You know as well as I do women are better than men, and you keep getting your panties in a knot because he’s lost more weight than you?


I’ll bet you can tell me a million things you’re better at then your husband, but you get all whiny over the fact that he can look at a stick of butter and lose weight, but you can be the strictest keto SOB out there and not lose a single pound in three months. Really, Jackie?

Here’s my theory. (Never cite this, because I will deny I every said it.)

God made women smarter than men.

Being smarter sounds good, but it comes with a consequence. To counter this intelligence, He had to make their bodies a hot mess of craziness. Deal with it.

So what do you really want here, your husband’s weight loss, or your intelligence?

Question: What weighs more, a pound of fat, or a pound of muscle?

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s get practical. Really Jackie, three months, 16:8 (I don’t even call that fasting), butter infused ice cream, what the hell? You’re tougher than that! Ditch the fancy, whancy keto ice cream and lasagna and go primal with eggs and bacon, or just bacon! (God, I hope you love bacon.)

If you think losing a few pounds is really more important than ALL the other benefits you listed above, then I highly recommend the advice other women have already suggested. Switch it up.

It sounds like you’re too regimented in your schedule. One thing you’ll often read around here is, you’ve got to trick your body so it can’t figure out you’re trying to lose weight. You have to mix your eating schedule around so your body can’t decide to hold onto your fat rather than start burning it for fuel.

You say you have 20 lbs to lose, well guess what? You can go 24 hrs without eating. I don’t even want to hear about your weight again, until you’ve done a 24 hr fast. After you’ve done that, show me how tough you are, and do a 48 hr fast. I dare ya!

There are tons of threads here with fasting advice, and I suggest you read a few, if you have questions about going past your 16 hr “fasting” window. :roll_eyes:

Great to hear from you, Jackie! Even if it’s like tripping on acid. You know I love you, because I don’t talk like this to just anybody. (You woke my ass up at 3:30, don’t forget.)

And dare I say, KCKO? :grinning:

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:sunglasses: I don’t think there is any objective right or wrong here. There is being sensitive to other people’s preferences, but then there’s also an aspect of, “Well yes - that’s how real people talk.” And I think we’re all ‘real,’ there, to some extent, despite all the conditioning stretching back behind us in a four-dimensional trail.

Great post, JackieBlue. (I’ve been to Arkansas many times.) No ruby slippers there but plenty of interesting characters.

Perhaps longer fasts and opening the infinite book of hormonal interactions for you, as in several comments above? Yes, it can be a rabbit hole, but that ring of dead fairies needs something in its center. Or get yourself safe behind cold iron to ward off evil spells.

Strike me dead; I’ve already had a good life. Nothing would please me more than a few months hence seeing you say, “Hey, it’s working.” :slightly_smiling_face:

Yet this cold rice thing - potatoes act the same way, but it’s still a small percentage of the starch that becomes “resistant” and I think this is what you are talking about. Potatoes can get to 3% or 4%, and the study I’m seeing has rice only getting to 1.65% - this was cooled for 24 hours at 4°C and then reheated. Cooling for 10 hours at room temperature brought the figure to 1.3%, and the ‘control’ rice that was just cooked was at 0.64%.

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I agree with Darren (and all the other wonderful advice on here.) Just try a couple of weeks of eating nothing but whole foods. Don’t cut out almost all processed foods, cut out all of them. I am not a cook, stellar or otherwise, but if I were, and started making all the keto treats, I would be in definite trouble! Great to hear from you again, and keep us posted.

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Only way I could give this enough hearts without running out for other’s posts.

Happy Turkey Day :turkey::turkey::turkey::turkey:



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Thank you all for the great responses. Thank you Darren, for the spanking. I didn’t even know how much I needed it. You are a prince amongst men bestowed with keen insight into the ranking of men vs. women. One nuance I am afraid you missed, however - is that it’s not hubby I am competing with. I have been watching the man dig his own grave with a fork for 20 yrs now and this is the first time I’ve seen him initiate his own food revolution and I am THRILLED and showering him with adoration and affection and lots and lots of praise and support. Stop laughing, I can hear it all the way over here.

Okay, it pisses me off a bit and I did see his plateau looming and warned him and am now doing my duty and pointing out where he should tweak, but that’s my job as a wife, is all. The one I am truly competing with is ME. And maybe the general masses that I find both online and IRL that seem to match my stats and situational specs that just LOOK at a keto article and drop 10 lbs. I feel a profanity brewing just thinking about it!

I have had a life full of nearly insurmountable challenges until I was old enough to be in full control of it. Brother died tragically while we were living in deplorable conditions, left leg completely severed and right leg nearly so, told I’d never walk again, spent a year in a wheelchair and overcoming it on sheer anger and will alone (today I don’t even have a limp!), grew up in foster care, got emancipated at 15 1/2, put myself through college, now surviving the looming specter of a life sentence in prison as I raise 5 kids with a husband who runs away to work every day to hide from the riotous mutiny that is our home.

There is very little that I can’t overcome. I challenge myself physically, mentally, emotionally. I thrive on the struggle. I’m not alive if I’m not overcoming something. I research and learn things from the inside out. I was an athlete in a high contact sport for over a decade. (Competitive martial arts - Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing). My body was always my friend and enthusiastic co-competitor. I would starve myself (which now would actually probably be viewed as beneficial fasting to enhance performance for an athlete) to meet weight requirements for a match here and there, but beyond the obligatory bout of anorexia as a teenaged girl growing up in SoCal, I never engaged in yo-yo dieting or other destructive eating habits except the SAD of my fellow countrymen.

Then I settled down, got married and got pregnant for the 1st time. I am 5’4" and always weighed in b/t 118 - 125. I am mostly a muscular build, but with hourglass curves. I was a size 4/6 but wore a 36C bra. If i gained weight, I gained it everywhere equally and nobody ever even noticed. As I put it, “As long as the boobs stay ahead of the belly, am I really getting fatter?”

I developed severe preeclampsia with my first pregnancy at 28. I became a beachball with fingers, I went from 118 at conception to 228 at birth.

This was my first experience with being overweight. I dropped 30# with the birth alone, then went on to join Weight Watchers to gradually lose another 65# in a healthy, steady manner.

I’m not sure all the details are really important, so I will try to gloss over the rest to save you the glassy-eyed boredom. I am just learning that our whole history with storing fat and hormonal responses can play a part in how we approach keto!

I went on to have 4 more pregnancies right after the other. Preeclampsia with every one, and I gained 35 - 75 lbs again every time. I became a lactation consultant during that time and did learn that breastfeeding multiples as I was (I nursed 2 at a time for over a decade, and 3 at a time for 4 of those years, b/c apparently I gave birth to the neverweaning children and it’s just an inherent makeup of my character that once I learn what is the best/hardest way to do something, my body apparently chooses that path with great enthusiasm). My point here is that I nursed multiple children for 13 years straight without cessation. I should have not had a period for at least 15 years and I should have been dropping weight effortlessly. Not only did my body stubbornly hold onto as much weight as possible (ladies, I went from a C cup to a JJ cup. just think about that for minute. You have NO. IDEA.), but I also never skipped a single period. Which is why we kept having so many. Lactational Amenorrhea simply never happened for me, even as I had clients who nursed for 6 months and did not have returning menses or fertility for 18 months constantly. So there is my history: if there’s a way it’s supposed to work, my body says Fuck That, let’s find a harder way!

I blew out a disk b/t L4 and L5 during the heaviest years and started developing arthritis before all my kids were walking. I pounded my body back into shape with Weight Watchers and extreme workouts but never got lower than 153 again.

I really have no idea about my body makeup, body fat, how much weight you should be at after 5 kids, etc…I just know that where I was always and where I have been for the last 18 yrs are way too far apart. I know that the level of pain and stiffness and inflammation and arthritis and joint pain had become nearly unmanageable before I started Keto - and I am one who won’t touch the meds unless there is absolutely no other option. I just had my first shoulder surgery, and have been putting off the back surgery for over a year as I try to find a way to lose more weight to take some pressure off that doesn’t involve more wear and tear on my joints.

Keto was supposed to be that magical, healing process. I feel the healing happening for sure, but I need to lose weight along with the healing, to take pressure off my joints.

I know that muscle weighs more than fat and I do build muscle very easily. I posted before and asked if different types of fat or areas of storing fat are burned more easily than others. I have the kind of fat that is ‘solid’; it’s not jiggly fat, except my boobs. Hubby gets jiggle, I look like a fireplug with big boobs. And a butt. Speaking of which, to the guy who said he’d happily gain weight for the healing benefits of keto: You obviously haven’t carried around DD cup mams for the last 15 years until you’ve sustained nerve damage to your shoulders from the weight of them. I don’t want to resort to surgery. Everyone else loses weight this way, I should be able to, too!

It’s not hubby I’m mad at for losing weight, it’s my own self - for not! I know I’ll never be 118 again and I’m fine with that. My days of competing for Miss America are behind me and I am very happy with my life, level of attractiveness, achievements, wrinkles and saggy parts. I’ve earned them all honestly and have no regrets. BUT for my frame and the fact that I’m comprised of heavy solid meat and not light fluffy fat, it’s too much. It’s wearing down my moving parts. I don’t know what my magic size is, but I’m convinced I’ll know it when most of the pain and compression are eased.

So, to try and answer all the specific questions to help assess, here goes:

~Karen, my thyroid function is great, if standard tests are to be believed. I do have a small nodule in there, so we check it with blood and ultrasound every year. It grew for a cpl years, then shrank away to nothing and now is back to about 4 mm in size, but all thyroid function tests are optimal. I’ve read that dairy can be a stumbling block for some, thanks for the reminder! Is there a way to know if I might be insulin resistant? Strategic blood sugar tests or somesuch? I will look up Steve Phinney next!

~RobC, now those are some hard and fast tests I like the sounds of! I do always come in under 20 on the carbs already, usually max out my protein or go over (except this last month or so, when i’ve really buckled down) and try to meet my max on fat, thinking if I take in the max, my body won’t think I’m starving it. I have had a cpl of instances of feeling cold and extremely fatigued when cutting down on the protein and fat, so maybe I was wrong to try and limit both at the same time? The idea of alternate day fasting for 2 weeks makes perfect sense. I’m excited to try it! I think I will start tmrw. Now, can I have bone broth with coconut oil? How about butter, can I add butter to it while I’m fasting? So, just to be clear: I eat whenever I like around the clock today, and then tmrw I eat nothing solid for the full 24 hrs?

~ BobM, cutting back on the fat makes sense. If I don’t have a ton on my body, maybe my body wants to burn what’s on the plate first?

~Caryl, 40% of all women have their milk change in consistency, amount and taste when they are nursing a baby and become pregnant again. This causes at least 40% of all babies/toddlers to wean when mom becomes pregnant again. I nursed a toddler through my 2nd pregnancy completely, and then went on to nurse a toddler and baby through the 3rd pregnancy completely - and then on to nurse a preschooler, toddler AND baby through my 4th pregnancy and then a baby, toddler and preschooler through my final pregnancy. I have actually never found another lactation professional in America who has accomplished this nor heard of them, through working with an American nursing mother who has. In fact, my OB told me this was not possible and my children just had been “dry nursing” as no mother could sustain the hormones necessary to support lactation for 3 through an entire pregnancy. One stomach flu later, with the 3 of them taking in nothing but my milk and horking the same milk all over the house, I was vindicated.( I have never given my children any other form of milk, so it wasn’t cow’s milk - we never had it in the house). You and I, we have the high and lonely destiny of having Defiant Hormones. Maybe we are sisters. I guess I love you, too.

~Mary, you give me hope. Thank you.

~Diana, I am definitely seeing other benefits and am absolutely going to keto on. The harder it gets, the more determined I get. I just want to figure out what is going on. Everyone I know loses weight first, then feels the other benefits later. Hubby still doesn’t have the energy boost or mental clarity or boost in endurance or reduction in inflammation, but he’s lost weight right off the bat. I feel like I’m doing it backwards and there must be a way to figure out how to integrate the step that also gets me the weight loss benefit.

~Gabe, like your first suggestion, ignoring your 2nd. Don’t make me cuss at you.

~Rajseth, hubby says my body composition is 50% piss and 50% vinegar. Ha!
Seriously, on the body fat images on the Keto Diet app, I would be the third female image, but with bigger boobs. I am very proportioned and have very little loose/jiggly fat on me. You have to dig in deeply to pinch loose flesh on me, but my overall waist, bust and hips are at least 4"- 6" bigger around than I think they should be. I have a solid layer of firm fat on my entire abdomen and my back has a good layer of solid fat, too, making me thicker all around. But I have definition on my back and stomach, you can still see the muscles under the padding. You would not look at me and say I had a big ass, or big boobs or large hips or a fat belly, b/c it is all very much in proportion. But for my height of 5’ 4", I weigh far too much to be healthy for my frame and I am consequently suffering the effects of the degradation and abuse on my joints - and also can’t do the rigorous exercise anymore to lose weight that way.
I went to Weight Watchers a few months ago and spoke with a representative about starting up again and she looked at me and said, “are you even overweight?”, doubtfully. I look like I weigh about 130, but I weigh 165. And if it’s a really good season for Netflix and an especially cold winter, I creep up to 180! Then my back starts going out and I can hardly walk and I really feel it. I’m getting too old to carry this much weight, even if my lush curves make it look attractive.
No, I’ve never had scary numbers for heart disease or cholesterol and no, I’ve never even had a hint that diabetes is in my future, nor do I have to worry about losing toes - but I have already had one surgery for degraded joints and the rest are stacking up and looming at me from the dim and murky future. I know that lightening up my frame can help slow down the aggressive inflammation and deterioration of all the abuse I’ve given my joints.
I would love to b/l I’m recomposing and hubby swears I am, but that just feels like more wishful thinking. I wish I had known to take measurements before I started keto, that would be very interesting. At any rate, I certainly haven’t got down a whole size in pants, or shirts, but they do seem to be a bit more comfortable than they were and I have gone 2 holes smaller on my belt, so I will put those ruby slippers right back on and hope there’s at least some recomposing going on, thank you for suggesting it!
And finally, why am I ever-loving complaining, you ask? Because BOOBS, Rajseth. There really is such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to boobs. When carrying them around in an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder causes those shoulders (and back!) to become damaged to the point of surgery, it’s time to reduce boob size. And I’d rather do it through Keto than breast reduction surgery. No, a DD is not that huge for American standards, but on my frame, it’s just too much. Telling me to be happy to be too heavy b/c I now have a sunny disposition and less inflammatory pain is just telling me that being fat is killing me the long way 'round, Rajseth. Plus it’s a little condescending. Go cook your dinner, Rajseth, before you make me start cussing. You’re damn lucky I am experiencing the bliss of mood stabilization from ketosis, or I’d be showing you the rough side of my tongue, Helpy Helperton.

~Candy, I am nothing if not a lady, but what is the point of swearing if you only end up blurring it? I think this country is politically correcting itself right down the drain, but that’s a subject for another board, perhaps.
As for being too consistent - well, you might have hit the nail on the head. If there were ever 2 words to describe me, those are the ones! I am leaning toward the alternating day fasting and reducing my fat macros. What does RUS stand for? As for designing my own KCKO t-shirt, I’m not sure that would be a good idea right now (“Embrace the Rage” for the logo? “Burn fat along with all the people that piss you off”?). I think I’d go to some very dark places. Places your ladylike little blurry spot would be no match for. But I love you for trying to pull me back from the brink with it.

~Janie, thank you for blurring out your profanity. I skimmed this post and there is FAR too much motherfucking cussing in it. I would blur mine, too - but then my posts would be nothing but a giant blur, so, no.
You know, I had a feeling I should be able to fast a lot more by now. To be fair, I did call it a Compressed Eating Window and not just fasting, but you have put it in perspective for me. So, tell me what you do to stick to fasting that long. B/c psychologically, I need a safety net, even though I know I can do it physically by now. Can I drink bone broth w/ coconut oil and butter in it?

I only know how many grams I do daily based on my app, (KetoDiet) which only gives me carbs as a Net total, and the rest as just Grams. I never ever exceed them and it’s not hard to meet those goals, except protein.
Calories: 1411
Fat: 120 grams
Protein: 66 grams
Net Carbs: 18
I usually do 10-12 carbs a day and always max my protein out by lunch and always have fat and a few calories left over.

~Laura, what kind of Dr. would I see that would tell me how much I should weigh, based on my muscle and bone mass? I don’t think I’ve had my bone mass even assessed yet. With all my best efforts since having kids, I think the lowest I ever got was 153#. I was 118# before kids, and have been at 160# - 180# on a carb-based diet for the last decade. I never expected to see 118# again, but I used to think 130# was reasonable. Hell, now I’d just be happy to see my feet past my giant boobs again!

~Paul, haven’t all those things you are grateful for happened b/c of losing weight on Keto? I would like similar preventive protection for my degrading spine and joints by losing weight on Keto, so I have to care. Might be a different disease process damaging my body and might be different body parts that are being threatened, and might be different numbers on my scale and test results, but I am in the same boat as you, my fellow Keto Refugee.

~Regina, I haven’t had 20 carbs in over 3 months. My goal is 18, and I consistently do 10-12 daily. Do you think reducing fat might be the next step, as is being suggested here?

~Bunny, your reply is like bacon for my fat-starved brain. I am reading from my phone, please tell me the name and author of the book you are quoting.

~mememe, my macro goals are:
Calories: 1411
Fat: 120 grams
Protein: 66 grams
Net Carbs: 18

I have met my protein allowance by lunch on most days, only eat about 10-12 net carbs a day and always have fat and calories left over. I drink bone broth w/ coconut oil and butter, eat an avocado with almost every meal, drink 6 liters of water a day. I make tuna melt muffins 3x a week for the seafood benefits, eat BLTs wrapped in lettuce, make cauliflower casserole w/ cheese and bacon, snack on macadamia nuts, pecans or cheese, make chicken cordon bleu, Keto pizza, Keto lasagna, etc… We are pretty much working our way through the Keto cookbooks. For fat bombs, I make homemade ice cream and freeze it in snack-sized portions or just eat an avocado or make almond butter fat bombs…I only eat processed foods and drinks when out and about and no access to cooking. I only cook in butter or avocado or olive oils. I make sauces for meats to add fat, like a parmesan cheese sauce for chicken.

~Doug, you had me at ‘cold iron’. You get me. Not sure if I should feel sorry for you or be afraid of you for that. I myself have never been to Arkansas, but I do hide my smile inside a frown - yeah, I’m not so down. Longer fasts feels like the correct next step for me and even if it takes a mountain of dead fairies to get there, you WILL see me post that it’s working in a few months!

~Darren again, so you don’t lose any sleep tonight: dead fairies, ruby slippers and fauns means that losing weight on Keto is starting to feel like a magical world I have been left out of. If only I believed enough, it would work for me. They say a fairy drops dead every time a child says they don’t b/l in fairies. Therefore, if Keto magic is akin to b/ling in fairies, I’ve killed 3 month’s worth of the elusive little bastards. Sleep well tonight but keep your ass-paddle handy for me, Spanky Spankerton.


I knew you were strong! :+1:


Made of steel. Oh and JJs :heart_eyes:

(Jackie Blue) #32

PS - Does anybody have any thoughts on my low keto blood test results with fasting? Am I utilizing ketones better and therefore there are not as many to show up in my blood, or is ketosis fading away with the food I’m not eating? I feel great when I fast, almost a natural high and I test at the end of every short 16 hr fast, before I eat at noon.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #33

I vote for the former, since ketones generally go up while fasting. So much so, in certain cases, that people have posted about being worried about getting into ketoacidosis. The biggest rises come in a few days of fasting, anyway, and you’re still at the 16:8 stage, right? You’ll no doubt see a bigger rise after day 3, or something like that. KCKO, KCFO. :bacon:

(Laura) #34

Jackie, I have large bones, so I think that is what the doctor was referring to. I have a larger frame than average. My bone density tests show that I have denser than average bone for a woman my age. Have you ever asked your doctor what he/she thinks? I appreciate that you will feel better taking some weight off. Keep at it and you will see results.

I have hypothoroidism and am post menopausal, plus I think I had a degree of PCOS (undiagnosed) and I never can lose weight fast. At least on low carb / high fat, I am not miserable and I feel good while slowly progressing.

Good luck and I am interested in all the good advice you are getting. I haven’t gotten brave enough to fast yet.

(Jane) #35

LOL. I don’t care if you cuss or blur or don’t blur. I blur my cuss words for others.

As for fasting - my recommendation is if you are a bit unsure about it then drink the bone broth with coconut oil and butter. Do a 36 or 40-hr fast. Stop eating after dinner then don’t eat the next day then break your fast on day 2 whenever you need to. Breakfast or make it to lunch if you can.

Next fast ditch the oils and drink bone broth.

Work you way up to it and work on longer fasts if you can. You don’t have to do anything to fast other than not have any social events interfere and if you feel bad then all you have to do is eat.

Live to fast another day. It’s 80% mental. That’s the battle you have to fight. I don’t get very hungry anymore but I MISS EATING. And that is just something you have to have a mental talk with yourself to get past.

(Jane) #36

Oh and fat is not a goal. It is only to keep you from being too hungry and snacking. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat extra fat and maybe your body will get the message to burn body fat. But it can only do that if you stop eating long enough for your insulin to drop.

I paid for a fasting insulin test myself along with a fasting glucose to calculate my insulin resistance. I also paid for an A1C out of curiosity since my regular doc never orders it for me since my fasting blood sugar is normal.

(Jane) #37

One more question. The nuts and fat bombs - do you eat them between meals in your 8-hr window? Or eat them with your meals?

I would ditch both of them for a couple of weeks and see if it helps. On the days you are eating that is :grin:

(Jackie Blue) #38

We have 5 kids, I may have mentioned. All at some stage of puberty. 2 with with life-threatening food allergies and one who was Failure To Thrive and then diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency. He’s quite small for his age, and my life for the last 11 years since he was born has revolved around finding ways to feed him and keep him alive, and more importantly - growing and thriving. Our family is anchored around dinnertime. I honestly have no big emotional or psychological ties to food myself… except when it comes to my kids and taking care of my family. Seeing what it looks like to make dinner without joining them and eating alongside them is hard to imagine. We emphasize it so much for our youngest, as well as our oldest who is an 18 yo bodybuilder that intakes 6,000 calories per day to keep up his gains. If anyone was looking for my hidden emotional food baggage, there it is- my name isn’t on the luggage tags, but my kids’ names are! But I will figure this out. I can do anything for 2 weeks, I will start with a 2 week trial!