I know snacking is bad, but

(Hormones suck!) #1

What if it was something ZC (or almost), like an egg, so as not to stimulate insulin?

(traci simpson) #2

I think it’s anything that your eat.

(Hormones suck!) #3

Even if I’m feasting after a fast? I’m not exactly sure of the science of feasting after fasting? Do I want to pig out all day long, upping my carbs a bit and so on, or am I still supposed to try to keep to a feeding window and carbs under 20?

(Jacqueline Porter) #4

I always get a bit confused, but Dr Ken Berry once said that he didn’t believe a BPC broke a fast because it was pure fat and didn’t spike insulin.
I take a couple of spoonfuls of clotted cream to work, it fills me up for hours and I often don’t get time to properly stop and have my whole packed lunch. It seems to work for me, but I spect the carb police might think different​:joy::rofl:

(traci simpson) #5

What does BPC mean?

(Jacqueline Porter) #6

Always carbs under 20g. Eat until you are full.

(Hormones suck!) #7

Well, I’ve already broken the fast but now I’m wondering about the feasting. There’s no way I can get in a ton of calories in one or even two sittings. My stomach has shrunk! So the only way I can feast is to graze all day. Just didn’t know if I was doing it right.

(Hormones suck!) #8

Bullet proof coffee. I think it’s coffee with butter in it.

(traci simpson) #9

Oh, yes I do believe that and coffee with HWC you can have without breaking your fast.

(Jacqueline Porter) #10

Its coffee made with MCT oil and butter. Very nice actually.

(Full Metal Keto) #11

FIFY :cowboy_hat_face:

(Jacqueline Porter) #12

Good correction! 80% full not, stuffed - like the olden days☺

(Hormones suck!) #13

So I’m still wondering if it’s ok to snack while feasting AFTER a fast. I can’t get in enough calories to qualify as feasting unless I snack.

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I thought this would be a good place to put this thread so that newbies could see it, but I realized the fasting thread would be better. How do you move a thread?

(traci simpson) #15

If it’s during my eating window, I might have a snack after dinner or a few minutes before my big meal.

(Full Metal Keto) #16

I wouldn’t worry about it for a day if you want to snack. Can’t you just have more fat and protein heavy choices to get any extra you might need? I know from tracking that sometimes I have made some sketchy meal choices regarding fat and protein content, like eating three chicken thighs in a day. That can be a lot of protein and fat if you ate bacon and eggs for breakfast. I know you’re a pescatarian so why not something like salmon baked in sour cream or something like that? Eat about 3/4 lb of fish. You like cheese. Eat dense foods for a refeed and leave the vegetables heavy stuff for regular IF days. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Hormones suck!) #17

The salmon with sour cream sounds like a good idea. Looking back, I should have made tartar sauce for the fish (meant to but forgot). Will just have to figure out higher calorie recipes for feasting days.

(Full Metal Keto) #18

Also catfish is kind of low fat. :man_cook:t3:

(Katie) #19

What are your goals for fasting? What are your goals for days that you are not fasting?

If you operate with an eating window, you are fine. If you are sticking to foods to keep you in ketosis, you are fine. What is deemed ‘okay’ by the community/keto police is kind of irrelevant–what works for you?

The fewer times a day you eat, the better, because it means that you are raising your insulin fewer times a day. But on non-fasting or feasting days, do not starve yourself because you will lower your metabolic rate.

Try to just go with your hunger cues, no need to overcomplicate. You can do it. I know it is scary, especially when it is new and we are trying so hard to be healthy.

(CharleyD) #20

Just remember that whenever you eat anything you will blip insulin a little bit at least. Your body will store some of that food. The ideal is to limit how many times a day you eat. Because when you are not in a fed state, you are in a fasted state and can pull from your own fat stores. The longer you’re in a fasted state, the lower your regular basal insulin level goes, which more and more opens the floodgates to eating your own ancient Krispy Kremes.

Dr Fung said it best in his Hormonal Obesity series: https://idmprogram.com/historic-perspective-obesity-hormonal-obesity-1/

And here is where it’s shown that your circadian rhythm has an effect on insulin response. Less response in the morning, more in the evening: https://idmprogram.com/eat-fast-break-fast/

Also: https://idmprogram.com/the-critical-importance-of-meal-timing-for-weight-loss/