I Cheat In My Sleep!



@Regina and several others mentioned that Costco has terrific bacon. I’m looking for a less expensive No Sugar Added bacon. I’m paying $5.99 for 12 oz. at my local supermarket chain. At 4 - 6 packages a week (we love, love, love bacon!) - it gets pricey. Can someone provide a link to exactly which Costco bacon all y’all are talking about? Does it have sugar in the ingredients list? That is something we’re supposed to avoid, right?

(Bunny) #22

My favorite hack (below) for the munchies and much more fun!

BTW: Those vitamins your supplementing with are just going to make you hungrier especially at night because they are going to increase the intensity of your female hormones that make you want to eat more, I would take them once every three or four days or so?

Adherence to hunger training using blood glucose monitoring: A feasibility study: Hunger training appears to be a feasible method, at least in the short-term, when an individualised fasting blood glucose is used to indicate that a meal can begin.

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I haven’t bought the bacon from Costco in a while. I picked up some nitrate free and sugar free bacon and thought it was horrible. I’m back to Farmer John bacon, which does have some sugar in it. It still lists sugars as 0 percent so I can’t believe the amount would be harmful. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.