I need sausage help

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Cats often eat grass as some kind of medicine but I imagine they know what to do and don’t just chew any greens randomly… It always was normal grass that I saw.
Yep, cats may be silly and sometimes even stupid but their green eating instincts must be fine, I go with that.


for cats they need a supplement to their nutrition mostly.
Much like mother’s milk, the juices in grass contain folic acid. This is an essential vitamin for a cat’s bodily functions and assists in the production of hemoglobin, the protein that moves oxygen in the blood.
Plus they need to maybe barf up some fur or bones from prey. Grass is indigestible to them so they can cough up some stuff in them if needed :slight_smile: icky chat but informative LOL


Thanks, I didn’t know anything of this!

And I never ever saw a cat coughing up a furball despite it’s everywhere, even in one of the Shrek movies… It’s true that they didn’t have prey when they were inside all the time and they might have hidden such things when they had prey but I saw many of our cats most of the day and nothing. Sometimes I wonder about it…


ohhh kitties can find prey anywhere. they are SO sharp vs us ya know.
I only had outdoor cats and even tho they rarely came into the house they always brought some mice or birds or moles to the door saying, look at me…I love the ‘stealth’ of cats. So appealing to me about them.


Mom’s cats were in a small apartman during winter, nope, no prey there.

Of course now living with outdoor cats next to fields and forests they hunt a lot. Mice, voles, edible dormouse (poor critter, what a name :D), birds, bats, lizards… We definitely aren’t happy with all their choices, they don’t even eat bats and lizards… Our main hunter only brings the rodents to me but she totally expect praise. She meows until she gets it and then she eats the prey in no time. If you give me a small fowl or a rat (similar size differences), I wouldn’t swallow it in half a minute :smiley: Not even in 5. IDK how they do it but they are super quick…


Fennel! That is definitely missing.

maybe some paprika if you have FRESH paprika, it loses its oomph faster than any other spice. Italian seasoning mix? red pepper flakes —even a small amount that dont give it a kick give it something in the back side.

Pork butt is great. Probably need some more fat unless that pork is really fatty. When maing deer sausage I put loads of pork fat in.

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Would 1/4 cups bacon fat add enough fat to 2 lb of meat?

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How much bacon fat would you add to two lbs of meat?

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It’s not toxic but can cause stomach upsets in cats if eaten in large amounts, which no cat is ever likely to do. Rabbits, perhaps, but normally the strong flavour will put them off over consuming. Very different to actually being toxic, most likely do the same thing to humans who ate masses of the stuff.


I wonder what it would do to the texture. Probably nothing good. One doesn’t add rendered fat to sausage, just fat tissue. At least I never heard about a sausage where it was different.


If the meat is very, very fatty and 30% fat is the goal, yes.
If it’s lean, even the whole cup couldn’t do 30%. It’s simple math.
900g meat with 60g fat in it (very lean, yep) + 300g fat (cups are meaningless to me but fat is a bit less dense than water), that’s 30% fat.
For pork shoulder (that’s quite fatty pork), around 130g extra fat would be enough (I just used the most common data for pork shoulder, of course its fattines varies but it needn’t to be perfect). But if we add proper fat tissue, it brings non-fat too :slight_smile:

For 1/4 cups of bacon for 2 pounds of meat (though I still would convert this fat into fat tissue), you need pork belly or something…? But then extra fat makes little sense, one can use some properly fatty part of it.


I personally do not like to add extra fat. I buy regular meat which I am told by the butcher is 30%. I find it gives a proper flavour profile. Whilst I love bacon, I find the fat imparts too much flavour smoked flavour for sausages. What liquid do you use to bind it all together?


Many sausages have smoke flavor from smoked paprika, that is a valid option :slight_smile: My sausage always have it as my sausage spice mix has it. But it’s very subtle, I only need strong smoked flavor in my dry sausages and I buy those as I can’t make them.

30% meat, yeah that can do the trick :smiley: That’s wonderfully fatty, I wouldn’t add fat to that either.

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I do not. What do you recommend?

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About 5.65 oz. by weight.

We want x amount of fat, such that

x lbs. = (2 + x) × 0.3 lbs. =>

x = 0.6 + 0.3x =>

1.7x = 0.6 =>

x = 0.353 lbs. or 5.65 oz.


I have used cream (by itself) beer, water, sherry, and balsamic vinegar. This tightens the mix.


Wow, interesting :slight_smile: I only looked at Hungarian recipes and no liquid ever was used.
So many options, surely making very different sausages!

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When I fist started Keto, I was told that if you are still hungry, eat another sausage!

There is a restaurant locally that makes their own garlic sausage (brats). No weird chemicals or coriander and top quality meat. They will sell you them 5 lb at a time frozen. They are wonderful but a tad expensive. The nearest competitor is Trader Joe’s with their beer brats. But the meat is sub par and makes me slightly ill.

Bacon, sausage, fried eggs, avocado. Life is good! And who says they are a breakfast food!!!


I can buy okay sausage here, usually just dry ones though.

And we bought Mangalica sausage on Saturday, I am mildly curious. I am not sure it will taste different from normal pork sausage but we will see. It is a dry sausage, again. They are the best but for some purposes we need something different. My own sausages don’t even resemble normal sausages (it’s fine, it’s not their job), they are more like meatballs with sausage spice.