Start Here if new to Calisthenics

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Thank you @richard for adding a Calisthenics sub-forum.

Hey there, if your new to body weight resistance/calisthenics I put this topic in place to help you out.

Background on why I chose Calisthenics
I used to lift weights heavy as a young man, to the point I could bench press over 300 pounds and probably had around 10% body fat. I stopped working out and all that muscle turned to fat. I started to feel good again on Keto and wanted to start working out again. I worked out roughly 6 months and noticed injury after injury from free weights. Tennis elbow, rotator cuff, etc. It sucked all part of getting old right? Maybe, but I came across a book called Convict Conditioning where part of the premise was that your joints and ligaments would grow stronger by using these compound movement body resistance exercises. So, I got hooked from that angle and find now that although my elbows make a popping sound now and then still, it’s not nearly as bad or often as it used to be.

I recommend starting Calisthenics with the convict conditioning program. You don’t have to do this, there are plenty of calisthenics youtubers out there, but I think this program builds your foundation to move into more advanced stuff.

Here’s an example of my work out schedule now, to give you an idea how it might be. I didn’t start out with this, there are progressions, and you may not be able to do push ups or pull ups yet, but you do progressions like the Australian pull up, and push ups on your knees till you get there.

Day 1
Diamond Pushups 2 sets of 20
Regular Pushups 3 sets of Max
Side to Side Pushups 3 sets of Max
Leaning downward on a bar standing skull crushers 3 sets of Max
Kneeling plank tricep extensions 3 sets of Max
Dips 3 sets of Max
Bar hanging exercises to increase my scapula muscle strength for pullups

Day 2
Use the Cybex Machine which is elliptical on steroids and or jump rope

Day 3
Pull ups, I am doing 25 pull ups regardless how many sets or rests it takes to try to increase my max number.
Australian pull ups 3 sets of Max
Bar Dips on the Smith Machine 3 sets of Max

Day 4
Cybex Machine and or jump rope

Day 5
Crow Stands - for 1 minute time. This is to gain balance for handstands. I am finding my core is failing me with cramping before I get to the minute currently, so core strength is very important.
Pike Pushups - 3 sets of 10
Handstand Walk up and walk down against wall 3 sets
Jump Rope or Cybex remaining time

Day 6
Single Leg Assisted Squats 3 sets of Max
Wall Sit for Max
Bar Hang scapula exercises
Jump Rope and or Cybex remaining time

Day 7
Hanging from Bar frog raises 2 sets of 15
Mountain Climbers 3 sets of 40
V-ups 3 sets of 12
Russian Twists 3 sets of 20
Plank ShoulderTaps 3 sets of 15
Pull ups with dead hang last rep 1 set of Max
Table Bridges 3 sets of 40

I’m screwed. Shoulders off limits for 3 months
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I too have been using convict conditioning but should have waited longer to start pull ups. Still weigh 85kg and I was never a strong fella with a background in lifting. Haven’t done a lick of exercise in two weeks apart from some mild stretches and rotation movements for the trashes shoulders. Going to be doing legs only (squats etc) starting tomorrow and the back into the conditioning next week at the lowest level for a few reps and build up only. Tendinitis recovery time is slated at 3 months. I’m cash poor atm but I’ll get a physiotherapist late in the month, in the mean time YouTube is giving me tips on posture and how to fix the biomechanics of the issue

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Update: waiting out this week as well

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I am very happy to have another person to cheer on with Convict Conditioning series. You are correct to give elbow time to recover. I had same issue which I believe I caused with incline dumbell curls.

I found massaging the forearm from the elbow to lower forearm helped heaps in combination with using ice treatments daily. The ice helps get the inflammation down quicker.

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Shoulder issues. Bit hard to get the ice where it needs to go :slight_smile:

That said, I’ll take a crack next week. It’s Tuesday and last night in my rehabilitation type exercises I pushed just a liiiitle too hard and it wasn’t pleasant at all.

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Ok, I had shoulder issues too, LoL. Check out this dude on youtube. I did the exercises for 2 weeks and still do some to warm up. Actually I think it was closer to a month before I felt completely normally, but they definitely felt better after 2 weeks.
Made my pain completely go away. Ah yes the youtube, teaching myself how to install car stereo now from it too.

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Big fan of YouTube.