I gained fat by eating too much fat (taking myself out of maintenance :( )

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No, yours are actually interesting! Long and boring posts surely exist but yours kinda kick ass :grinning:

LMAOOO I was BORN a boring gray adult :grimacing:


this is my husband too. If he eats too much fat he is REALLY uncomfortable. Me, I can tolerate it easily, comfort-wise. Hence eating it by the ton lately without really even thinking about it. :slight_smile:


Brussel sprouts don’t seem to bother me that much but I don’t love them enough to buy/cook them. I’ll have them once in a blue moon at a restaurant that I really love and prepares them really yummy. Actually I don’t love cabbage enough to try experimenting with sauté experiment either… lol… so IDK, but good question in case I ever do! :smiley: I just asked myself why I used the word “sadly” if I don’t care… hahaha… I think I was thinking about a few dishes friends have made with cabbage (like deconstructed egg rolls) that were really good, but sent me running to the bathroom!

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Try this:

It’s the only way we make them. If you buy one of the “fancier” (ie, more expensive) balsamic vinegars, you use less.

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I would imagine this is the total reason you gained weight, as this is 100 percent junk -I only started losing weight when I increased fats, but only real food fats, not junk food fats. The only fats I use are butter, some bacon grease if I am eating bacon, and fats in some meats, Chosen Foods Avocado Mayonnaise and once in a while some EVOO. I was always keeping the carbs below 20 (often more like 10) and not enough fats, but I cannot eat any artificial garbage at all, like anything with artificial sweeteners, or anything like the junk food like Halo or anything, or I would gain weight.

Artificial sweeteners or any so called Keto treats can definitely cause trouble for many people. I am glad that you have figured it all out and are losing again though, that is great =).

Best wishes for getting back on track and back to your weight loss =).


you could be right @Momof5 !! The only reason I think it was mostly the extra fat is because it was SOOO much more than I ever used to eat (of fat) and the rebel, while a bad addiction, wasn’t huge quantities… so I’m thinking geez it couldn’t be that much of a culprit. But I could be in denial about that, or just incredibly mistaken in my theory… lol…

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You can read my post on the Levers of weight loss…

Sometimes it CAN BE the types of fat. For me, Excessive pork fat was causing inflammation and weight gain. The tell for me was my BP was elevated which is a sign of inflammation.

The Levers of Power (What to Measure, What to Control) to avoid stalling/stalls

Also, we are going to have to deal with the fact that Calories do matter once your ratios are in a good range. Also, when you eat, and how many times a day you eat become important.

But good for you on noticing. Just realize how much my mind was blown that 5 months of struggling was caused by me getting a smoker, and smoking more pork than I have eaten in 5 years! The basic theory is that it is the Omega 3: Omega 6 ratio that is too far off. I now take cod liver oil, and eat some roe to help balance in the other direction.

Finally, it took 4 weeks of a significant reduction of pork (down to bacon as a side), before my BP got back down to normal!

YMMV, but best of luck!

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From your picture you look very slim and fit to me =). My hubby is not on Keto at all (he is a Carb monster, like big time), and has 4 diseases (diverticulitis, bipolar, hydrocephalus, and parkinsons so would really benefit from Keto) but is stubborn. I feed him a lot of my Keto suppers but then he has carbs with them, and then eats carbs galore, and he still lost some weight, men’s metabolisms can be annoying!

I just know if I were to eat any form of Keto treats, I would gain weight, so I don’t. I might make some Keto icecream for a desert on Christmas day but maybe not, I tried on my birthday and it was a flop so I threw it out. My kids were upset that I refused to go off Keto for my birthday. I did the day before go to Sushi with them but I only ate the sushi I thought was safe, and only went off plan by eating some of the rice in the sushi and I didn’t gain anything but I was careful still.

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Brussels sprouts with bacon, hellyeah, and so easy; just cut in half, season, bacon on top, into 400 oven, done! It’s fab.

Could be both the too much fat and the Rebel, combined.

It’s so highly individualized; one must keep tweaking, esp when closer to goal like me, that’s when my tweaking started, prior to that I just ate high fat/low carb/whatev protein and lost like crazy for nigh onto two years.



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:rofl::rofl::rofl: @Meerkatsandy :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank you! It’s all in my booty…lol… that’s why it’s hard to tell in the pic. No, seriously, some people say I should be happy about that, but it really is excess that I don’t need and it’s like it all gravitates to that one spot… thighs and booty and just thick legs… cankles… lol… I almost think I’d be more content if it was evenly spread in my body.

You’re doing well! Hopefully your hubby will see your example of good success too! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I have lost 53 pounds since February but still have over 100 to go, so I guess that is why I am so strict with myself, I really an determined to lose it all and stay slim and healthy after. I did way too many years of bad eating and yo-yo dieting, never going back there!

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You say that now and then you’d try to stuff boobs and back fat into a sports bra and wish it was back in the lower half where you can’t see it as much! :rofl:


wooo hoo!!! that is awesome. You will totally get there. You are determined, disciplined, and seem to be really in tune with your body’s needs. Already so much success!!


:crazy_face: hehehe… actually I do that already, but that could be because I need new bras… lol

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I read that bralettes were the newest trend for women and had to laugh. It’s like trying to hold a boulder with a doily for me. But I did switch from underwire to seamless, hookless bras and they don’t offer the lift, but at this point in my life, I don’t care anymore.

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Down 53lbs, that is AWESOME.

Keep it up. And make it a WOL…

Do you walk much? I cannot state how much just adding walking and listening to books on tape while walking has REALLY helped me. I have walked 28 miles in a day, fasted, and plan on going 50 next (setting aside the 16hrs is the fun part)… At 307 I would have rather been shot than walk that much!

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I have the Overdrive (or Libby) app which lets me check out and listen to audio books from my library for free. A great gift for someone who does a lot of independent work and is allowed to listen on the job (one ear only, though.)

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I’m ashamed to say that I’m very fond of hotdogs. They’re not good for you. Not at all