IF getting harder

(Allison) #1

I’ve been utilizing IF for 2 months. In the last week, I’ve noticed that I am getting hungry earlier. I fast from 8 pm until 1:30 pm the next day everyday. I’m trying to get to 2-8, I stayed at fasting from 1-9 for about a month and then I pushed myself to cut back to 8 and then to go longer to 1:30.
Back to what I was saying, I am getting hungry earlier in the day now. I used to be fine fasting until 1,1:30 but now I am getting hungry at 12 noon. On the weekends I used to fast until 5 pm and then eat until 8pm. Not anymore, I’m getting hungry early in the day and I can barely wait until 1 let alone 1:30 to eat. I literally watch the minutes tick by until the right time.
Any ideas why this could be happening? I am thinking about cutting out all dairy for 2 weeks to see if that’s why I’m not losing any weight, which is why I started IF 2 months ago as well, because I’m not losing any weight.
Oh, and just as a side note, I break my fast at work for lunch, go home, and then workout and then my last meal of the day in my feeding window. Thanks for any help everybody.


I’m a newbie at fasting, but I will say that dieting in general seems to get harder the longer you go, and that includes fasting. You’d think it would get easier, but it doesn’t seem to. I don’t know why… maybe it’s harder the lower your body fat, or maybe it’s mental…

(Allan L) #3

Are you getting closer to goal? The less fat you have for energy the hungrier you get.

When I first started I have lots of fat to lose so could IF/ADF/EF with ease. Now I am so close to goal the hunger often gets the better of me.

I find a good strategy is to cycle my eating windows, some days eating my main meal late and then the next day eating 2 main meals, then back to IF the next day. Helps feed the beast.

(Alec) #4

It sounds to me that you are not fat adapted. If you are, then you should be able to go days without having to eat.

Are you eating keto in your eating window? What is your bodyfat %?

(Alec) #5

Also, are you eating enough in your eating window? Are you counting calories?

(Vincent Hall) #6

I think you need to occupy your mind as the that 1pm gets close.
If you’re thinking about eating your mind is already preparing your body to receive food.
I can go 24hrs fairly easy through the week currently I choose to eat omad each week day, and eat twice a day two or three times a week depending on how things pan out, usually one day of a weekend. Im not currently strict keto but still lowish carbs in the week, and can go through 24hrs fairly easy as long as Im busy.
Oh, and drink more water when you do feel hungry, some say salt under the tongue works, but I didn’t find that. Keeping the mind occupied is key imo.

(Lonnie Hedley) #7

I’ve heard when this happens, mixing it up can help. Instead of 2-8pm, you could try 8am - 2pm.

Keep the body guessing.

(Allison) #8

No, I am not close to goal at all. I have been eating Keto for 5 months now, but you’d never know it. My weight has not changed and no I haven’t lost inches. Hence the reason i started IF 2 months ago. The last week has been bad. The other 7 weeks were just fine, but still no loss of weight.

(Allison) #9

I am able to complete a 45 min lifting and 15 cardio workout without the need to eat right before or right after, I read that this is a good sign of fat adaptation. What would be another way or ways i could identify fat adaptation?
I mentioned in my last reply that the last week has been really bad trying to maintain my fast, but all of the previous weeks the past 2 months were just fine, i even went 21 hrs without food 2 days in a row.

(Allison) #10

This may work. I may have to do something more like 11 to 5, because of my work schedule. But, before that i want to try the salt water or plain water that the other poster suggested.

Anyone have any input about going dairy free to get the scale to move?

(Allison) #11

I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling. I kinda felt bad about myself when I read how some people go days without eating and I can hardly make it 16 to 18 hours.

(Alec) #12

If you have been doing just fine up to 2 weeks ago, then you could either stick to your current method and ride the wave to see if it gets better, or (as someone else suggested) change your protocol to see if your body is just asking for a change.

I would still question whether you are fully fat adapted. Doing those workouts without some food around them is not in itself proof of fat adaption. As you’ve lost no weight or inches, this is stronger evidence that you aren’t fat adapted.

One key way to know if you are fat adapted is to do a 36 hr fast. If you can do this without being too hungry (and maybe do your workout in the middle of that fast), and not feeling like you need to gnaw your leg off, then you are fat adapted. During that 36hrs your body is just using bodyfat, and is quite happy doing that. If you struggle to go 36 hrs without being really hungry it suggests that your body can’t burn bodyfat yet. Ie it is not fat adapted.

Can you do 36hrs without feeling too hungry?

(Allison) #13

Well, i dont believe i can go 36 hrs straight. So i guess that rules out my fat adaptation. That sucks! 5 months in and still not fat adapted is very discouraging. Now i kinda feel like a failure. Carnivore? Would that get me fat adapted?

(Alec) #14

What are you eating? What does keto mean to you? I am surprised that if you have eaten less than 20g or carbs per day for 5 months that you aren’t fat adapted.

I didn’t mean for you to be discouraged. I think you just need to find the why.

(Allison) #15

Ok, for my 1st meal I either have a chicken breast with half an avocado, romaine lettuce and cucumber with homemade ranch and cheese, or my other staple is ground beef with romaine lettuce leaves with a slice of cheese, bacon and jalapenos with guacamole cup and cucumber on the side. Last meal is usually a repeat of lunch or sometimes I’ll eat just chicken with a guacamole cup or cheese.


I’m no expert but with that little amount of fat, I’m not surprised you can’t fast. If you’re trying to restrict calories, try doing that same amount of calories, but extremely high fat. Just as an experiment, cut your carbs to zero and focus on high fat. I bet then, you’d be able to fast.

(Liz ) #17

If you are hungry, eat. Don’t fight it. Eat 80% fat, eat enough calories. We are supposed to be able to trust our signals on this way of eating. Not everyone can, but maybe give it a try.

(Allison) #18

Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks

(Lonnie Hedley) #19

Do you drink coffee in the morning?

I try to keep a 1-6/7pm eating window. I find quite often that the stronger I make my morning coffee, the earlier I feel hungry. Some people say coffee lessens their hunger signal, but I’m the opposite.

(KCKO, KCFO) #20

Has anything changed in your work or home life? Anything that is more stressful. I found for me, added stress made me want to eat, even if I really didn’t need any food.

Green tea might be good instead of coffee, better appetite control. Changing the window works fine for some as well.

I think LizLowell had good advice for you.

Also your body may just need more time to heal itself. If you haven’t stopped losing, and the hunger is all that is happening, then you might need to just KCKO.

Good luck sorting it all out.