I love bacon

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but it is hard for me to use stove-top fry pan, and takes way longer than just doing sausage.

Anyone offer other ways to cook bacon? Many years ago I remember cooking it in micro, but nowadays I try and stay away from micro, but it may be the best/fastest way. If anyone does it that way, I know I need to cover it of course, but I don’t know how long to cook it.

I have found I like it better if I don’t over cook it because I use to try and get the fatty part brown too, but now I like the taste of fat in my meats, chicken, bacon :wink:

Thanks much as always, Denise :bacon::bacon::bacon: PS I’m counting on a certain fella, from back east from me, will show up to help as well :wink:


I never did it but have read a few times that some people do it in the oven.

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only covered would this work for me, I cannot stand cleaning the big oven so I don’t use it, just my little convectional and it’s even a pain to clean, even thought I clean it while I wash my dishes, it’s still a pain, :joy:

How do you do yours in oven @Shinita? Oh, nevermind, forgot you said you haven’t tried it :wink:


I do it in a really big skillet now all the time so I don’t lose too much fat to the paper towels. :rofl: But in the microwave I used to place desired pieces on a 3-4 thick layer of paper towels, then cover it with another 2-3 layers. It’s about one minute per slice so 5 slices are 5 minutes. I try to do a bit less so it doesn’t overcook. But the paper towels get all the juicy fat. I should try it one day in a nice big square glass dish and cover to prevent splatters.

But I cook 1-2 lbs at a time in a skillet, and keep in fridge to eat over a few days. Reheated or cold. Then I’m only doing the skillet once or twice a week.

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Baking pan with sides so liquids can’t escape, bacon on top of a grate or rack on top of that, in the oven - no mess and does a great job, but it’s still a substantial amount of work.

Anymore, my favorite is the microwave. Still some work, though. Big plate - as big as will fit in the microwave, with (for example) 6 layers of paper towels on the bottom, then the bacon. Bacon in a single layer - can be touching but should not be overlapped or you’ll get less-cooked areas. A couple more layers of paper towels on top.

Once you get the time right for the type and thickness of the bacon, it’s amazingly good. The whole thing is going to be hot when done, so I use oven mitts to take the plate out of the microwave. Carefully peel off the paper towels on top, then you can get to the bacon.

Depending on the bacon and how much fat melts off of it, you may be able to use the set-up for another batch, or else replace the paper towels as needed. Usually no mess or very little in the microwave afterwards.

I go for ‘efficiency of scale’ and often do 4 lbs or 1.8 kg of bacon. Takes 6 batches. 7 to 12 minutes per batch in the microwave, so some time is involved.

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I like the idea of cooking up a bunch for the next few days, that would save time for sure!! Didn’t even think of that, thanks @Just_Juju

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Thanks for sharing how you do yours, but I think I’ll stick to my fry pan which is the biggest one, which is really too big for my large burners, so I have to move the bacon around a lot. I’ve been cooking up 8 ounces of a 16 oz package, but I’ll at least cook all of it (cut in half anyway, easier for me) next time :wink:

thanks again! :grinning:

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reading the title of this thread made me want to eat bacon!

Microwaved bacon is practically heresy!

I heat the oven to 350, use a cookie sheet with sides (3/4"), cover the sheet with aluminum foil and I bend the edges up so it’s basically a bowl. It makes it easy to save the bacon fat and cleanup is pretty simple.


I don’t even own paper towels :smiley: I eat all the fat in my food, I was kind of taught like that, basically… (It was interesting to fry potatoes but I managed :D)
Pan is quick for bacon IMO but it’s a few times per year anyway. I always fry eggs in the fat afterwards (I get the bacon out as I want Perfect Crunch). It’s 2-3 rashers at once, I wouldn’t want to eat more bacon than that.

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Hey Chris, do use anything over the top to keep your oven as clean as possible?? I’ve got the perfect sheet, and foil of course, seems like that foil would reflect the heat wonderfully :wink: Denise

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omg, this is disgusting, LOLLLLLLL! First thing I see at 4:30 a.m. @PaulL :rofl: What a great way to start the day :grinning:

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Let’s do shots of bacon grease. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you guys cook in bacon grease? Bet you do, and I might have to try it :wink:

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Being totally serious, yes, Denise. I don’t have it on hand, very often; just too lazy to conserve it or otherwise gather it, and the microwave-bacon method has it all soaked into paper towels…

One of my favorite kitchen items - amazingly easy to clean - an egg pan with depressions in it. Some bacon grease or butter in the holes, then drop the eggs in. Enough oil and it will go around on top of the eggs, really frying them in place to your exact perfect level of doneness (if you watch closely enough).

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Oh I love this!! I’ll look on Amazon, or if I decide to brave Walmart, I’ll look there :wink: Thanks so much Doug!!

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Ok, but I get the worm :joy:

(Doug) #18

Currently $26 in the U.S.

Walmart has one for $23 with 7 holes in it. " Haofy 7 Holes Frying Pan Non Stick Fried Eggs Cooking Pan Burger Mold" - I may have to try that one too.

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I’m wondering if all the paper towels used to microwave bacon are actually necessary or just because of fat phobia. Seems to me I could just nuke it between two plates and then shake it off, and have a nice supply of bacon fat to add to the jar, but I don’t have any to test. I don’t ordinarily use disposable paper at all and I’m surely not going to absorb a quarter cup of grease in a tea towel and try to wash it out again, but next time I have some to cook I’ll try my method and see what happens.

An aside, didn’t lfod14 put up a recipe for oven baked bacon - without towels, IIR?

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Answered my own question.

How to make crispy hotel (buffet) style crispy bacon in the oven.

The secret is simply to put a piece of parchment paper over it so it doesn’t splatter. If you want it to be less curly, lay a baking rack over the paper to keep everything weighted down.