I survived 2 weeks Vietnam trip

(Thao Le) #1

Whenever I go to Vietnam for vacation, when I came back I always gain at least 10 pounds, and the scale keep going up after that. I just got diagnosed as T2 diabetes since Jan of 2016, therefore this time I come prepared, I brought homemade beef jerky, cacao butter, macadamia nuts with me on the 18 hours plane. Once I got to Vietnam, I try to stick with low carb, didn’t touch any tropical fruits (my weakness) and when to An Nam Gourmet to buy butters and HWC for my morning BPC. Well with all of that preparation, my fasting glucose keep sky rocketing to above 130 daily :frowning2, and the end of trip I gained 4 pounds. After 5 days back to the USA, I’m happy to report that my blood sugar is under control, I lost all of the pounds that I gained. I got back to my 5:2 fasting protocol, started to take Metformin again. My HB A1C went from 5.6% to 6.5% in 3 months that I skipped Metformin. Thanks @Brenda, @richard @carl for keeping me motivated, I listened to your podcast, reading FB the whole time I’m in Vietnam.
Food that I over eat in VN:


Congrats on your progress!

I’m surprised not seeing any Balut in your photos. Do you eat that? Some people are turned off by it.

(Jacquie) #3

Your photos look great! I wondered if there were any hidden sugars in the food like the coatings for the meat or some minimal amount of carbs in the processed meats. Just a thought.


I’m jealous. I would love to go to Vietnam for a tasting tour <3

(Thao Le) #5

Thanks Jaccquie, I think there is definitely sugar in the marinate, I tried hard to stay low carb when I was there, couldn’t do Keto there.


That food looks awesome! This is my fav “Fell of the Horse” post ever. :slight_smile:

(Thao Le) #8

Thanks @Fiorella, yes I ate 2 of them on this trip, we have them in Houston Texas so I didn’t crave for them that much.