I’m screwed. Shoulders off limits for 3 months

(Straight outta ‘Straya’) #1

The follow up visit to discuss my scans didn’t go as hoped. Doc said no shoulder (and by extension arm) work for 3 months.

At 45 I thought I was doing it slow enough but evidently not.

Looking for exercise/HIIT work our ideas that I can leverage as I want to go back so exercise next week. Walking is on the table but plantar facitis flares up if I do too much.

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Stationary bike, no hands. Upright balance while going hard HIIT should be a massive core workout.

(Danielle) #3

I used to teach aqua aerobics, and still enjoy going to classes.

I always had a few students that were high performance athletes recovering from injury. Their doctors had advised low or no impact exercise, and the pool is great for that. Movements are slower and almost “cushioned” because of the water, and yet the water provided enough resistance to gently work injured muscles. You can also control your own intensity and modify as necessary during the class.

If there are no classes near you, try aqua jogging, which is easily self-directed.

(Candy Lind) #4

I agree that aqua jogging would be a great answer for you.

(Jo O) #5

Can you keep up with stretches & range of motion?
You don’t want to get frozen shoulder.

(Ken) #6

Swimming laps with a kick board is great. Add in some resistance fins and it’s even better.

(Rob) #7

+1 for aqua aerobics. I started that when rehabbing a rotator cuff (shoulder) injury. as @daniellealberta pointed out, you can control your own intensity. My shoulder is nearing back to normal (whatever normal is) and I still like doing the aqua aerobics class once or twice a week. Its a good, enjoyable workout.

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See my start here post on Calisthenics forum here Start Here if new to Calisthenics if you want to avoid injuries. I had same deal myself, I just turned 46 and had injury after injury from free weights. I should add yes, you can get injured from Calisthenics, but it’s mainly operator error… Meaning if you get too greedy trying to do moves you shouldn’t be able too yet like 1 arm pull up.

Good Luck!