I quit!

(Michael) #121

It took about 12 weeks for energy to mostly come back. I got nasal drip after eating high fat foods for over a year. Based on a breath ketone and later blood ketone measurement devices, i was making ketones within a few weeks but not using then efficiently until a few months passed by. Depending on how you define it then, after 3 months or more, possibly over a year since nasal drip continued for more than a year.

For me at least, weight loss started very quickly, as did reversal of type 2 diabetes. Fat adaption took very long though. And I got right into fasting as well, which helped forced acclimation, but my first 10 day fast a few months in was……difficult.


I’ll be honest with you, if I had watched a single video where people said there was 1% chance I’d lose no weight and have zero energy after 12weeks of what I can only describe as”the most frustrating period of my life” I’d have never ever tried this way of eating and lifestyle. The no weight loss blows my mind. With all my mental and physical health problems I’d have definitely been down at least 3kg in 30 days whether that was by eating low fat, less calories or just cutting out junk food but remaining on my usual whole foods I have daily. I have cut out ALL SWEETS, CRISPS, CHOCOLATE, CAKES, FIZZY POP, ALCOHOL, FAST FOOD, BREADS. After 4 weeks I genuinely thought I’d be feeling amazing and seeing great results both physically but more so mentally. Instead I genuinely feel like every day is a living stall in my journey. After 30 days I’d give the Keto diet a 1/10 rating and advise everyone to stay well clear unless you are willing to stay this restrictive for 6 months minimum. Even then I seriously doubt I’ll be fat adapted, content and healthy in any way shape or form.

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Have you seriously tracked your caloric intake yet? I noted in another thread that I can gain weight eating one meal a day with zero carbs….if I eat 4000 calories mostly from fat. Some people eat a ton of fat ( after watching some video), and do not lose weight due to the calories therein. While some claim fat to be filling, I can eat thousands of calories in fat and still feel hungry afterwards. For me, protein is way more satiating.

Putting tracking aside, you may be the exception that proves the rule. I have read about very few who claim keto (or carnivore) not working for them, but not everyone feels it works for them.

Regardless of your diet, I still recommend you TRY fasting. You may not like it or continue doing it for long, but it would be hard to not lose weight, and incidentally not eating puts you in a ketotic state to truly see if higher ketones works for your brain and body as opposed to light ketosis through diet.


“Another “amazing” side effects of Keto is the hunger goes away and you’ll skip a meal without noticing!” Eh, not in my case, I’m starving 4 hrs later like clockwork. I can have a bulletproof coffee Along with a full avocado with salt, a protein heavy rib-eye steak with lots of fat, mushrooms, butter, kale, asparagus on it at 8pm then still need at least a snack before midnight as I’m hungry once again!


Seems normal to me, I have 3 hours except on carnivore where I regularly get 1 hour (but it will stop now as my timing is way better)… We are all different and some of us are further from the norm than others.

The duration of my satiation depends on the size of my meal, mostly. Give me a big high-carb meal (with the fat and protein I need from an OMAD meal if possible, maybe less works but not much less) and I will be full for a day :wink: Give me a tiny carni meal (meat so I manage to get satiated. 8 eggs only would make me hungrier) and I will be hungry in 1 hour. Makes sense.

I am curious about your macros, there is a reason multiple ones ask you about that. It could be really informative. If possible, versus your normal diet where you lose a lot of fat… How do you know you don’t overeat fat on keto? It’s very, very easy for some of us. I don’t even need added fat or lots of cream for it…

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@Hketo when you have eaten carbs all your life teaching your brain to be satisfied w/out carbs is a serious struggle & you are going through it right now. I know because I am a carb addict 100%!! you probably feel like me; like your body is fighting your changes in your diet & fighting against you mentally, emotionally & physically. I literally felt like I went through a mourning period the first 2 months or so! & it returns & goes from time to time but now 6 mo later I am no longer so tempted like I was before…dieting is a mental fight w/ yourself to do what is good for your body when you have spent years not doing good for yourself…it is a serious struggle & that is what I feel you are going through. Good news though. IT GETS BETTER & EASIER.


I just can’t believe that out of all this amazing benefits Keto provides I have experienced none. Where are the videos on YouTube showing people living this kind of Keto lifestyle and after 4 weeks looking and feeling the EXACT SAME AS BEFORE!
I binge watched Dr Boz videos yesterday, I liked her no rush approach but I also note that she has timescales for every step. Im still at the beginner phase but if I quit right now and done my own video I’d have to honestly say it’s been depressing as hell. Not one single benefit has came my way in 30 days of abstaining from junk food, processed foods and confectionery. The first 2 weeks were horrendous but this last 2 I just feel cheated by these mentions of “whoosh” “magic” etc etc all I feel is that quitting is the most enjoyable way out of a hole I’m stuck in daily without even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

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Have you tested for Ketosis? Cost $6 for 50days


(Lauren G) #129

I understand…waiting on the magic whoosh too…lol


Yes, shows I’m peeing out ketones everytime since day 4

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It takes time. If you stick with it, I guarantee you in two years you will look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come. One month is nothing in the grand scheme of things. This process takes time for most. There are some that things come quickly for but most of us aren’t there. We’ve destroyed our bodies over many years. Patience.


Im sure you’ll sense FRUSTRATION in all my posts. Im (hopefully) here for the long haul. I agree sugar and chemicals have destroyed my body and my mindset is now of that wanting positive results overnight. Thanks for the comment and feedback :pray:

(Mark) #133

I concur. I did amazing things through fasting.


It’s not a “lose weight fast” type of fad diet. It’s a “get healthy and lose weight to boot” lifestyle. You can’t look at it like a fad diet that drops x number of pounds in x number of days. You will get frustrated and fall off the wagon. Stop weighing all the time. Get a tape measure and measure your waist and chest and buttocks and upper arms and legs. Do that every so often, and you will see that while you may not be dropping pounds, you are changing shape, slowly but surely.


30 days is still a SHORT TIME. Not even fat adaptation. We are MANY who get close to no benefits in the first month, it’s very, very normal :slight_smile: I saw people putting in insane effort, fasting a lot and not getting much result, well that’s rare and very sad but our health and past are different and some of us have a very hard time. I actually feel quite lucky despite never losing fat in all these on/off keto years, not getting energy, mental clarity (? I don’t think I needed it to begin with…? but of course everything can get better ;)). I don’t gain, I eat whatever I want, I learn, I experiment… I don’t feel I miss out anything, my woe isn’t restrictive… It’s good and I am patient, I can wait 5-10 more years (but I don’t want to if possible)! And fat is one thing, lowish energy may be my fate for life, I am still lucky… But my body LOVES that I usually eat extreme low net carbs. I feel it’s the right way to live for me and that is what matters. I do what I should and maybe I will lose a few pounds in 2023. Or in 2024. But if not, I still stay because I know carbs aren’t the answer.
So I am not frustrated so very often :slight_smile: Or not seriously. Of course I am displeased when my efforts are in vain or when I just can’t behave… But basically I am an optimist. I need that.

If quick and immediate fat-loss is so very important for you and you get it from another diet, do the other diet first then… I think I told you that already.
Or drop all the added fat you consume. But only if you aren’t sure you do need those. It would be wrong to eat too little, after all and not everyone gets enough from their protein sources like me.

(Edith) #136

I ran into this same problem. I just didn’t find fat satiating. I had to eat a higher percentage of protein and lower my fat intake and I found that hung in longer for me. But, if you are making it four hours between meals, that gives you three meals a day. There is nothing wrong with that. You may not get that lack of hunger until your body adapts. Fasting is not for everyone.

With that being said, I heard it mentioned somewhere that fasting requires training just like building up distance in running. You may need to try extending your natural nightly fast, from dinner until breakfast, a little at a time: 8 hours between breakfast and dinner, then 9 hours a few days later, etc. Your body does adapt and get used to the new schedule.

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Oh I love food, always have. Can’t get enough. Don’t think I’ve ever felt full. It’s a curse. I could eat fat bombs by the dozen!
No ‘off’ button! I have to just say, ‘that’s enough’ … even though I don’t feel it. I once had the same issue with drink. Bottle of whisky in one evening, easy …

(Chuck) #138

I never quit I just keep modifying and researching until I figure out what works to reach my goals.
That for me is intermittent fasting and moderately low carbs. No fast food, no highly processed foods, no soft drinks, sugary or diet, just real foods.


It sounds like my Insatiable Hunger Days. I only have them a few times a year, thankfully. I can have the same effect with wrong food choices, though. I eat 1 kg chicken and I am starving but carbs can be even worse and fat doesn’t help.
Most meat is good at satiation for me, too bad I still can get bored of meat before I get satiated but that’s why I have other items :wink:

I am fortunately almost never full. I dislike being full. I like being perfectly satiated for a loooong time.

(Robin) #140

You are speaking my language. Just like I did with booze, I had to draw a hard line between me and carbs. And certain foods that many keto folks thrive on… I have no off switch with many things. So I have to just say no.