I need to stop consuming whey protein shakes


I can tell my body is still producing too much insulin, and I’m convinced it’s from the double-sized whey protein shake I’ve been having for dinner every night. I look forward to it all day… I definitely get an insulin response from it.

I need something sweet and cold and creamy (but fatty!!) to take its place. Any recommendations? My protein shake is about 12 ounces and super frothy and I eat it with a spoon. So there’s a huge element of comfort/texture eating there. I’m sure there must be some high fat alternatives…?

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Some great recipes here.


Thanks, Ron! Today I kept it super low key and just had cream cheese with Swerve. It was great. And I’m thrilled, because my body and brain are back in the good place they were in last week. How much longer until I get fully adjusted? It’s exhausting to keep going in and out of the keto clarity.

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Once you become fat adapted thing start getting better pretty fast. It is totally worth the turmoil one has to go through to get there. It is a tougher road than most think just coming in with the idea that keto is an easy way to lose a few extra pounds. Unfortunately it takes about 6 to 10 weeks (young health people might get there at 4 weeks and those with some age or lots of metabolic damage can take up to 3 months) on average to get adapted as the body has to learn how to metabolize fat for fuel instead of glucose. It has to completely rebuild your gut biome and grow new bacteria strains to digest the higher fat diet lower carb diet and hormonal changes have to occur the regain hormonal balances. lot is taking place and it takes high fuels to allow the body to make these changes, so don’t under eat calories until you are adapted. The weight will then suddenly start falling off because your body is burning the fat then and not storing it and burning sugars for fuel. It isn’t an easy road but is well worth struggling down. :smiley:
Stay strong and KCKO


Thanks, this is really encouraging! I’ve been surprised that it has been as hard as it has. I almost quit twice. Thankfully, I’ve noticed some improvements already and so I’m keeping the faith and really excited about this new lifestyle.


Talia, for what it’s worth, I adore my protein smoothies too. But I’ve had to modify them for the reasons you outline - the old version was too much of an insulin spike.

Have you tried using collagen instead of whey, or a mix of the two? I make sure I don’t use too much protein - just a small scoop (say 10g) of collagen peptides, and perhaps 1/2 a scoop (5-10g) of WPI.

I blend that up with water, ice, some organic cacao, a touch of erythritol to cut the bitterness of the cacao (but not too much, I don’t like my drinks sweet), and then FAT - a few tablespoons of double cream, and a dash of MCT oil. The macros work out about 75 / 20 / 5, and as a meal it keeps me full for five to six hours.


Hmm - any time we eat we have insulin spikes - not sure what you mean about extra insulin pertaining especially to homemade whey shakes/smoothies. However: there is a HUGE difference between undenatured whey (which I use - basically dried unprocessed whey from grassfed happy cow milk) and the highly processed yucky whey protein isolate made in labs and which is nasty for various reasons. They have quite different impacts, despite both delivering protein. There are past posts in this forum about the nastiness of isolate, etc.

I’m non-IR and not obese - but others who are IR or obese may need to avoid any sweet triggers and may also have dairy intolerance. I just know for me that when I started mixing dry Ginger into my smoothies or taking capsules along with my smoothies as a digestive, it worked wonders. No strange feelins’, and lots of delicious coolness - Ginger really helps digestive enzymes and reduces cortisol (and also lowers insulin spiking in western industrial medicine rat studies - though Ginger’s been a super medicine in the east for thousands of years, etc.) I enjoy smoothies 3-4 times few times a week - while having great recomposition progress over the last year of keto. I started out having smoothies as my first ‘solid’ meal of the day, an hour or two after weight lifting, because I simply was too tired to cook! Esp handy in hot weather - my smoothies are my first official meal of the day a few hours after fatty coffee.

Smoothies are a key component of the “Losing the Middle Age Middle” eating plan of the LCHF/Keto physicians Mary Dan Eades MD and Michael Eades MD… having to do with giving the digestion a break and facilitating cortisol reduction. Lots of smoothie recipes in their book.

Could it be your shakes are lacking something or having too much of something? Mine are typically 20-25grams of protein from undenatured whey, additional incomplete protein from a scoop of collagen peptides - plus 1/2 cup berries or a scoop of powdered pomegranate or rasp (if I don’t have them on hand, I instead take a Vit. C, as collagen uptake requires C), 1 tblsp cocoa powder, 5-6 teaspoons erythritol (it doesn’t get metabolized by the body, and I don’t count erythritol carbs) possibly with a drop of stevia, 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon Maca powder (for a malt), cold water from the fridge and 4-6 ice cubes, Pinch of sea salt to bring it all together, taken with some Ginger capsules on the side. In a huge stein. :sparkles:

I learned about Maca just a month ago - it’s amazing how just a tiny amount of it in a smoothie makes it malty, which I love. One of these high summer days am gonna experiment with a simpler smoothie along the lines of an old fashioned vanilla malt.

Until I was 100% fat-adapted (which for me was around month 6 keto) I also added 1 tablespoon of extra fat in the form of coconut oil or avocado oil - now I just tend to go without the extra fat so that my body can draw upon my own fat stores on my belly :wink: Have also been experimenting with Olive Nation’s natural extracts - banana as well as berry. They combine well with erythritol, but horribly with stevia for some reason (brings out the stevia metallic taste).

@Deary75 depends on the shake/smoothie - as in, the actual ingredients. Undenatured whey liquid meals can be really great for lightening the digestive load and keeping the kitchen much cooler in summer! Plus, I just love me a frosty mug ;). In winter though, I’ll often create a hot mug of fatty collagen peptide broth + sea salt or a Kallo stock cube + some fat for my first official insulin spiking meal of the day - which is toasty to sip but likewise quick in the kitchen. Both summer and winter, I take Ginger capsules with whatever I’m sipping.


I like the ginger tip. Thanks! I think I have high corisol levels.

I know that whey protein in particular has been singled out in particular as bad news for insulin. I first heard about it in Dr. Fung’s The Obesity Code, and since then I’ve read a lot of articles about how whey spikes insulin compared to other proteins and even more than some high GI carbs! But it makes sense that the quality and source of ingredients would make a difference. I’m not sure if they were looking at whey isolate. I know that I find pure whey protein shakes addictive. I think it’s not a big deal if it’s mixed with other ingredients. I was having 2 scoops with ice, nothing else.

I have collagen on my list of things to buy, but there are so many brands and I haven’t gotten around to


You’re welcome!

Well, any protein or carbs spikes insulin. As far as I can tell, the question is how small is one’s eating window AFTER one has reached 100% fat adaptation, and how much protein one is taking in at one time.

You’re still adapting, so you need eat fat to your heart’s content, and stabilize the change with regular meals until it naturally is easier to IF :purple_heart:

My first 24 hour IF snuck up on me around month 3-4, when I was busy working and running on the energy from my morning fatty coffee (which doesn’t confound an IF, just doesn’t work for autophagy/water fasting).

This is the best deal I’ve found on non-GMO grassfed collagen, and works great for me.

Hope that helps!


Also - if you use the forum’s search bar - there are a lot of past posts on Ginger, collagen, etc. :wink:


Thanks, SB Mary! I have to admit that it’s scary to eat as much butter and cream cheese as I have been. I’ve been eating a small tub of cream cheese every day. I love it! But I do have this idea about avocados and almonds and olive oils being the “safe” fats and dairy fats being the worst of all.

I need to read more about the benefits of saturated animal fats.

I’ll take a look at the collagen you linked. Much appreciated,


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I often rely on natural products, because they have least side affects and better results.

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I “tested” a whey protein powder awhile back and loved the taste and my body’s response to it so much I could eat half the containerr dry.

At the time I wanted to increase my protein grams per day, but decided to get it from natural foods…

I cut it out!