I pray I can do this


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Any pointers on the keto diet for beginners? Please

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Welcome to the forum, Michelle =).

This is a great starters guide =).

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Lots of info and links here:

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Thank you & from the looks of this I have a long way to go but I will remain positive

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You can do this – we all started once too. Please read the links that @JohnH and I have posted above, then if you have any questions or need more clarification, feel free to ask away, and people will share what has worked for them with you, to help you along =).

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Some of my favorite info here:

Yes, they all have something to sell you. But they all have plenty of free advice and guides.


Read, read, read, but don’t become obsessed with the food in a way that it makes it an inconvenient. Prepare a “keto favorite” meal at times but also have days that you just make something quick, eat it and be done with it. We eat fast food and other “easy meals” out of convenience and trying to stay in the kitchen everyday trying to come up with a fancy keto meal will make it hard to stick to. Know your foods and stay below 20 grams of carbs . It’s pretty simple to get started.


Keep it full of variety and fun. COOK from scratch. I realised that if I am not going to the gym, I have to put in effort elsewhere, so now I exert myself in the kitchen, which is a lot more fun for me. Buy keto cookbooks. The more fun it is to eat like this, the easier it is. I use cronometer.com to track my macros. I keep the ratio: approx 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carbs. I try to keep the carbs below 20g/day. Thats it basically. I love cauliflower like rice. Trick is to fry it and not boil it in water ( because otherwise you get mush). So I make myself yummy thai curry with cauliflower rice on the side. I bought pork rinds and put it in the mixer so now I can have “breaded” veil or chicken made with no carb crumbs! I make mac and cheese with caullflower rosettes too. It is excellent! And glorify in the fact that you can now eat the tasty part of the chicken: the skin! And you can make anything taste a whole lot better with some butter or cream! Oh and check out “chaffles”, and all the keto recipes also on youtube. I have only lost 3 kilos in 2 months, but remember you are in this for the long haul. It doesn’t matter if the weight los sis slow because the main thing is that the loss continues. This is a way of life, not a diet. Sugar is bad for you, and it is a poison for the human body actually- similar to nicotine in the end -if one is looking for an analogy. I just read that sugar was only introduced to Europe around 1350ad. We dont need sugar to live!! In fact it makes us sick. And if my sweet tooth gets the better of me I make an almond milk milk shake ( with vanilla extract, sugar free cocoa and sweetener) or I mix cream cheese with some vanilla and sweetener for a make believe cheese cake. It is so rich that it tastes wonderful.
Good luck and welcome!

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Before I started, I prayed that I could do this, too. After a lifetime of trying and at my highest weight, I just had no hope of ever losing 80 lbs and being able to maintain that. I was despondent and terrified. The people here helped me so much. I read posts on this forum obsessively and also on dietdoctor.com before starting. Once I did, I found it so easy that I never looked back. Keto has been my miracle. I hope you find it to be your’s, too.

I would suggest you eat three meals a day to start, even if you never have. Keep the carbs as low under 20 as you can. Meet or exceed your fat macro every day. Don’t snack. Eat clean food in it’s natural form. Don’t count calories. Don’t weigh yourself obsessively. If you don’t like to cook, don’t think you have to make complicated meals - our dinners consist of a piece of pan seared me, steamed veggie in butter or bacon grease (yes, it’s delicious!), and/or a salad.

Now I eat basically one meal a day, because that is all I need now. However, when I first started and was eating three meals a day, it was so wonderful! Everything tasted so delicious, and it meal comfortably got me to the next without hunger or craving. Every other diet I had been on was based on deprivation, eating stuff I didn’t like, calorie counting and exercising.

Best; please keep us posted.

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My best advice, would be to not get all carried away with tracking. Just keep your carbs very low. 20 gm or less and you will be good. Eat until you are full. Relax. Have fun. Live life :slight_smile:

I started Keto nearly 9 months ago. Now, I barely think about it. I lost 45 lbs in the first couple months (all that I wanted to) and my weight has been rock solid ever since.

I should have started this 30 years ago :slight_smile:

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I think that we all wish that, Chris =).