I gained fat by eating too much fat (taking myself out of maintenance :( )


This is just me, guys!! Some people apparently can eat unlimited fat. Not me. lol… So a few weeks ago I mentioned in another thread that I was getting SUPER hungry on random days, like ravished, and I realized (because I track out of curiosity - not to restrict) that I was eating very low protein. I said to myself I’ll increase my protein. Meanwhile, the lbs have been up for the last couple months… about 4-5 lbs up. Water weight, blah, blah, blah… that’s what I said but no… IT’s FAT… lol… my legs are noticeably bigger, my jeans are tighter all over… my measurements are up an inch everywhere. I see now that over the time I was eating very little protein, I was also eating a LOT like a WHOLE LOT more fat than I have been for the past 2 years. So not only do I need to increase my protein (which I’ve been doing the last couple weeks), I also need to dial down the fat quite a bit. Like… not seek out extra butter and cream cheese. Fatty protein is what seems to keep me full. Not substantial protein with tons of extra fat piled on top. So that’s just me. In case it helps anyone else reading. I know I get a lot out of reading all of your experiences! Hopefully this 5 lbs I’ve been carrying around (that I told myself was water weight but no… it’s time to face the facts) will start shedding soon. I also think part of my problem was getting a little too carried away with a current addiction of rebel ice cream… because back when I was at my lowest weight a few months ago I was not eating that. I was basically at that time practically carnivore + little dark chocolate and boy have I strayed from that!!! But you know what totally sucks? My husband who also does keto (just for non-weight related health benefits and was already small) can eat an entire pint of rebel ice cream every night if he wanted to (I don’t let him because it’s expensive haha), and he wouldn’t gain a single ounce of fat! So unfair. Anyway… Bye bye rebel ice cream (maybe just a bite on the weekends? lol) and loads of fat.

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I’m a year in and also put a limit on the fat. In the beginning I used it with abandon but these days I’ve noticed better results switching from heavy whipping cream to half and half and while I still cook with bacon dripping/butter I don’t practically deep fry everything in it and then dump it on top when I’m finished.

I’m not going to mention the four letter acronym but for me, at this point, I need to pear down a bit if I want to see results again. It’s working, at a snails pace, but working.

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I think this is me, too, at least at this stage (v small and close to goal).

I’ve recently switched it up AFREAKINGGAIN in effort to break a stall; I’ve been 115 for months, need to get to 105-100ish.

I don’t own a scale and only weigh at a certain grocer’s infrequently.

Last two weeks I started eating leaner meat (grilled chicken breasts) and CarbMaster Yogurt and apples :open_mouth:, basically upping carbs a tad.
I’ve been eating only these five things for two weeks (this isn’t hard for me, I get into these grooves where I eat just a few things for ages):
chicken breasts
bologna (I know many folk find it icky but I kinda love it)
Granny Smith apples
CarbMaster Yogurt

Haven’t weighed yet but my ribcage is more visible, lower abdomen flatter, clavicle more prominent and face thinner.

I’m going to give it a few weeks, weigh, then see but dropping fat/upping carbs seems to be working in my case.

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I’ve also dropped a meal and upped the carbs a bit. I was eating three almost carnivore meals a day for a year (because I was hungry for each one of those meals). I’m trying just lunch and dinner but with more variety and slightly larger meals (which means more carbs) and have started losing again after a 9 month stall…and I’m staying fuller longer!


oh, that’s so interesting that adding in some carbs is actually helping! That’s one thing I’m TERRIFIED to do!!!


Very interesting, me too :frowning:
I was in maintenance and also gained some…it’s been stressful these past few months, I’ve been stuffing my feelings with my husband’s nut drawer and eating out more than we usually do (lots of trips to see my dad in the hospital). I’m so angry with myself :frowning:
Enough is enough, back to simple keto. I’ll try higher protein and without adding fats to get to 75%, i’ll see how it will work in the next few weeks.

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Yes me too!
I haven’t had nary a carb excepting what’s in veg (my obsessive/perfectionistic disorder prevents cheating :crazy_face:) since starting Aug 2017 and had swift, excellent results, fast and sustained, getting down to 122 then STALLING :expressionless: for months.

Going almost carnivore broke that stall, got quick to 116, then sloowly to 115 and here I sit!

I was SO AFRAID to start in with the apples and yogurt but desperate to start losing again. I was eating a LOT of meat daily, lots o’fat, and being so small (very short, small frame, postmenopausal and sedentary so prob v low TDEE) I think I was eating too much and esp too much fat; introducing these few carbs is helping me to eat less. I also feel peppier.

Again everything is case by case and this method may totally screw up someone else!

I’m gonna wait til I weigh after awhile then if nice results will prob make a thread about it or revive my accountability thread.

YES, I was needing a LOT of meat to feel satiated; now one chicken breast, (or pile of bologna, I alternate) big plate of cabbage (shredded, sauteed in butter), 2-4 CarbMaster yogurts and 1-2 GS apples per day and I’m set for 24h.

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:joy::joy::joy: oops


hahahaa that made me laugh too when I read it




oooh this sounds so good … sadly, cabbage absolutely TEARS my stomach up like nothing else. It’s too bad because it’s such a good ingredient!

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I can eat cooked cabbage, but oddly raw sauerkraut is bad but cooked sauerkraut is OK.

Ted Naiman on Twitter has been discussing intermittent feeding before bed of 100g carbs. This supposedly (for those of you exercising) primarily goes to glycogen in muscles. So, this might be what you all are experiencing.


No, it’s not just you. I never tried to eat as high-fat as before (the more carbs I eat, the more fat I need to balance things out and get satiated and I love fat) but I fight to keep my fat intake low enough since I went low-carb several years ago and realized my very high-fat past has some effect despite the smaller amount of carbs… I don’t NEED lots of fat to get satiated on keto but I like it. So I try to minimize it, I just use a bit of added fat (it would be uncomfortable with none and I do can afford some) but basically I just eat my protein, that brings enough fat with it. It works nice for maintenance, losing fat is tougher but I think I will do that now. I just had to avoid the siren song of a second (unnecessary) meal :smiley: and continue to watch the consumption of my high-fat low-protein items.

Husbands are different, everyone is different. Mine can get away eating more fat than me and lots of carbs but I am the one who is good at maintenance, he gains fat quickly if he eats more or exercise less. So we both could envy each other :smiley: And no one keeps me from being as active as he is… I probably could have the same amount of muscle mass too as he has really little except on his legs, he mostly runs and cycles. And he’s taller, probably your husband is taller than you too, more muscular, your genetics aren’t the same either. It’s life. If it’s a race, it’s with yourself only, not with others. Other may have lots of advantages, no sense to compare.

Protein is important, never neglect it. It’s needed for several process in the body, of course but it has a huge role in satiation too. Maybe some people get satiated with high-fat low-protein, many of us definitely not. But why would anyone eat low-protein? Don’t do that.

If you need, you may have your fatty days. No matter how determined I am, I need and have my occassional higher-carb, higher-fat days. They are nice and make me happier for months to come. I actually need them physically if I have a very active day, alas, those are rare.
But normally, you need to have some limit on fat, of course. Everone needs a limit somewhere but many people just don’t go beyond that on keto. Some can’t, even. It’s easier to overdo fat with a smaller energy need and a huge passion for fat, even without lots of protein.

It’s probably fine, just be a bit careful, you learned your lesson.

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The heck? Does it make you gassy or what?
Brussels sprouts, try maybe?

Have you tried cabbage sauteed, not boiled?

@Shinita I just want to say I dig all your posts, something about your writing style I really like and the content is always so on point! :100:

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I found your post to be very helpful. You were able to keep your weight maintained with a lower fat level. I get it, that extra fat makes you to get fatter. I have lots of my own personal fat that I need to burn off. So my fatty coffees should probably go.

Yes, it is super unfair that most men cannot only lose weight quickly maintain more easily and eat a lot of fat.I have this theory that back in the day, I mean way back in the day, that the men hunted, and gobbled up all the fatty parts before they brought it home, and the women and children got less fatty meats. That may be why we need more protein and slightly less fat. Anyway it’s just a personal pet theory. Stay in touch while you lose that few extra pounds. I’m interested in how to maintain some day.


I’m short, not much to lose, not very active but have a tad high metabolism for my stats, it seems. I don’t care about percentages as they aren’t important at all, not even my fat grams but I couldn’t eat 75% fat, it would be too little protein or too many calories. I usually have 69% (my grams vary a lot but not my percentages. 65-70% fat but usually 69) and I can lose or maintain with it, it depends on my protein intake, is it barely enough or definitely enough, maybe a bit high… 75% will be right for bulking or being more active… 80% for more active times, maybe… And if I had a huge, muscular body and high activity (mmm…), I would need 90% or something (energy need goes up more than protein need). It’s mostly about energy intake, protein matters more at a lower energy intake (even carbs matter at lower calorie, especially if one has a bigger personal limit and use it) unless one is fine with very high protein (with very high fat, of course). Some people do low-fat high-protein keto but if you eat adequate protein, you get bigger fat percentages as your energy intake raises, it’s logical. Unless your energy need do crazy things, mine is the same on and off keto as far as I can tell.
So, 75% is unneeded and it’s a very bad idea for some of us.


Oh my, thank you! :blush: I actually feel bad to write to very long and complicated comments and mostly about myself, sometimes I wonder when you folks get upset with me… Not like you seem to be that type here… I got positive reactions in the past but it’s always so surprising anyone can handle my braindumps (well, not quite that, I spend a lot of time on them, cut things out, rewrite and abandon. I try to be responsible a bit but I just can’t resist).

Still, I’m addicted to this forum (and everything related to food) to a dangerous level so I try to be scarce and live instead. It’s hard, this forum is full with interesting things, I learned a lot in the last several days. But I wrote almost everything important about my food escapades so hopefully I won’t feel the need to write this much anymore. But I can’t do simple or concise, life is complex and interesting. And I never totally grew up, maybe it shows. It feels better to be a child to some extent, actually every human should avoid to become a boring, gray adult who forget about being a child.

Thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That’s an excellent theory. It makes logical sense.

Having said that, I’m one of those males that like higher protein, lower fat. Too much fat actually sickens me. For instance, hot dogs or similar, I can eat them if I combine them with lean meats. If I eat nothing but those, they upset my stomach. I bought some high fat, grass-fed only beef sausages from Costco, and they are the same. If I eat them by themselves, they tear up my stomach. If I add them as extra fat to some lean meats, I’m fine.


Maybe there are some evolutionary things, I don’t know (but no way women need more protein), I always thought it’s mostly due to men being bigger, more muscular and I guess, more active in average too (the activity that matters in energy need).

Individually it varies a lot, of course, I’ve read about fat guys who lost super slowly on keto, eating less than me… Poor guys.
Maintenance is surely hard for many men, maybe not on keto but in other diets.

Maybe women has a closer, more emotional relationship with food too? It’s usually they who make those cakes and other desserts on blogs and become super excited with them… They probably eat more of them too…

There are many factors, that’s sure. And I experienced that having just a bit smaller body makes losing fat way harder. It’s the same with my male SO though, he automatically eat for his fattier than ideal body, just like I do unless I’m careful. Still, it’s harder to eat less when we already have not so much food…