Humor :-)

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Kind of a GenX joke I suppose


Celery has it’s place!
…opinions may vary though on how it is cooked/not cooked, and where that place ultimately is (either on the compost heap/bin, or the casseroled dinner plate :grin:)


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I’d just like to mention that one could make a keto version of this.

And that’s just not funny. It would be DELICIOUS. Not funny. And I had this hilarious idea for the reason it could go in humor and I’d put that impressively humorous quip in with it and then my brain forgot the quip before I got here because I had to login, which apparently over-occupied both my brain cells, so now you just get a food picture and no humor at all. :upside_down_face:

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Chocolate and maple and pecans… AND BACON???

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:rofl::joy: I must disagree, I enjoyed your humor :wink:


kill me on that monstrosity HAHA
I could never do it even if not low carb, I can’t handle that kinda ‘weirdo’ food in my life ever. Like fried Twinkies or s’mores, omgosh I hate SO much sweet in my life even in the old days but I ‘got my worst’ in bacon cheese sour cream loaded french fries HAHA




that was probably a vegan propaganda photo but key being without meat we all wouldn’t even be here to the level we are but obviously we must now backtrack as a stupid human society LOL

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I can’t believe this only got 1 like. It’s one of the best commercials of all time imo!



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I was in Sydney, went there is Oct. 1992, by the time we left, all most everyonehad at least a Nokia or a flip phone. But lots of tradesmenstill had those big phones on their belts… In the US, we didn’t see anyone with a proper cell phone when we left, when we returned in May1997, almost everyone at the airport had a cell phone.