I found Keto Bagels

(Tania M) #1

I was driving around town today and drove past a city market building (closed at the time) and the sign outside said “keto bagels”. I am so excited. Checking out their website they also make pre-cooked frozen keto pizzas.
I live in Canada so don’t have access to the delicious sounding ones they mention on the podcast.


Hope they turn out to be very good, and you have access to some nice Keto stuff. But be careful. As you know, there are a lot of folks who like to cash in on anything they can, and Keto-Friendly items are no different and quite a hot ticket presently. - Especially since with pre-made stuffs, someone else is the one making these things, so we really never know everything that is being put in them? :slight_smile:

(Paul H) #3

Grrr I see a balloon bursting…lol Good point Dave. A girl’s gotta dream! :slight_smile: Go Tania!


I really hope it isn’t true for this place, but I like to mention it just in case…

Some places that are incorporating more Keto-Friendly stuff to their lineup, are indeed doing it right, if they truly want to offer these things to help sales and the folks looking for these things. But there’s way more folks who just look to use the name to cash in and take advantage. … One thing I’ve found since switching over to Keto (for most) means making even more foods/meals from scratch. Obviously this is the only way to truly know what all goes into it, since you control this, but it is more work mostly. :+1:

(Tania M) #5

There’s not a ton of info on the FB page or website, but looks promising. She is a small local baker/cook, I saw she has a Shepherd’s pie with 5.5g net carbs (I wouldn’t buy this). I’m not looking for something to eat every day, but if once in a while I can get a keto (or ketoish) bagel, it beats caving and eating one of my other family members bagel (it happened once).

I cook most of my own stuff, though I’ve been too lazy to make pizza, so if someone else can make fat head or cauliflower crust for me, I’d be in heaven.

What makes me angry is Costco sells cauliflower pizza crusts that are not keto, Dr Oetker makes a bunch of non tradition crusts including cauliflower and spinach, none of which are keto. Pizza Pizza’s cauliflower crust is not keto. There are the people cashing in, they may not be claiming to be keto, but that is who they are gearing towards.

(Tina Emmons) #6

I get cinnamon “raisin” bagels from LC Foods and they are very good! Super convincing when toasted, 2TB butter and 2TB cream cheese, and I add a teensy bit of their sugar free jam. It’s like the old days without the guilt! Dunno if they ship to Canada. Their shipping is VERY expensive but I try to just look at the bottom line like is this BAGEL worth(whatever they are total including tax and shipping)? I’ve always replied yes to myself! They make their own products so I don’t worry about hidden ingredients or improper preparation. They have pizzaz shells too that I’ve used often. They use alternate flours and isolates from grains that act as a prebiotic so not digested and not counted as calories or carbs. Have successfully lost/maintained while enjoying them too.

(Paul H) #7

Absolutely! BS Marketing crap… As Dave mentioned…they try to trick every day or outright lie… I have my hopes high and then READ the LABELS… ugh… Keep looking!

(Karen) #8

These “keto” pizzas are generally lower carb but they are certainly not keto. I’ve been disappointed in the cauliflower pizzas as well. Guess it’s time to make my own.

(Scott) #9

I don’t care if the word keto is on the label. If I don’t already know the carb content of anything I look at the label. As long as I hear things like “Heart healthy vegetable oils” I trust no one.


You could always ask her what all is in them, and explain you’re not trying to get her recipe, but that you are trying to eat Keto & want to make sure there isn’t anything that would hinder your desired results?

Plus, there are some Keto Bagel recipes out there, and I believe Diet Doctor’s website has some. But I haven’t tried any myself, but know some folks here have and really liked them. Might be worth checking out? … As for the Pizza’s, I have and do make the Fathead-Pizza’s myself from time to time, and they are quite good. I’m also presently trying out some other recipe ideas for this as well. I usually post those in a Recipe thread I have. But I’m also looking into some other things bread-y, even though I’m not a big fan of bread in general. I would like the option for the Family, or the occasional partaking. :slight_smile:

(Tania M) #11

She seems to be willing to share what is in them, based on comments on other items. I definitely won’t buy it if I don’t know. I will visit the shop on Saturday and hope for the best, but be prepared for crap.

@Reclause I don’t listen to package claims either, I read ingredients and nutrition labels. I also have a son who can’t eat artifical colours (and flavours) so I have a been a label reader long than I have been keto.

(Full Metal Keto) #12

I’m not familiar with these products, are they marketed as KETO? Because the idea of cauliflower pizza crust has been around longer than KETO has been popular. Gluten Free, and vegetarian type eaters who want a healthy alternative have been eating this stuff before keto versions stasrted to pop up. And yes they contain tapioca starch and stuff like that. I think that some people get the Outer Isle brand and they’re keto friendly, I haven’t tried them. I think Whole Foods carries them. Not cheap. :cowboy_hat_face:


I ordered a few items from them recently. The cinnamon swirl bread (I toast and butter it) and blackberry jam is very good. I’ll probably try the bagels sometime.


Agreed, I have tried the coconut fathead bagel recipe and sprinkled on everything bagel seasoning. They were much better than any commercial low carb bread product I’ve ever tried. I totally understand wanting a quicker/easier option on occasion, though.


Yeah, I can see it as well and don’t blame anyone for trying them. It’s just you really have to look at the ingredients real close to make sure there isn’t hidden stuff in them. If not, they are great to have as an option. … One of the things that has been spoken about recently, is the Cheese Wraps being offered. Of course you can simply make these as well, but like you said, it is a nice option and convenient, as long as they are simply what they say, and not something that could cause some issues.

(Tania M) #16

I live in Canada so our stores don’t have the variety that is found in US stores. Cauliflower crust pizzas are new in all the stores I have seen, in the fall Pizza Pizza started selling it. In the past gluten free pizza offerings in the city was not cauliflower, usually rice or something else that tastes like cardboard.
Back in the day I worked with a girl that has celiac, would totally suck when we ordered pizza for the office, we’d get gluten free for her and was so nasty…

(Bunny) #17

Speaking of Bagels, I always wondered about the ancient way or art of preparing fermented unleavened bread and if that is some how related to better health?

I know bread is very nutritious when baked and eaten within 48 hours of being milled into flour with all its germ oils, but fermenting it may change all the parameters when it comes to digestibility, nutrients and impact on blood sugars and over-all health.

The example below is an ancient method; which makes me speculate even further; are we doing it wrong? Is that the reason the gluten (endosperm) in bread destroys the microvilli (creating a smooth celiac surface) in our gut and turns into pure sugar with all the preservatives, processing[1] and additives (e.g. additional sugar; HFCS mixed with sucrose)?


We may have lost our connection with our original culinary preparation, baking and agricultural roots as it relates to health? Maybe?

3 Ancient Traditions For Healthy Bread: Natural Leavening, Sprouting, Soaking

Reference Notes:

[1] What’s in your bread (bleached flour/alloxan)? “…Alloxan, or C4 H2O4N2, is a product of the decomposition of uric acid. It is a poison that is used to produce diabetes in healthy experimental animals (primarily rats and mice), so that researchers can then study diabetes “treatments” in the lab. Alloxan causes diabetes because it spins up enormous amounts of free radicals in pancreatic beta cells, thus destroying them. …” …More

Studies using ketone salts and esters
Dr. Andrew Weil Says Keto Is 'A Starvation Diet'
(Tania M) #18

Well, the bagels are keto, and so delicious. But obviously a bit pricy for me - $2.50 each or 5 for $10, so they will be an occasional treat, as they should be.

Today’s lunch was a cheddar onion bagel toasted with butter, 2 small sticks of spicy pepperoni (made by a co-worker) and a piece of cheese.