I hate working out


How refreshing to hear that someone else hates exercise as much as I do!
I think about it a lot but that’s as far as I get. :roll_eyes:

(Genn) #42

Maybe you just haven’t found an activity that you love yet. I know someone that runs every day, but has openly admitted that they don’t even enjoy running. Doing something you dislike because you feel like you have to sounds like a chore to me, maybe that’s why you equate exercise with going to the dentist? Personally, I’m passionate about strength training, and I find motivation following female powerlifters/strongman competitors and fitness personalities. I go on one of their Instagram or YouTube pages and check out a workout if I need a kick out the door.

(Patricia) #43

You and me both. My spirit animal is a sloth. Unfortunately, being active is immensely important for our health. They say to find an activity you like doing, but I don’t think eating, reading, watching TV, or goofing off on my phone or computer count. :grinning:

(Paulene ) #44

Yeah, all this research into mirror neurons and we still have to actually DO exercise to get the benefits. :roll_eyes:

(Karla Sykes) #45

Thanks for all the help for advice but I walk or run one mile a day on the elliptical trainer and that’s it for me usually is anywhere from 7 to 5 miles a week when I’m sick I allow myself not to work