I need help ! Ketone levels have dropped

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I have been doing keto for about a month and am doing great . My ketone levels were rising nicely and were reading right around 1.4 four days ago . I took my blood ketone readings the last 2 days and it was reading between 0.3 and 0.9 . I have done nothing different and cant figure it out !
Could it be possible my blood ketone monitor needs to be re-calibrated ? I was doing keto for months about a year ago so it has been used quite a bit .



Your ketone levels are meaningless, as long as you’re in ketosis you’re fine. Keep eating right and let keto do what it does. Worry about what you eat and fat loss assuming you’re going for that, those matter, ketone levels don’t.

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The easy way to tell if you are in ketosis:

  1. You are eating less than 20 g/day of carbohydrate.

  2. You are breathing in and out.

Initially, our liver produces an abundance of ketones, but at some point it starts to scale back production to more closely match demand. This is the body working as designed.

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95% of people doing keto never measure their ketone levels, and they don’t care about ketone levels. As Paul says, keep your carbs low, and you will be in ketosis. You don’t need to check.

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There is often a drop in blood levels after a few weeks. Some in the field suggest that it’s because the body begins to utilise the ketones better. They are being metabolised at a greater rate, and that’s a good thing

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Congrats your body is learning to use ketones as fuel. Stop chasing numbers and focus on how you feel.


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