I’m soooo hungry!


For the first time since March I have eaten off plan. This was deliberate and the most beautiful catered food. I have woken at 2am starving, stomach grambling. I am lying here fantasising about my fulfilling bacon and eggs. I usually EF until 12pm but today will be different. At this stage I have no other issues with the increase in carbs just this hunger I have not felt for months. I am not at home otherwise I would be out of bed and cooking now. Just need to fight this hunger and get some more sleep. I am new to maintainence so will avoid the scale for a couple of days, I know the weight gain isn’t real fat gain.



(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #3

That is the correct action. Just get to those eggs and bacon strips as soon as possible. A couple of days will set you straight again.