I’m beyond confused

(Allie) #2

The key is to find what works for you. If what you’re doing isn’t getting the results you want, pick one thing and change it. We can all only speak from our own experience of what has worked for us.

The easiet way when you’re first starting out is to just limit net carbs to below 20g each day until you’re used to that, then if need be, change something else - maybe less protein, maybe more fat. Be gentle with yourself and take one thing at a time.

(Mindi ) #3

I’ve done 20 or less net carbs from the first day. I really didn’t have a problem with that aspect. I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and I do have IBS-D. I just have never gotten below the weight I am now for 30 years. It always stalls at this number on the scale.

(Allie) #4

Forgetting the scale, what changes are you noticing? Are you taking physical measurements?

(Mindi ) #5

Yes I’m doing measurements as well. There’s been no change in measurements since day one, except one inch (in one location) which could be a tighter or looser tape measure. Other than that, no changes.


what is the make up of the carbs?
and when are you eating?

(Bunny) #7

If you watch all these videos, you MIGHT figure out what the issue MAY be? I think it is a little more complex and complicated than this as bro-science will have us thinking because you can burn or shrink fat cells even if not in Ketosis. I think it is more endocrine related to sex hormone ratios and if those are out of whack then keto, or fasting (IF/EF), or any other dietary strategies will be futile long-term! (just my two cents)

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(Candy Lind) #8

Your body is concentrating on HEALING. Keto WILL fix your fatty liver (the friend who got me to go keto is living proof) and I think you’ll find testimony in the forums that it helps IBS as well. Just keep it simple as suggested by @Shortstuff; keep your ratios good, eat when you’re hungry, don’t when you’re not, and give it some time. A lot of times, patience is key when you have major healing to do. IGNORE the rest of the ground noise until you have confirmation that the liver is better (and be mindful of your IBS symptoms so you can share NSVs as appropriate). Keep reading as you go, ask questions, and things will start to clear up. Just KCKO!

(Bunny) #9

This may help also:

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(Mindi ) #10

Alley, I usually eat 2 meals, sometimes 3 because people said go a maintenance level of calories you’re in starvation mode. But frankly, I see more movement in starvation mode. I eat breakfast at around 9 am. It’s always the same and I’ve always been a breakfast eater. It’s either two fried eggs in butter or two soft boiled eggs and two strips of paleo no sugar bacon from Whole Foods and my Venti iced coffee from Starbuck’s, UNSWEETENED, with extra heavy cream. If I eat lunch, usually I don’t, its at 3 pm and it’s a chopped beef patty fried with salt and pepper and mixed greens (1 and a half cups), 2 tablespoons of Greek Olive Oul and 1 Tablespoon of balsamic, salt, pepper, 10 constellation cherry tomatoes and one mini avocado. Or a piece of magi magi fried in olive oil with same salad. Dinner is at 6:30-7 pm and it’s usually either a broiled rib eye steak —bone in, a pork chop fried, a broiled lamb chop or beef cubes broiled with yellow peppers (shishkabob style, with either broccoli or fresh string beans steamed and with butter. If I’m hungry I eat two string cheese as a snack or one measured tablespoon of Jiff creamy peanut butter.

(Mindi ) #11

Atomicspacebunny thanks for these I’ll watch and read them. Question do you all use glucose/ketone meters? I was reading about them and that I should be doing blood pricks as well. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I would try to get away from having any snacks, the thing you want to do is have as big of periods of low insulin as possible and every time you put something in your mouth insulin spikes. If eating and then a bit latter going for your starbucks you could be creating a now insulin spike. I try and keep my meals or feeding window everyday as small as possible, so if eat breakfast will not eat dinner. If I skip breakfast then only have lunch and dinner and try to keep meals with only 6 hours of time between them. I also would make sure you dinner is getting some extra fat, like a oil drizzle or the grease from the broiler pan.

(Mindi ) #13

My Starbucks is with my breakfast. I have one coffee a day. I read coffee is fine if unsweetened. It’s not treated as a snack. Most days there are absolutely no snacks. And see though this is why I find it very confusing…when I wrote that I was eating one meal I got tons of you’re starving yourself, that will ultimately sabotage you as it puts your body in starvation mode.

(Ron) #14

Are you getting it with topping? Maybe the coffee is unsweetened but?
Topping [Sugar, Coffee Cherry Extract].

(Mindi ) #15

Nope just plain coffee with heavy cream.

(Ron) #16

I consider that if I have white coffee I have had a meal but if your just drinking it during meals it would just be added fat.:+1:

(Mindi ) #17

Yes I drink it with my breakfast of eggs and bacon. I just feel like something else is going on. Every time I’m with people they constantly say “I can’t believe how long you go without eating!” or I get “wow you never snack!” My cholesterol and triglycerides are very high. Like way up there. I’m 5’6” and am now 176 lbs. but it’s all in my tummy. I started this keto because I was sick of waking up so nauseous. I never had any problems till I went to Morocco and developed a very bad case of food poisoning and was hospitalized. I used to weigh 115 lbs. till that all occurred. That was 35 years ago. But I think it really played with my body.

(Ron) #18

From this post about the nausea and other issues, it might be that your body is busy healing itself and getting rid of inflammations and such. Weight loss might be less of a priority right now so be patient and trust the process. I know it’s tuff but it IS worth it.:pray::ok_hand:

(Mindi ) #19

Ok I’ll try and be patient and keto on … :-). Thanks

(Mindi ) #20

I ate just my breakfast yesterday and Saturday and the scale moved finally. I don’t know if I’m so happy though if this is how it’s gonna be just one meal a day :frowning:

(karen) #21

Congratulations on the scale moving!! I don’t know if this is just adding to all your confusion, but as an older, smaller woman, what I’m finding to work best for me is alternating 2-3 day water fasts and keto eating 2MAD. The scale doesn’t move when I’m doing my regular keto diet, but those 3 day fasts will push it down about 3 pounds and I’ll only rebound 2 pounds - of food bulk, I assume - when I start eating again.