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He adopted me January of 2018. I live back in the woods, and this little kitten just showed up one day. Not feral, well-fed. He left after a few hours and I assumed he went home. Showed up again several days in a row but always left after a while. One day he just stayed. I looked on the local animal shelter’s fb page to see if anyone had reported him missing, but there was nothing listed.

Some time after that I realized one of my neighbors had moved. I think they just abandoned him.

He IS super smart. I never used to lock my door at night because I’m so remote, but after waking up in the middle of the night a few times and finding the door wide open, I started locking it! Little turkey.

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What a clever, pretty cat!

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I adopted my most cuddly cat in a similar fashion. I believe someone moved out of my apartment building and left him behind. It was October. I heard him crying for three days straight out in the parking lot. I already had 4 cats (1 over the legal limit for my city) and I knew I couldn’t help him without ending up with another.

Then it started to rain. I gave in and took him some food and water, expecting him to act more like the feral cats I knew from growing up in a rural area. But he was super friendly and I brought him inside and kept him isolated in my bedroom in case he was sick, I didn’t want him to infect my other babies.

He had trouble eating and I could see he had a problem with his teeth. I took him to the vet for a check-up. $450 later, with 2 to 3 teeth pulled (one cracked canine [can cats have “canine” teeth?] and an abscessed tooth) and with his vaccinations taken care of… he was my cat.

He was super affectionate and vocal. He’s been gone now for quite awhile and I still miss him.

Edit: I did check with the super and leave my contact info in case anyone came looking for him. They never did. I don’t know what is wrong with some people.

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I occasionally eat cereal or oatmeal.

Having one meal of it infrequently is insignificant as far as detrimental effects, within the overall context of fat based nutrition.

There is no virtue in unscientific fanaticism, follow the Science rather than religious Nutty Keto Dogma.

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All the pets that I have had since I became an adult have been abandoned dogs and feral cats.

I’m trying to charm a new one now, he’s a tough old tomcat, black with green eyes. But he won’t let me touch him yet. He looked like he was going to die a few weeks ago, he stunk really bad and had dripping from his eyes and a swollen face.

He came by yesterday after a two week absence and he was healed up to my surprise. I gave him some chicken leg meat I was eating and he gobbled it up. I still hope he’ll be my cat someday. He’s not as afraid of me as he used to be. Cat rescue can be a long process. My last cat took months to warm up to me, an old lady next door had died. :cowboy_hat_face:

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mine when i stayed at my daughter’s was either rice crispies or plain cheerios with melted butter

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Y’all realize what big trouble the world is in when Kellogg’s discovers this thread? :wink:


I don’t even know what to say…


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@Meerkatsandy She claims to be a breathairian but many pictures of her with quart jars of fruit smoothies and fresh fruits. I would suggest she’s a carb junky who will hit a wall soon enough when she becomes a full blown diabetic. A no protein diet will catch up with her eventually like it does with 99% of vegans, who attempt getting protein from plant sources. And she has to be developing mineral and B vitamin deficiencies. :confused:


I think I broke my personal record for “oh come on, this is just crap” per article reading this…she calls it breathiarian, but drinks smoothies and “rarely” eats solid food…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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My first impression was attention whore.


Or that…the move “idiocracy” is making moreand more sense…

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Spotted at work today

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@beccs You didn’t succumb to that vile poisonous drink I hope, Lazy Dirty Keto or Not! :face_vomiting: :joy::joy::grin::cowboy_hat_face:

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That ingredient list reminds me of an old Monty Python skit, about a similar “sh*t into Shinola” approach to describing ingredients.

AKA; “Crunchy Frog"

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@David_Stilley I most certainly did not :face_vomiting::joy:

@Screenack yes that is perfect :joy:

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@beccs The emoji is even the right color for the “drink???” :joy::joy::grin:

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It is Oscar the grouch’s bath water, after all :joy:

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I didn’t watch Sesame Street as a kid, I was about three years past the viewing age when it came out. I did enjoy teasing my little sister for watching it though as I quickly departed from the living room counting to 10 with the count, and saying my ABC’s! :cowboy_hat_face: