Husband is irritating me

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@JRS08 “That’s my life…every single day…sometimes she’ll take a picture of a little oil splatter on the hood, text it to me, and say “ahem…what’s this??”

That would so be me.:joy:

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Oh, we’ll get there. We’ve been married 20 years. We’ve told each other “no” about lots of things, it has yet to drive either of us into the arms of another. :joy:

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LOL I feel like throwing my phone against a wall every time I get those texts

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I cook for us both - same things, but he has bread/pasta/rice/potatoes and I don’t.

He is expressing an interest in keto, and sometimes chooses to not have the starch component he typically favours. It’s a slow process.

I do, however, continue to supply them if he wants them. We do talk about it. It’s a slow burn - he does know he’d benefit from keto, and I’ll know he’ll get there.

But in the meantime, I guess I’m a bit of an ‘enabler’. I love to cook. And any desserts we have together are keto. Crisps and cake aren’t quite yet off his menu though.


Yet its what majority of women want, sexist or not. It isnt for everybody obviously.

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I’m going to ask that we steer clear of anymore relationship advice, and only offer advice related to the ketogenic diet, that might prove helpful to @Marlitharn, in her current situation.

Let’s not make any more assumptions about the OP’s relationship with her husband.

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Is he overweight, or one of these skinny people who can eat as much junk as they want and not gain weight? If he’s overweight, maybe eventually he’ll want to get on board. Good luck.

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She always cooks and I always do the dishes. It seems to work for us.

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He is overweight. He’s lost over a hundred pounds in the past couple of years, mainly by working on portion control, which is awesome and I give him full kudos for that, but he could stand to lose another hundred or so.

Surprisingly, he’s relatively free of major health issues in spite of it. But I think he’d feel so much better if he got on board with low carb!

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Hmmm, I’m surprised he doesn’t want to join you. Obviously, there are things he’d need to give up (like sweets), but I think the meals are delicious and very satisfying. I have a good feeling about this. :blush:


I think he’ll give it a try at somepoint, he also wont be at it alone and he’ll have u to guide him in the beginning.

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This is kind of a weird thread with interesting responses. Or maybe the other way around.

As a very happily married man I would like to point out that you don’t do nice things for your spouse because you are forced to or obligated, you do so because you love your spouse and want to do nice things for them. I do most of the cooking in our home and I absolutely hate the odor of seafood, I also hate the taste, the way it looks, touching it, the fact that it exists, etc. But I have more free time than she does and as I said I do most of the cooking. So when my wife says she really wants seafood I get over it and start pushing skewers through jumbo shrimp or get out a wood plank and grill up some salmon. Gross, disgusting, smelly salmon that should have been eaten by a bear long before it arrived here. She will eat it and be happy. And that happiness makes all of the effort worth it, even if I had to suffer a little. Plus even if she was 3 days into keto and I asked her bake me some chocolate chip cookies, she would preheat the oven and grab the mixer. If the kids begged her for cookies and I was 3 days into keto, she would go over to a friends house with a bag of groceries and some zip-lock bags. The same way I make things for the kids when I am on keto that I cannot have but they can, sometimes carby and sometimes not-so carby. Doing nice things for others is its own reward. Plus it never hurts for me to be up and doing things more than normal.

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So let me see if I got this straight. You don’t like seafood?

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He wasn’t clear

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I guess I am an outlier then and so are most of my female friends. I am curious whether you are male or female. Either way it is hard for me wrap my mind around a single person being the arbiter of what ‘most women’ want.

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This has been our division of labor for the past 24 years we have lived together and works! Luckily for me, the other people in the household eat what I prepare and don’t complain about it. Well, maybe my teen son does sometimes but he knows it makes no difference and when I say he can make his own dinner, he shuts right up.

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Oops, I just read this after my posts, but I wasn’t offering relationship advice, more so questioning the folks that are.

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I’m watching you, @Jennibc. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PS: Yeah, sometimes it’s best to read through the whole thread, and the comment. :slight_smile:

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Yes but when the thread gets very long I just have to wing it. I lack the time to scan hundreds of posts. Bad as this may be I am often guilty as charged.