I am in disbelief

(Paul H) #1

Ok… Been doing Keto for almost 4 months… Only focusing on the BS for my T2D… Just had blood work and it showed great improvement. So like the normal fool I am… Yesterday I treated myself before really buckling down and working on some other goals. I ate a whole large pizza… blip done gone… this was about 4pm… So nothing else since then… some black coffee this morning… tea at break… I just got home and tested my BS… 69 and again 71… I have never seen it below 88 I think was the best a couple weeks ago… I didn’t bother testing this morning knowing I would not like the number and just do what I do… Fact is also I am not hungry at all… I don’t understand. I have done OMAD before and never close to this… Figured my BS would still be high even today… no crashed. I am almost concerned… What does this mean?

(Carl Keller) #2

I’m curious if you’re still making ketones after you ate all those carbs. If you still are and you are fat adapted, this might be an example of metabolic flexibility which means you switch from burning fat to burning carbs on rare occasions. The fact that your BG levels are not that high could just mean that your insulin did its job and brought those levels back to baseline before you could measure. I wouldn’t be surprised though that you strored some of those carbs as glycogen in your liver and gained a kilo or two.

(Paul H) #3

I don’t measure ketones yet. Normal BS range is still usually over 100 even before eating on OMAD. These number are just crazy low. Just checked it again 70. Numbers I have never seen. I expected to gain a pound or 2 temporarily… I am thinking I could reduce my insulin and frankly was planning on doing so as I try to lose weight more so with my new goals. But still just unheard of numbers for me. Even though I am not feeling hungry I think I will eat… I want to do extended fasting but, just planned on OMAD today.

(Paul H) #4

OK just had a big salad and it’s up to 81 already… no worries.

(Jacqueline Porter) #5

I’m just guessing here, but I would say that the pizza caused a large insulin spike and, because your cells have lost some of their insulin resistance, the glucose was easily able to enter, thus reducing your blood sugar.

(Paul H) #6

Gm. Ok 98 this morning which is still good for me… planning another omad and did take 10 less units of insulin.

(Alec) #7

That’s what I think as well. Big insulin surge, pushes sugar way down. A good example of when low BG looks ok, but it is the insulin we are trying to avoid, so it is not so great.

Roll on the day we can measure insulin directly.

(bulkbiker) #8

You are injecting insulin?

(Paul H) #9

Yes levemir… just tested 127… more typical… I seem to have a late dawn…

(bulkbiker) #10

Do you think you may have double dosed hence the low numbers?

I do know that for some T1’s a pizza can have an extended effect due to the fats slowing the carb absorbtion and reducing the peak whilst extending the length of time sugars are elevated (he aptly named “pizza effect”). But as I don’t take any T2 meds than I’m not sure I can advise…


Are you on a sliding scale dose, or is it a once/twice a day thing?

Does your doctor/endocrinologist know what you’re doing with IF, keto, etc?

As a long-acting insulin , Levemir ® provides blood sugar control for up to 24 hours

(Paul H) #12

I am able to adjust my dosage and you are correct I did take I higher dosage that day… but the numbers still shocked me I did a similar thing 2 months ago and it shot up to 212 so I was expecting a little less than that with a little more insulin… ok no more pizza cheats… lol

(bulkbiker) #13

In your shoes I’d cut out carbs completely and try to get off insulin altogether…have you ever had your endogenous production tested?

(Paul H) #14

Once a day… Yes he knows and is impressed after my last A1c numbers… I just checked and it’s working back down 117 as usual… lesson here stop cheating with pizza…lol True bs down but higher insulin… not good…

(Paul H) #15

No I have not. I plan on cutting them even more with a new set of goals.

(bulkbiker) #16

Might be worth having it done just to confirm your T2 diagnosis…
C-peptide will do the same…

(Paul H) #17

Thanks Mark. I will look into it.

(bulkbiker) #18

Are you UK or US based?

(Paul H) #19

North Carolina USA

(bulkbiker) #20

OK that should make it easier… I could have recommended some UK places to get it done had you been this side of the pond…