I hate working out


I like this forum more and more. Whatever weird things I have, I see I am not alone, again and again…
A good dentist barely cause pain and makes things better. And the noices and smells are pretty interesting. One had a lamp for dentists called DeLight, I saw the printed name on it all the time and it never got old :smiley:

Well, working out. I am good as long as I don’t stop, restarting/resuming it, that’s tough.
But I don’t dislike weightlifting, it’s interesting. I only had leg exercises so I don’t do them, it’s not like I need them, I use my legs when I exercise a different way and I want bigger biceps anyway and my legs never will be sticks so it’s fine. (I plan to train them a bit later but as 10 squats without weights is my limit… Okay, I could add weights, it doesn’t matter much, my problem is with bending them, it seems. I did it with ~62 pounds, very tiny for legs but I almost never did squatting before at all. the weight made me wishing to stop more but I did as much as without weights…)

If I dislike something, I don’t do it. Losing fat doesn’t require workouts but I do want muscles and I only like some exercise for my legs but I don’t do enough to get strong legs. Weightlifting sounded the best idea and it’s not bad. Regarding my fat-loss, my diet is the most important by far but if some exercise helped, that must be my little walks. Those are easy and have multiple benefits, I listen to music or birds… Cycling is nice too (and uses more energy) but I never could do as much as walking.
When my area wasn’t good enough to have nice walks, I just travelled somewhere and did a long (to me, I never went over 10 hours) hiking now and then. I kept gaining fat as my diet wasn’t right, I did it to have fun but it could be very useful on a good diet.

Now I have my tiny walks (50 minutes), sometimes a tad longer, I started weightlifting 3 times a week and I do a little bit of cycling too, preferably through the forest, that’s beautiful. Now it’s not green but there are flowers and a river. It’s good enough for me now but as my walks are very tiny, I will need some longer hiking. And I want to climb a hill again, just a few minutes little thing with only my legs and hands but it’s enough for me.
In the past when I had the chance, I did basketball (I am short but it wasn’t about serious competition), playing with others is fun!
You probably can find something you enjoy. And should as exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and it can help so much! I need it for health, energy, well-being… And not feeling I am a total weakling with close to zero stamina. Maybe it’s not so strong for everyone but I am sure exercise had lots of benefits unless one is too sick or do it not right (or too much, maybe. I am glad my first weightlifting session last week was very weak and careful, the next days were painful enough. just a little but I prefer being very comfortable all the time).

In the beginning, it’s harder. No wonder about it. Think about why you need this, be determined and don’t give up for some weeks. Hopefully it’s enough to form habits or see it’s not so bad. But if it is, choose something else.


No one can get me to work out in a gym, for free or paid for, or in my house on a treadmill bought for home or anything HAHA

I do activities. Ride horses, bike, hike, swim, kayak and more. I move with fun stuff I like…not as much fun is just walking the darn dog cause no one else will LOL but you never ‘need to exercise at a gym’ or do a million squat thrusts or ride bikes to nowhere if ya don’t want to do that. But moving your body to gain core strength and all that jazz is a good thing for our well being obviously.


There is no one shoe fits all way of moving your body. We are all different ages here, with different medical histories and life situations, likes and dislikes. Success is when you find what works for you personally. The only thing that applies to all is that we need to be moving our bodies.

For some, that can mean jogging or mountain climbing, other can only do exercises while sitting on a chair, and everything in between. Some like competition, some like to take in nature. It doesn’t really matter that much as long as you are as active as your body and mind allow. If you can move and it makes you happy, you win the lottery.

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You could be told what works, and what to do, till the end of time. It sounds like you’ve started down a good path, doing what you can.

A couple of years ago I too dreaded any regular and deliberate exercise, however by starting slowly and consistently, I’ve grown to love it. And its changed my life.

Good luck!

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Thanks you’re so positive and you always respond so kindly to me everyone around me was telling me that’s not enough that I’m supposed to walk two to three miles every time I go to the gym but if I have that expectation of myself then I know I will not go

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Most of weight and fat loss comes from manipulating the diet.

Start by going for a 10 minute walk after every meal. A lot of people have found success with that.

What do you like to do? Do you like to dance? Try a Zumba video (a lot of free videos online). Do you need outer accountability? Go to a class, or have a workout partner.

When you do go to the gym, what do you do?

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Yes I literally walk one mile a day and the days that I really hate working out I literally running their get my model out of the way in about 12 or 13 minutes and leave. I was just making this post because so many family and friends told me I was doing it in correctly that I was supposed to be walking two to three miles every time I go to the gym but I know I won’t be able to do that so I literally just do one mile every day

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Strength training might be better for your goals. This can be body weight exercises, or using weights.

I like fitnessblender.com for free, at-home videos. Look for their videos that are 20-30 minutes. Also, I recommend one of their 20 minute HIIT videos (high intensity interval training). If losing fat is your goal, I do not think that running a mile every day will help you with that goal. Your body will quickly adapt to that. I recommend doing strength training about 3 times/week, and a quick 10 minute walk after every meal every day. If you want more suggestions or help, let me know and I will be happy to help you.

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Okay I like that now is there a strength training program that I can adapt to what I’m doing now for example 10 to 12 minutes daily versus something that is 20 or 30 minutes long I know myself I don’t know if I can do that. I’m sure I can if I put my mind to it but my mind will come up with the most fantastic excuses in the world unbelievable. LOL

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Once I get past that two week hump of making it a habit I can usually make myself enjoy my workouts. But man this morning was tough. I woke up late at 4:15 am and when I looked at the radar it was about an hour before the rain was going to hit. That combined with a slight hangover I was tempted to find an excuse but I knew tomorrow was going to be a rainout. I pushed through it and ran my one mile to the gym, lifted and did 3.25 miles home. As usual I was glad I did.

I exercise by running to stay fit and challenge my heart, I exercise by lifting weights to prevent injuries from sudden movements like a fall or catching something falling over. Neither are required or part of keto but I feel that they are added benefits.

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Go to the website that I recommended. Search for a workout and tailor your search to the time length that you want.

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Maybe find someone to do it with? Everything is easier if someone is there slogging through it with you. My entire living room is a home gym and I have trouble being motivated, it’s ridiculous.

But I’m painting the back bedroom to make it a hydro garden and that’s some exercise.

And I’ll decide to go to the big walmart to shop and get the heaviest things (cat litter etc.) in my basket first, so that’s some exercise.

And park at the far side of the parking lot so I have to walk to and from (from with heavy basket), so that’s a little exercise.

And when I want to work out, I have finally realized, I need to basically drink caffeine or have some other ‘up’ element and then turn the beat music on really loud.

In other words I have to find some way to psych myself into exercise or get myself into it and then I’m stuck (like with parking far away or starting shopping with heavy stuff) or find some home or garden project that needs doing. The amount of use my awesome little gym, which right now is eight feet away, gets is pitifully small. It’s just hard, the discipline.

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You are totally right thank you for the Fantastic advice

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So funny. I like the dentist too.:grin:

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I hated it too, but having a workout partner that is more motivated than me has been a huge help. I whine getting ready and on the way there, but once I get started I get into it. Then I pat myself on the back all the way home.


Nope, makes perfect sense. I’ve had gyms at apartments I’ve lived in and had ZERO motivation to get anything done in them.

I think going to real gyms is very motivating. Starting out is always very hard but you typically start seeing results very quickly and THAT motivates you HUGE! If it’s not out of the question for you get a gym membership and start lifting weights. You get a lot more out of it metabolically, you’ll build muscle, loose fat, have more energy and most importantly be healthier!

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There are many things in today’s world that freak me out just a little

But multiple people saying they like going to the dentist wins for the day

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I used to hate working out. For a long while I was going on walks - 3 miles 3 to 4 times a week but I was not making any progress. I knew I needed to add weight lifting to enhance fat burning but I had a membership at the Y…HATED IT!!! The “gym rats” were always hogging the machines and I could never get in any consistency with reps/etc.

I finally quit the “Y” and joined a 24 hr gym. Its been great!! They have an app that allows you to create your own workout or use one of their pre-made ones based on what type work-out you want (calorie, fat burn, cardio…and whether you will be working out with “no equipment” or “gym equipment” Makes working out at home a breeze if you can’t get to the gym. There is even 1 group class that I actually look forward to and feel cheated if I can’t go for work reasons.

I have found that I have to go and lift at least 2-3 times a week or my craving will creep back…keto or not!!

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A gripping audioBook that is strictly for cardio/treadmill/elliptical/bike! Podcasts! Disco playlist for a faster pace! Start with just getting there and doing it…it will progress. I started on a space opera (love sci-fi; not so enthused about soapy narratives…but here I am in The Expanse🙄…go figure.). Don’t overbook your time each visit. If you’re doing some weights, Plan which machines or universals. Have the weights and settings documented and whether it’s time to increase reps or lbs! I am a self-conscious gym rat. Really not that comfortable but I plan my work and work my plan. Find what works for you, be honest to yourself and WORK IT!