I saw Jack on my run this morning!

(Scott) #1

This made my day. Years ago when I started running I would see an older gentleman that would be doing a very slow shuffle type of run. Not many people out at 4:30 AM so he was easy to notice. We would see each other in various places and crossed paths. It started as a wave and progressed to high fives. One day I stopped and introduced myself and we would greet each other almost daily. I got out of running for awhile but recently started hitting it hard again. I had not seen him in years. I felt sad that something may have happened to him. Well today that changed and I was happy to see him doing well.

(Carl Keller) #2

I can relate to this. My street gets folks of all ages, walking or jogging the sidewalk in front of my house. Most will allow eye contact and a hello or good morning and then there’s some who pretend like you are invisible :ghost:

I see these nameless and friendly faces regularly since many of them take their stroll or jog at the exact same time every day and when I don’t see them for a few days, I also wonder if they are doing ok. I will wonder if they are under the weather or on vacation or maybe walking a different beat.

Anyway, your thread is making think I should stop some of them and offer my name and a handshake. It just seems silly to know so many nameless and friendly faces.

(Khara) #3

This is really sweet. Thanks for sharing. :blush:

(Jay Patten) #4

Be sure to say “hello” to Jack for us the next time you see him.


I walk with my husband have been for a couple of years now, and just in the last 6 months, others we see almost daily have started to wave or even stop and speak with us. We are starting to know a lot of our neighbors in all directions, up the hill, down the hill and on either side of our street. One lady is a gardener and she is going to bring over some of her plants she is thinning out. Even the Asian ladies who don’t speak any English beyond “hello” & “good morning.” Will try to stop and communicate with sign language these days. I admit, I am really starting to enjoy it.

(Susan) #6

That is really great. When my kids were little and I used to walk them to and from school daily, I used to chat to tons and tons of people… so I will look forward to doing this all over again when my little grand daughter (who will be 3 in July) will be going to school next fall. I should hopefully be muccch lighter by then and be in much better health and I am really looking forward to this.

(Scott) #7

We use to pull our boys around the neighborhood in a wagon. Older folks would stop and say “its so nice to see young people moving into the neighborhood”. Now my wife and I are the older people, yikes!

(Susan) #8

We bought our house 20 years ago, and the people were all about 10 years older than us then (so still are) and our kids were little, theirs were already older then ours, or had already moved out.

So…I am 54 (55 in Nov) and hubby just turned 55 and we are still younger than most of them, but I really need to get slim, and in shape for this hike back and forth to school… especially in the winter… which I always have hated with all the snow and ice… but I have to do it! so Ketoing on. haha

(Scott) #9

I hear ice gets harder as the years go by but I haven’t found out the hard way yet. Be careful!

(Susan) #10

I think I will have to go to a sporting good shop and invest in good proper walking boots then… but that is over a year away…I need to get the body in shape first!