I think I got this right?


(Lurker Warning.) Lots of reading - lots of confusion, but I finally went ok I got this. I can do this.

Boy oh boy

So for the first two weeks, I couldn’t keep myself from being hungry . I wasn’t starving myself, I was under 20g carbs everyday - it was the only thing I tracked at all. And I was HUNGRY so I ate and ate and… ate some more. You get the picture.

Then yesterday it was ’ Can I do this? ’ The statement of fact 2 weeks before became a question, I couldn’t stop eating in order to be ‘sated’ per the how-tos.

And I’m no lightweight, I’m female, easy 280 lbs and my job keeps my broad arse;) at a pc most of the day, so you can imagine my slowly but surely growing horror over the constant demand for FOOD from the growly pit of my stomach.

Roll up to today.
I woke up, I wasn’t hungry. GASP
Although I definitely had coffee- my world doesn’t run without it.

I finally realized I hadn’t eaten all day, nor had I wanted to until the ‘cant’ find the stove’ family members started sniffing for dinner and giving me piteous looks. I also realized when I was horrifying my husband in the kitchen with seriously goof ball 'ness that my mood was fantastic, better then it had been since I started this scary journey.
I haven’t weighed myself, I’m fairly sure my scale would wink at me and say ‘hey thanks for the extra 20 lbs you brought me’ considering the amout of food I’ve been packing down this month so far has been staggering. I think it may be safer for me to mothball it for awhile…maybe forever. Jury is still out!
But –

I can do this after all.

(Laurie) #2

Awww, so glad you finally reached that point! Good luck to you. I hope you’ll let us know how it goes.

(Butter Withaspoon) #3

That’s an awesome story, or start of a story GTS. Entertaining to read too! Go well and KCKO

(Alec) #4

Can I be bold enough to suggest what’s been happening? You went keto, and your body really didn’t understand how to burn fat. You were not giving it its normal fix of carb after regular carb. Your hunger was your body saying: “what on earth are you doing, I am starving here, get me something I can live on!!”

To your credit you didn’t cave, you said let’s let this roll a bit. Your body was slowly learning how to burn fat (“OK, if she’s not giving us carbs any more, what else can we burn?? What’s this fatty stuff over here?”). You started to feel this as decreasing hunger (“we’ve got food now, thanks, no more required”).

You are feeling fantastic… why? Because your brain is experiencing running on ketones for the first time. I remember the feeling myself… I was as high as a kite!! :slight_smile:

You are doing just fine… you know there is a long way to go, but trust me, this works. And you won’t feel hungry. Trust the process, sometimes it gets bumpy when your body doesn’t like what you are doing. Ride it out… we know this works both short and long term. Stick with it, and you can achieve your goals.

Welcome to Team Keto!

(Old Baconian) #5

My experience was similar to yours: I ate and ate, until one day, in the middle of lunch, I suddenly stopped being hungry, with half the meal still on my plate. It was the first time in a long time, if ever, that I felt satisfied rather than stuffed.


That is why on my plan, zero carb, we say eat and eat and eat ALL you want of on plan food and never give it another thought, never limit, deny, or fast or do anything other than eat as your body says to eat…and what you get is nutrition!!!

Your body was starving for nutrition. It tasted it, used the good fat and protein and was healing and changing with that nutrition/good food intake SO your body kept saying, give me more, give me more til that one day…your body said: I am nourished! I don’t require a ton of food anymore. I am repairing on this good food, I am changing on this good food to healthier, I am nourished and don’t require a ton of good food anymore to be healthier…so your appetite evens out.

You then start to find your normal real life eating pattern more and more…you find you in all this. You will eat according to what your body needs for the work ya do, your exercise, your lifestyle and more and just listen to what your body wants and you got this for you personally.

I loved reading your post :slight_smile: Happy you are doing so well! And an improved mood! Now you can more than tolerate ‘the kitchen sniffers’ wandering around wanting you to make dinner easier HA

(Susan) #7

Welcome to this fabulous forum. It sounds like you are off to a great start, I wish you continued happy journeys on Keto. Finding this forum is definitely a good start for you as well =). Please keep updating us and feel free to ask any questions that you might have! There are so many helpful, kind, friendly people here to encourage you and offer suggestions!

(Jane) #8

Awesome story!

I clearly remember the day I forgot to eat lunch because it was so amazing to me. FORGET.TO.EAT??? How was that even possible???

And from then on I started to eat when hungry, not by a clock.

(Joey) #9

Having shared many of the same experience posted above, I love hearing about how cutting out the (unnecessary) carbs makes for a better existence.

But at the risk of annoyance, I’ll offer a tiny correction to @Alecmcq’s passing comment …

… Strictly speaking, it’s not the first time your brain has been running on ketones. Although we wouldn’t remember, we were all in a state of ketosis before since that’s how we’re born - and that’s how we remain throughout months of nursing, i.e., until all those empty carbs are introduced into our diets.

Sorry - couldn’t resist this technical clarification. :nerd_face:

(UsedToBeT2D) #10

You got it. Congratulations on your accomplishment and continuing journey. My weight melted off over 8 months once I made it to the point you just crossed. KCKO.

(Marianne) #11

It makes my heart sing when people find that they can do keto. I constantly marvel at the delicious food I can eat and how much, and still lose weight.

I had to laugh at this. I weighed 230 when I started and had a desk job; I was kind of doubtful in the beginning that I could eat like I was, without exercising, and still lose weight. I have always detested exercise, especially cardio. I didn’t do squat on keto - just ate happily - and yes, I lost weight. I couldn’t believe it. Other than housework and gardening, I still don’t do much - but I can do a heck of a lot more than I used to - and nothing hurts anymore. I have started walking with my husband, and doing the 30-minute workout at Planet Fitness about twice a week now. It’s mainly weight training which I enjoy, and light stepping for a minute, which I can deal with. Best of all, it’s 30 minutes from start to finish. I can handle that.

I hope you continue to love keto! If you are so inclined, check out the “success” stories on dietdoctor.com. When I started, I think I read each one 3-4 times. They were so positive and inspirational to me - and keto worked for these people and they said it wasn’t hard! I believed them, and it turned out to be true.

Best. :blush:


Thank you for all the 'you got this replies! ’ It helps stay the course for sure:)
I’m definitely still learning the science behind it, I can only read so much and them mybrain starts going but…but…what? So I’m taking anything outside the KISS rule more slowly.

@Alecmcq I think that was the case? Not sure yet to be all pro at this:) I had two days of not starving, then it was back to :FEED ME SEYMOUR; for another few days, so I don’t think my system has figured out what the heck 100% yet for sure. Today I’m back to I might eat, but I won’t die a legendary death if I don’t.

But I’m finding another challenge as well. Let’s call this the ‘spousal challenge’

He’a a carb boy, starch is his life, along with junk food. I’m not finding it an issue, I’ve found I’m not tempted that much by either after a couple of weeks now. I just make him a tater, or some rice etc on the side of what I’m cooking for meals.

But I’m feeling the urge to turn into the squirrel from ice age - he eats all his treats and then barrels through mine along with. He sees it, he eats it.

Not that I’ve bought many keto treats per se. Unless you count my sardines ( all gone before I even got a can) and my dark chocolate bar that I had sitting on the counter , figuring I’ll have a square now and then when I’m really desperate. Ah… shouldn’t have left it there I discovered.

A girl has gotta have her chocolate yanno? I might have to make a bunker in my car’s glove box for the goodies Have sardines will travel.

(Jane) #13

There are others here who deal with their carby spouses eating their keto foods - very aggravating!

When my oldest was in high school and had his bottomless-pit friends over I used to hide any leftovers I planned to take to work the next day so they would be there in the morning.

I put them in the vegetable drawer UNDER the veggies - they never found them! :laughing:


It’s very rude to steal other people’s food. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spouse, mother and kid, it’s rude :frowning: Thankfully I never experienced anything like this, we respect and love each other and not eating the food that belongs to the other is part of that. Maybe it’s not something everyone thinks through…?

Congrats to the changes :slight_smile: Your body must have been confused first but it got it :smiley:
And you lost temptation in weeks? Wow, nice.

I could relate, I was a big chocolate fan and ate it every day on keto.
Then carnivore came and I lost interest. It seems my carbs interfered. And people can change and evolve. But I don’t see any problem in the occassional chocolate, actually. Without sugar, of course, sugar is totally unnecessary and even wrong if it’s a chocolate if you ask me but if you can live with a tiny bit, dark chocolate sounds fine too.
We don’t need to do it perfectly and some of us plainly can’t, especially in the beginning.