I know snacking is bad, but

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I’m in my eating window and I want to go to the movies because it’s Friday night, however, if I go to the movies I will for sure eat popcorn. I love popcorn and I love pretzel bites and so going to the movies is a trigger for me and it makes me upset because I really like movies but I feel that I can’t go without having one of those two things. So now I’ll probably stay home and watch Netflix on the couch as usual.

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Ok sorry for not reading enough between the lines earlier. The ‘feast’ can be as little as one big meal where you are so satisfied that the thought of another bite any sooner than next weekend would make you hurl. Or ‘feasting’ can also mean up to around 3 keto meals a day. It really just means being in a fed state.

Snacking or grazing is not optimal in this WOE, which is why a common bit of advice, when people say I’m hungry after a meal, is to eat more at your meals.

If you’re going to eat, then eat all the way.

(Alec) #24

After a fast you can pretty safely simply eat to satiety and not feel the need to feast to get calories in. Why? Because your body will simply draw down on your bodyfat reserves, which is exactly what we want to do.

So, after a fast, eat to satiety. If you feel hungry, eat. If that feels like snacking, so be it. But note your hunger signals. If they are high and frequent, then that indicates a lower fat adaption level ie your body is struggling to use its own fat reserves and wants more energy in.

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Why dont you take some pork scratchings or macadamia nuts? Don’t stop doing things you enjoy🙂

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I thought about it but I don’t feel like it now.

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I’ve always snacked on keto from day one and have never suffered any ill effects. Lost a massive amount of weight each time. But that’s just me.

(George) #28

I think the feasting is supposed to come before a fast, not after. It’s to drive up metabolism and keep it relatively high while you’re not consuming anything on your fast. Once fast is broken, just eat as you regularly would. Eat when hungry, stop when not. Then, leading up to your next fast is when you feast again.

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There’s a lot of people who do fasting days and then right after feasting days. Usually people do alternate days of feasting to fasting! They just say if you break a long fast don’t go straight into feasting mode due to disaster pants!

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I think that is for extended fasting and re-feeding.