Husband is irritating me

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She is also a fantastic cook, me not so much. She may only be cooking out of self preservation. I often contemplate going carnivore when she goes out of town.

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Your adult daughter that still lives at home should be helping… and paying rent =).
She should either be baking them if she wants them too, or he should, or they can together… or she can buy them,. if she is an adult and living at your house still, she should be pulling her own weight (pun intential if she is eating junk…) and contribute to your household bills, and groceries, and baking, cooking…

maybe a miracle will happen and they will see how awesome you look and decide to join the Keto revolution, muhahaha =)

I have been happily married for 29 years, and we have 5 kids and 2 grandkids, and still have 2 kids at home and a granddaughter (daughter of my one daughter that is still at home) and another daughter temporarily here until she gets a new apt in a month or so… and my kids all help cook, bake, etc if they want things, and also will buy certain things they want if it is not something I normally buy.

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She does pay rent. She also helps clean when her health issues allow it. She doesn’t cook much because she doesn’t eat much.

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@Marlitharn I can relate to some degree here. My son doesn’t eat keto, but he is only eating one meal a day. Since he started this, he’s lost a lot of weight, and honestly looks better than the rest of us, but he’s only 20. :smirk:

When we first started keto, we’d talk about how good we thought it would be for him, and how great he’d feel, but he started developing strong mental anxiety over this (he has Asperger’s, so this is very challenging for him), because he thought we were constantly judging him. I finally had to tell him that I was sorry for making him feel this way, because I never intended to, and that he could eat anything he wanted, even if that was a gallon of ice cream. (I figured if he did that, he would learn a valuable lesson without any comment from me.) But I did not want him to continue to feel guilty, because I thought he was doing great, just eating OMAD. Especially compared to the many years I spent eating garbage, three times a day!

Sure, I’m not happy that he’s eating mainly pizza, hamburgers, and waffles, but I’d rather him be doing that, then feel like he was constantly being judged all the time.

I would like to say that eating keto might help your daughter with her health issues, but it’s not a cure all for everyone, so we don’t know. All we can do, is do the best for ourselves, and do the best we can to help those around us.

Besides, I think people learn more from example than lecture. Unfortunately I’ve given plenty of lectures in my life. :frowning:

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[quote=“dlc96_darren, post:84, topic:87961, full:true”]Besides, I think people learn more from example than lecture. Unfortunately I’ve given plenty of lectures in my life. :frowning:

That certainly resonates with me. Well said and thank you for the timely reminder that sometimes I just need to hold back on the urge to deliver a lecture.

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I would certainly like all my kids to eat healthier as well! and my hubby, but the more I mention to them, the more they get annoyed… so I am just hoping my reducing and exercising and the end results will help.

My kids are all very slim, and fit, as they do exercise, just their eating habits are not the best!

I hope that your daughter’s health issues improve, my husband has a lot of health issues and so he has no interest in changing his diet at this time.

I just feel badly for you having to get nagged at to make sugary sweets. Maybe you could encourage him to buy some at the shops if he doesn’t want to bake himself =).

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Let them make their own. He could make a box brownie easily.

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One person above suggested appealing to his competitive nature, and I would agree that might work with him. I was introduced to keto by my roommate, and to her credit: she did not even call it keto! Instead, she joked about how it was the miracle cure: She called it “the hot dog diet” and “the cheese cake diet”, etc., etc. I realize now: she was advertising it. Yes, she hoped I’d try it with her, but she used the right psychological tactics with me. I watched as she truly did eat a cheesecake one day or a hot dog on another, or even peanut butter cups (her “fat bombs”)… was amazed when the pounds just dropped right off of her anyway. Don’t get me wrong: She ate mostly healthy foods, but she also proved that she did not need to give up sweets and junk food entirely. Something else she did right was she kept a calendar up, and she wrote down a number into the box on each day of the calendar. That number was her weight for that day. I got to see the progress, as she lost more than 30 pounds. From what I could tell, she did not really “suffer” at all. Rather, she had fun. It was an experiment, and it worked. If brownies are your husband’s weakness, I recently whipped up a pretty decent batch I found at blog. I followed the keto recipe for the “Suuuper Fudgy Cocoa Brownies” (yes, that many U’s) and I split those brownies, over a few days, with my roommate. We both found them quite yummy. Your husband might even be temporarily fooled, if you made a small pan of those and you never told him they are keto. If he asks for another batch when those disappear, make him another. After a 3rd request, reveal they are keto brownies. If he couldn’t tell, then maybe he’ll be more receptive to this diet; at least accept that you’re still on it, even if he is not. If root beer is another weakness, buy him a box of the A&W sugar free singles packets and some sparkling water. Half a packet into an 18 oz bottle of cold sparkling water creates very believable root beer; (shake it all in well). No, this not ideal, but it gets the ball rolling. He does not need to cut out the sweets entirely. He can ween himself off of them. Depends on how sensitive he is to any taste differences with the artificial sweeteners, and of course, sweeteners have their own set of problems. But if he has a sweet tooth, (like I do), there are similar tasting sweeteners to sugar to help him pull free of that addiction, while still losing weight.

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I don’t see any mention in this thread of sugar-free and low-carb sweets. Did I miss something? There are a few really good recipes for sugar-free cheesecake on the Recipes forum, and I have seen (though not tried) several brownie recipes, as well.


No, but you can’t expect somebody that still has a hijacked brain to understand. Also, what have you made that didn’t turn out good? I make a ton of crap and it’s awesome! Especially Cheesecake!

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Several different brownie recipes, a few cookies, pound cake, lemon cake. The most recent failure was sugar cookies made with fathead dough. I’ve made some fat bombs that are tasty, and the peanut butter cookies aren’t bad, and everybody likes strawberries with whipped cream.

Most things turn out soggy, eggy, grainy, and/or with a horrid aftertaste from the sweetener. I’ve tried erythritol and stevia and still have a lot of both in my pantry so I’m kind of reluctant to spend money on another type.

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I can totally understand your feelings on trying some of those recipes with expensive ingredients, before Keto I tried a recipe for a low carb chocolate pound cake…I have never seen a cake with the moisture issues that one had, it was in one word DISGUSTING! Like wet sponge made from scrambled eggs compressed together cocoa powder oozing oil disgusting lol…it was the worst and I spent about $20 getting the special ingredients. Keeping it simple and finding recipes that tons of people have given positive reviews to already would be my first choice :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you tried allulose? My family is keto and to us it has the least aftertaste. Our favorite dessert is keto vanilla ice cream with hot fudge.

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Im a widow, so I wished I had your problem. Do you work outside the home? I was raised in the south, and don’t mind cooking outside Keto for my adult son. You asked:) Wish you the best hun

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I work full time. Husband stays home. I do all the cooking. I don’t mind whipping him up something every now and then, but he thinks he needs dessert every day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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Well as they say in the south, thats a whole nother ball of yarn.

LOL If he dont work, he can do all the cooking best wishes!

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I think you should cook him brownies sometimes.

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Yeah, but he expects them every day.

Are you willing to bake desserts every day for your partner? One who is already overweight and shouldn’t have them to begin with?

Just curious.

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Nope. Once in a while I’m fine with. I like to bake and I like to experiment with new recipes. Lately it’s been keto recipes (none of which have turned out very well, but that’s irrelevant). But I don’t want to maintain a constant stream of daily junk food that I won’t eat and that he’ll scarf down in an evening.