I know "too much protein" isn't a thing on carnivore. Is "not enough fat" a thing on carnivore?

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@Diygurl19 Not for me anyway, I enjoy a meat heavy diet especially with beef and seafood. I’m kind of back to KETO for the time being since being in the hospital ended my carnivore period. But I don’t find that amount of meat a problem at all. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes! Much safer to share some of that steak with others. Need my snail mail addy? LOL

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Lol. I’ve been trying to do heavy meat zero carb diet and I’m just not seeing any difference and now I’m fighting constipation. Maybe I’m not eating enough fat or too much protein? Salt?

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@Diygurl19 Might just be the transition. One’s regularity often goes off with a change of what you’re eating. If you’re consistently in ketosis, β-hydroxybutyrate will help maintain regularity as well as nourish your gut biome. Another thing is when you’re eating a lot more nutritionally dense foods like meat and fat it takes longer to accumulate enough bulk to stimulate a movement.

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I was interested and ready to learn.
15 mins of my life I can’t get back…Depressing thread

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It’s only been like the last two weeks. Before then, I was fine. I started taking bone meal, glycine and collegan peptides. Hmm, maybe I’ll cut those out and see what happens.

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How are your stools? How do you feel? Going less frequently on carnivore doesn’t necessarily mean you are constipated. Your body uses almost all of the animal food, so there is less waste to pass out.


trying to do a heavy meat zero?

what does this mean LOL in that are you forcing more food than you truly want to eat?

or just opting for heavier denser red meat vs. lighter meat like chicken or seafood.

key to zero carb is eat when hungry. eat what you feel you need til full. stop and don’t eat again til hungry again. you eat the meat/seafood you love and can afford at the grocery and we don’t make it any harder than that.

Constipation? to what level? or just pooping less cause meat protein is digested extremely well. What VE said…what we think is wrong is just our bodies pooping out carnivore food LOL and your body function will change for sure. Some go 1 time per day, some every 2 days and so on and very personal with each person as their body heals and the meat they eat etc.

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I’m carnivore and don’t eat any more protein then I did on regular keto. If I do my weight will increase over time. I will also lose all my ketogenic NSV’s. Are you doing zero carb with dairy or without? Those will be very different with respect to weight loss.

11 ounces of meat is about what I will eat in a day. So if it’s OMAD it’s fine.


How much fat and protein do you eat? Though even if I know your numbers, I can’t say if it’s too much or little for you as we have our personal needs. Some people eat pounds of meat at once, I eat little meat but 11oz for a meal probably wouldn’t be enough, I have little experience as I usually eat eggs and dairy too and it matters if I can eat 2 or 24 hours later… And of course, the fattiness of meat is there too… These things are very individual. Ask multiple persons who do carnivore successfully since a long while and they will say different things and they all probably will be right in their own case.

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I feel the urge. Get on the toilet and nothing. Get up, continue with my day, get the urge, get on the toilet and nothing! Repeat all day. I might go but it doesn’t feel like I’m finished but nothing else happens.

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Yes, that does sound like constipation. :disappointed:

Have you stopped the supplements to see if that helps?

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2-3 pounds per day is my normal, and usually in two meals

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No. I have a tall glass of water, around 20 oz Luke warm, 1/2t salt! Did the trick!

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If you’re not thinking about any specific goals; one way to think of eating more or less fat is to deal with the feeling of hunger (especially if you’re including some sort of fasting on the carnivore diet. For example, when i tried OMAD, i had to increase my fat intake so i don’t feel extremely hungry the last few hours before i eat again.

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Amwassil said " I find it more than curious that our ancestors ate mostly meat and fat, and occasional incidental carbs, for 2+ million years and we’re still here."

Ha, I just finished the synopsis of the new book, “The Carnivore Code” and in it, the author said that one branch of very early man Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, ate mostly meat and another branch, Homo Robustus, ate mostly plants. Homo Habilis became us today…Homo Robustus died out about a million years ago.

edit: oops, sorry, didn’t realize this was an old thread. Didn’t mean to revive it, given the heated debates.


meat and fat is what evolved the human brain thru the eons.

without humans relying on meat and fat as their key menu item there would be no life as we know it today