I broke the first rule of fasting!


People seem to have different favorites, but a few constants are to break it
cautiously, and
near a bathroom if possible.

Have something small - some nuts or olives seem to work best for most people - and let that settle for a while (an hour or so?) before you try a meal, and probably a small meal for your first one.
Eggs as a fast-breaker seem to work for some folks and are a disaster for others.

Congratulations on your fast! How do you feel?

(Dustin Cade) #102

I feel pretty awesome, I never thought I’d be able to do it!


oh! so cool to find out that you can! Nice :grin:

(Dustin Cade) #104

I’m thinking about doing a 7 day every quarter…

(Trish) #105

Awesome picture!


One thing I’ve just started is intermittent fasting. It’s been pretty easy for me and I think it’s going to work pretty well. Basically you don’t eat after a specific time at night and then don’t eat again until a specific time the next day. I’ve chosen 6pm at night to 10 am in the morning. I guess there’s lots of health benefits and it allows your body to produce ketones and get into fat burning mode because your insulin isn’t constantly going up and down. I’ve heard this method works well too: Eat - STOP - Eat (http://bit.ly/eatstopeat34)


Haven’t posted in a long while. Using IF pretty regularly and my weight loss of approx 25-27 lbs has stayed steady. Don’t count carbs- just avoid the SAD stuff and when scale is up 3-5 lbs (weigh once per week) I fast for 1-3 days. Have never made it beyond 3 days for some reason. I feel great- the hunger comes and goes and is more gone than present but T 3 days I seem to have social/marital reasons to eat and since my weight is not motivating me to continue I don’t. But the mental explorer aspect of me would love to experience 5-10 days- what if anything changes psyche-wise have people noticed or reported? Maybe someone reading this can post a link to a report or share their experience. Thanks in advance.

(Valerie J Smith) #108

Hi Pug. I’ve just finished a five day fast. I’ve never fasted before. The first three days were easy so I thought I would carry on. The forth day was harder really felt the hunger. My head that had been fuzzy through the three days got to nearing a headache. On the fifth day I didn’t feel good at all. Stayed in bed most of the day. I was hoping to do a seven day fast, but gave in after the five days. I will stick to a three day fast for a while. Then try to add on days. I wish you all the best if you go for it. We’re all different. You might breeze through it.

(Karen) #109

Longer fasts are ok for some but yield diminishing returns. How about just a 3 day Zorn fast once a month.



I’m very slow on the response time here. Is the zoom fast a specific 3 days- the first 3 days of the month? It would be awesome just knowing others are fasting.


Zorn fast is the third weekend of each month- so the next one isn’t for another three weeks or so- but there are other fasting threads on here.
If you do a search for “August 2018 EF/IF chat” (there’s probably even a link below) you’ll find lots of folks who are checking in frequently with various lengths of fasts.


Thank so much! I’m finally back in the land of reliable internet.

(Lauren Hardy) #113

What is your longest fast? I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and feel very good with that, but I get scared to try a longer fast…scared my family will insinuate that I have an eating disorder; scared that I will eat everything in site, when I stop the fast. I live a keto lifestyle 90%/10% and feel AMAZING, but really want to feel more energy & focus on my workouts. Struggling to get up at 04:00am to get in a workout, as evenings are full of cooking dinner for my family; watching TV (uggghh) and then going to bed. Anyway - I’m thinking that starting some longer fasts may add more energy for those early morning workouts. Any thoughts?

(Mike W.) #114

What do you mean by 90/10%?

(Danielle Meitiv) #115

Me too - I mentioned it to my dentist who was on her FIRST day of IF and so excited to hear about it from someone else. Recommended a bunch of books to her. So it’s not always a bad idea :slight_smile:

(john d) #116

does he fast