I don’t like coconut oil

(Dan) #1

Hi everyone.

As the heading says, I don’t like coconut oil. I don’t like coconut in general.

I have recently made my first batch of fat bombs with coconut oil as it was in the recipe.

Any idea what I can substitute it with please



(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #2

First - is there a reason you feel you need fat bombs? Or is it simply that you want to eat them?

Second - try butter.

(Dan) #3

Hi Beccs

I wanted to try and raise my fat intake but have now seen that I don’t need to.

I made some which are edible but don’t like the coconut after taste

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #4

Butter. I’ve also tried chocolate fat bombs with bacon drippings and they were yummy.

(Susan) #5

Hi Dan, when I first started doing keto, I looked for all kinds of alternative versions of what I normally ate, e.g. keto bread, fat bombs etc. I don’t bother now but I had a problem with the coconut taste too so I used to add herbs, such as dried rosemary/sage, to savoury recipes to disguise the coconut taste. I didn’t really eat many sweet fat bombs - just a square of dark chocolate. Nowadays the only fats I use are olive oil or some Benecol or Pro-Activ spreads due to my dairy intolerance.

(Dan) #6

Thank you Ladysusanauk, the coconut is not a flavour I like.

I was only doing the fat bombs as I saw it as an easier way to raise my fat intake. However I now know I don’t have to and can eat less fat than my macro says which is good to hear.

I tend to find cooking with olive oil or butter best for me, again another way to not have to use the coconut oil :nauseated_face:

I haven’t really had any cravings for anything and I’m just near the end of my third week so hopefully things are working out well for me.

(Susan) #7

If you still want to make fat bombs, you can use cream cheese.

If you want to give yourself a little treat, you can have a tablespoon of Almond Butter or cream cheese for a desert after a meal =). I have also taken a bit of cream cheese, and 6 frozen raspberries and eaten that and tell my brain I am eating my own version of Keto icecream =).

(Dan) #8

Thanks Momof5

I like cream cheese, don’t like nut butter too much but the raspberries sounds great thank you.

(Cristian Lopez) #9

Why benecol? Canola oil sounds healthy to you?

(Susan) #10

I barely use it, just the odd pat occasionally.

(Not a cow) #11

Not a big coconut flavour fan either, but it is a healthy oil, and has a high heat point for cooking where the other OO and Butter don’t. I still get away with using OO for cooking mostly and haven’t noticed any burn’t oil on my food.

My normal fat bomb uses cream cheese and whipping cream whipped together, put into a silicone muffin container and frozen. I add lemon vanilla and sometimes chocolate. I figure 2 carbs per mouthful which is rather large if you are trying to go really low on carbs.

I switched over the whipped cream to butter and coconut oil just recently to cut down the carbs. Decent flavour mixing coconut oil with cream cheese and butter. I can live with this one as my new low carb dessert. ( I added bacon bits too, maybe that’s the helper i needed , haha)


I’d steer clear of any vegetable oil spreads… You can try ghee or you can clarify butter at home. Or you can try goat butter, I’ve heard some people can tolerate goat’s milk… Vegetable oils are pro inflammatory, no good at all!

(4e82945357be9ba37151) #13

If you find yourself wanting to use up your coconut oil in the future, but want to avoid the flavor…there are several Pinterest New York Mint Patty fat bomb type recipes that use it. The peppermint extract removed all coconut flavor when I tried them out months ago, IMO.

(Brian) #14

I love coconut in sweet things, despise the taste in savory things. So I can at least partially relate.

Butter, ghee, cream cheese, cocoa butter, it kinda depends on what you’re making. Some things will just be a better fit in the flavor profile.

For flour, almond flour is the other main choice but I’ve seen that other people have used a handful of low-carb flours in their baking. I haven’t branched out that far.

Good luck!

(Dan) #15

Thanks guys, I think I’m ok steering clear of the coconut oil and replacing it with something else to work better for me.