I quit!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #201

I’ve tried this :stuck_out_tongue: Even in the short term, not recommended :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I seem to have a bottomless stomach so some experimentation was required.


We all find our own balance. But, with newbies (including myself when I was one) fat intake is often a problem because all our lives we have been indoctrinated that eating fat makes you fat, and that animal fat is harmful.


It’s individual. We shouldn’t eat fat unnecessarily but I see no problem in nuts and fat bombs if that only brings the fat we need… (Of course, some people may have reasons to avoid certain fatty items for one reason or another.)

Some people simply don’t get enough fat with their protein sources. Even I have that now that I trained myself to focus on the leanest protein sources possible for me (it took very many years on low-carb, I was into fatty stuff). If I have days with lots of leaner meat, I add fattier items, sometimes extremely fatty ones in moderation to balance things out.
Other times I try to avoid anything too fatty as my meat and eggs bring enough fat, usually more than enough.

Some fatty food leaves us hungry, it still not a reason to avoid them, it depends if we need the fat on top of our satiating base food.

Avoiding nuts is out of the questions sometimes anyway. I did vegetarian keto in the beginning, I needed a lot of oily seeds. Even now, if I make some mistake and still manage to get enough of my carni food and am still hungry, some nutty treat can help.

But I agree that we shouldn’t jump into the BP coffee, fat bombs and other keto treats train ignoring our need for extra fat or lack of it. (Treats may be needed for our sanity, that’s another thing. I have better, more satiating ones personally but we are all different.)

(Edith) #204

@Hketo, any updates on what you have decided to do?

(Polly) #205

It looks as though they followed through on their intention to quit. Sigh!

(Edith) #206

Wow, I didn’t realize it has already been 18 days since I posted that inquiry. Boy, this summer is going by too fast!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #207

Ah, you win some, you lose some. Sorry you’ll have to take me as a ‘win’ lol

(Eve) #208

I was very interested to see if there had been any positive progress. But it looks like that is not the case. Fingers crossed though that they haven’t given up, or at least found a more acceptable alternative

(Robin) #209

I always cringed when I saw the post’s title. What an introduction!


It wasn’t an introduction. It was just an outlet for his anger - without having to face who or what he was really angry at.

(Robin) #211

I agree. Good point.
I’m just naturally always looking for the positive approach.
I realize it can be maddening. Just ask my husband. lolol


I think that’s a good thing. I can be way too blunt at times.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #213

Don’t you think they were looking for someone to challenge it? Otherwise you just quietly quit without a post.


Just venting anger is my guess.

(Eve) #215

There were some challenges as l remember…

(Polly) #216

Or sometimes you just want to sow a seed of doubt in the minds of those following a successful keto diet because big pharma and big farmer would prefer us to consume carbs and medicate the chronic diseases which follow.

Cynical? Perhaps.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #217

You may have something there. But in that case he’s misjudged our resolve.


I don’t feel “resolve”. Just a hedonist. Who doesn’t want to upset their body, that never ends well :wink: Maybe it becomes resolve in the end but it still feels softer.
(I go off sometimes but always come back very soon. And usually don’t go too far. I don’t see anything important for me going bad if I do it smartly.)