Humor :-)

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When people are talking trash about Keto/LCHF WOE, always remember this:


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Don’t know why that’s in humor? I never find it funny when I have to scroll through all that crap. Then when you get to it something messes up and starts you back at the top of the page again.:dizzy_face::rage::speak_no_evil:

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It’s funny when it happens to someone else :slight_smile:

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That one is making the rounds this holiday season, I’ve seen on three sites now.

To funny.

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I just had to scroll about 7 times to get to an Alfredo Sauce recipe! :tired_face:

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That is a very good question. I certainly don’t have the answer to it.

OffTopicRemark: My mom made sure I got all the vaccines, especially polio, as my father had that as a kid and she was terrified I might get it too.