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I slept three times, ate six times and it’s still today…



I shared it with my sister, we love the comments that lead to a great pun session. Our favorite is the post where a British robber looked like David Schwimmer (Ross) and another where British news reported on our Slovenian case (a man and his family convinced his young girlfriend to cut off her arm for an insurance scam).

(Troy) #1945

I read through all the comments
Still :joy:


Unfortunately, the link to the ross look-alike robber doesn’t exist anymore… :frowning:

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Take care @Bubby1, I wish you well :relieved:

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Thank you Jackie, sorry I don’t know how to do the hashtag thing.:heart::heart::heart:

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I really loved that video clip! I’m still singing it!:rofl:

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Are you from England?? My family all are. They came to Australia so hence I was born here. But I’m a brit in my blood.:joy:. I’ve been singing that damn song ALL day!!! My favorite part is the " Work on your novel, oh who are we trying to kid".:joy::joy:. I’ve listened to it about 13 times today and want to memorize it. Heck, I’m gonna go listen to it again. :flushed::joy::heart:

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Haha! Yes I’m from England! I am just forwarding to everyone! Get well soon :kissing_heart:

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I wish I had been born there. My mum’s from Cornwall. :heart::heart::heart:

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Im probably gonna get flagged for this but my Grandpa was trying to cheer me up cos I’m sick so sent this. I couldn’t resist. It’s absolutely HILLARIOUS!!! Warning: If you don’t like the F word, don’t watch.:scream::joy:


There are awesome!!!

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Bubby1, can you please pop over to the Coronovirus Predictions Part II thread and describe your Condition and Symptoms? Thanks Ken

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Ok Ken, will do :heart::heart::heart:

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Fresh from JP,




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