IF getting harder

(Allison) #21

Speaking of any changes - I did change something. I am slowly transitioning away from using heavy cream because I read that dairy can cause inflammation and stall progress. So I thought that I would first cut out the heavy cream, then the cheese. Ok, in my morning coffee I always have heavy cream only. The past week going into 2, I have been using Nutpods creamer. It is dairy free unsweetened, 0 carbs and has about 4g fat.
I wonder if the decrease in the fat in the mornings is why I am experiencing hunger earlier?
And yes, I do have some additional stress lately, I am getting married in 3.5 months and my job is get crazier and crazier these days.

(Alec) #22

I think you may have found some source problems. Great stuff! :smile:

Re what you eat: that looks to me too close to a “normal” diet. Triple the fat and halve the veg. I know it feels wrong, but that comes from the many years of conditioning we’ve had. If when you are eating you can’t stomach more fat, then you are satiated, and stop eating. Just don’t continue eating “lighter” stuff. That’s likely the stuff that has the carbs you don’t want.

(Allison) #23

Oh ok? So instead of my salad, I could add in more fats like with the cheese or some mayo or something? Extra bacon perhaps? More chicken wings instead of chicken breasts or tenders…pork rinds with the guacamole cup…things like that? Just for clarification.

(Alec) #24

Yes, spot on. You’ve just described some superb keto foods! :yum::yum:. More of that, less salad.

(Alec) #25

And re the cream in coffee thing. I think that is likely the change that has led to the change in your hunger timing. I now have cream in coffee and it is soooooo satiating. I reckon I could live for days on just coffee and cream!! :sunglasses: but I won’t cos I love bacon too much!

(Allison) #26

Thank you so much!

(traci simpson) #27

I have a hard time also. During the week, when it’s slow at work I find that I’m counting down the hours after 10am until I can eat which is around 12-1ish. The weekends are more busy so it’s not such a struggle.

(traci simpson) #28

I don’t think that is necessarily true. You can be fat adapted with a 18 hour fast.